A3 Co., Ltd. Online lottery “eeo lottery” for the TV anime “My Happy Marriage” is now on sale! You can ‘t take your eyes off the beautiful newly drawn illustrations…

A3 Co., Ltd.
The online lottery “eeo lottery” for the TV anime “My Happy Marriage” is now on sale! You can’t take your eyes off the beautiful newly drawn illustrations…
A3 Co., Ltd. will be selling new goods from the TV anime “My Happy Marriage”.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/12048/501/resize/d12048-501-d9060ec4c43bbd6851c1-19.jpg&s3=12048-501-5e66587816eec5322572b4a471c8653a-1358×1920.jpg] The online lottery “eeo lottery” for the TV anime “My Happy Marriage” will be on sale for a limited time at eeo Store (mail order) from September 19th!
The TV anime “My Happy Marriage”, which has been broadcasting since July 2023, is about the “love” and “superpowers” ​​of Miyo Saimori, a girl who grew up being oppressed by her family, and Kiyoka Kudo, a lonely elite soldier. This is a Japanese-style Cinderella story that begins with a political marriage.
In this “eeo lottery”, gorgeous prizes using newly drawn illustrations and original mini character illustrations of Miyo, Kiyoka and others have appeared! There is also information on purchase benefits and double chance prizes, so don’t miss it till the end♪
[Event information]
■Release period: September 19th (Tuesday) to October 9th (Monday) ■Sales price: 770 yen (tax included)
■Delivery date: Starting from mid-November
■Payment method: Credit card payment, carrier payment, eeo point payment, PASELI payment
■Venue: Mail order site “eeo Store”
▼Go to eeo Store▼
Click here to purchase “eeo lottery”!
https://eeo.today/store/101/title/3800?utm_source=prtimes&utm_medium=press&utm_campaign=prt501 You can buy new goods using newly drawn and original mini character illustrations without losing anything!
[Image 2: https://prtimeS.jp/i/12048/501/resize/d12048-501-501b097fd2109f1c3b-19.jpg &s3=12048-501-88f6fcbfe654115C6D7BA0CB4E5 b57-1518×2145.jpg] The online lottery “eeo lottery” for the TV anime “My Happy Marriage” will feature five prizes, from Prize A to Prize E. There is no doubt that you will want to win all the prizes that use cute and cool illustrations of Miyo and Kiyoka!
[List of prizes for each award]
Prize A: Canvas board (1 type in total)
B Prize: Character acrylic figure (2 types in total)
Prize C: Acrylic key chain (6 types in total)
Prize D: Acrylic card (9 types in total)
Prize E: Can Badge (9 types in total)
*One type will be randomly won except for the A prize.
A Prize Canvas Board (1 type in total)
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/12048/501/resize/d12048-501-8b9b357dc8f3b4278961-19.jpg&s3=12048-501-1976d6d2748daddbc9194e4ad843d7e7-1754×1241.jpg] The A prize will include a canvas board measuring approximately 27 x 22 cm with a newly drawn illustration! Just looking at the
illustration of Miyo and Kiyoka gently cuddling makes me feel enchanted and happy… This is a luxurious item worthy of the rarest A prize.
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/12048/501/resize/d12048-501-25f401feebe3565ab520-3.jpg&s3=12048-501-cfc6a2b7ab896e86c4b9d4b670f67592-800×800.jpg] You can fully enjoy the luster, delicate brushstrokes, and vivid gradation that can only be achieved by painting on actual canvas. Also, you can be sure to get only the A prize if you purchase 100 lottery tickets in one transaction!
*Does not include the number of multiple orders or bundled orders. B Prize Character acrylic figure (2 types in total)
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/12048/501/resize/d12048-501-dfee81e5ef23796a477d-4.jpg&s3=12048-501-ab2a2cab2cb31858f26956f10ecf18e5-1754×1241.jpg] The B prize is a character acrylic figure with a height of about 15cm that is easy to display anywhere! This is a must-see item for fans, allowing you to enjoy the full body costumes and poses of the two characters.
[Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/12048/501/resize/d12048-501-3ff858a224694e6eda3c-5.jpg&s3=12048-501-2186e88ed34893f792b1b524baeb2345-800×800.jpg] Miyo is a pretty girl wearing a kimono with frills on the collar and cuffs, paired with lace patterned accessories, and Seika has a beautiful and dignified appearance in a calm kimono, holding an umbrella… Be sure to check out the detailed illustrations that can only be seen in this “eeo lottery”!
▼Go to eeo Store▼
Click here to purchase “eeo lottery”!
https://eeo.today/store/101/title/3800?utm_source=prtimes&utm_medium=press&utm_campaign=prt501 Prize C: Acrylic key chain (6 types in total)
[Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/12048/501/resize/d12048-501-017a40a160a5231a67a4-19.jpg&s3=12048-501-570dc419aaf6e1f23ced9785368ceaa0-1754×1241.jpg] A 6.5cm acrylic keychain with an original mini character illustration will be awarded C Prize! In the mini character illustrations, Miyo’s half-sister Kaya Saimori and her childhood friend Koji Tatsuishi also appeared.
[Image 8: https://prtimes.jp/i/12048/501/resize/d12048-501-ff989d8007b218b948c1-7.jpg&s3=12048-501-42c9e81c6bf9ce7eceacc62a633c5211-800×800.jpg]
[Image 9: https://prtimes.jp/i/12048/501/resize/d12048-501-cf1224b5de1778255410-8.jpg&s3=12048-501-a2f82360118b9a5c4b2f26f52931ae85-800×800.jpg] The mini character illustrations have a “touchy feel” and the flower design is super cute! You’ll want to collect not only versions depicting each character, but also pair versions. Attach it to your bag or pouch and enjoy going out together♪
Prize D: Acrylic card (9 types in total)
[Image 10: https://prtimes.jp/i/12048/501/resize/d12048-501-6fbe2c4ec80c49f18d08-9.jpg&s3=12048-501-94bc43962c7a7ecc59034fc776d1a96e-1754×1241.jpg] The D prize is a sturdy and thick acrylic card measuring approximately 7 x 9 cm! A stylish item with a SNS style design. We use both original drawings and mini character illustrations!
[Image 11: https://prtimes.jp/i/12048/501/resize/d12048-501-f0f6f9c05a3dc99af567-10.jpg&s3=12048-501-5593eb29f7a4fc610f574d1323bcb5e6-800×800.jpg]
[Image 12: https://prtimes.jp/i/12048/501/resize/d12048-501-7ac6fd4ef89c97182d7b-11.jpg&s3=12048-501-a4d8a972e2311658fd9288cdc7faa224-800×800.jpg] It’s transparent except for the frame and the parts where the characters are drawn, so we recommend taking pictures of beautiful scenery such as autumn leaves and rows of ginkgo trees, or your favorite Japanese sweets!
E Prize Can Badge (9 types in total)
[Image 13: https://prtimes.jp/i/12048/501/resize/d12048-501-1bd39b8747039aa16325-12.jpg&s3=12048-501-1d0a1b8540f1287b658e168e13b5b028-1754×1241. jpg]
A large size can badge with a diameter of 6.5cm is available for the E Prize! An eye-catching item with cute colors such as pink, light blue, and yellow.
[Image 14: https://prtimes.jp/i/12048/501/resize/d12048-501-c6687864bbdab5b890bb-12.jpg&s3=12048-501-9f630e0ea01c10a4fc244d1b9acc4c88-800×800.jpg]
[Image 15: https://prtimes.jp/i/12048/501/resize/d12048-501-4b0a19168312f5ebfe94-14.jpg&s3=12048-501-5387179cd0f5916c1f6b6c53ac2af3b8-800×800.jpg] The characters are drawn all over the can badge, so you can see the beautiful faces of Miyo and Kiyoka in the newly drawn illustrations, as well as the whole body of the mini character illustrations! It is a collector’s item that you will want to collect and display multiple pieces.
The purchase bonus is a postcard (all 4 types) limited to “eeo lottery”!
[Image 16: https://prtimes.jp/i/12048/501/resize/d12048-501-23e45CC91C881C1F-15.jpg &s3=12048-501-63E3FA38D531ADF862D57842828282888428828
For every 10 purchases of “eeo lottery” from the TV anime “My Happy Marriage,” you will receive a random purchase bonus postcard (all 4 types) featuring newly drawn and mini character illustrations. This is a limited item that can only be obtained here, so be sure to display it with the items you got!
Chance to win a dream complete set! Don’t miss the W Chance Award
[Image 17: https://prtimes.jp/i/12048/501/resize/d12048-501-578D511B258067F4032C-16.jpg &s3=12048-501-19B3E76CAC65B35608276bf14 EEF7-1754X1241.jpg]
[Image 18: https://prtimes.jp/i/12048/501/resize/d12048-501-291c2a0ea743edccb87e-17.jpg&s3=12048-501-f7eaab6fd59789ab96509f4e46dc91d2-1754×1241.jpg]
[Image 19: https://prtimes.jp/i/12048/501/resize/d12048-501-8b44c6e5a711c14a1c7c-19.jpg&s3=12048-501-62d606c4d620b1d8300955c215dbee52-1754×1241.jpg ]
For the W Chance Prize, we will give away prizes to 2 people at a time from among those who purchase during the period! This is your chance to win gorgeous prizes such as the C-Prize acrylic keychain complete set, so stay tuned for the winning results!
・September 19th (Tuesday) – September 25th (Monday)
Acrylic key chain (6 types) complete set
・September 26th (Tuesday) – October 2nd (Monday)
Character acrylic figures (2 types) complete set
・October 3rd (Tuesday) – October 9th (Monday/Holiday)
Canvas board (1 type in total)
▼Sale period is from September 19th to October 9th▼
Click here to purchase “eeo lottery”!
https://eeo.today/store/101/title/3800?utm_source=prtimes&utm_medium=press&utm_campaign=prt501 The “eeo lottery” from the TV anime “My Happy Marriage” is full of gorgeous prizes using newly drawn illustrations and original mini character illustrations. Why not get new goods that can only be obtained here and immerse yourself in the charm of the works to your heart’s content?
(C) 2023 Akumi Jyogi/Tsukiho Tsukioka/KADOKAWA/“My Happy Marriage” Production Committee
eeo Store’s first online lottery “eeo lottery”
[Image 20: https://prtimes.jp/i/12048/501/resize/d12048-501-b747771e135078f38b10-19.jpg&s3=12048-501-be079902e1d27a46aa10b83183285a9f-1024×576.jpg ]
Online lottery is attracting attention among anime and manga fans. “eeo lottery” is finally available for purchase online from eeo Store. The biggest feature of “eeo lottery” is that you can check the lottery results on the spot. You can check the prizes you have won immediately after drawing the lottery, so you can easily share the results with your friends via SNS, etc., and you can also have fun by exchanging prizes.
In addition, orders for the same product on the same day, to the same address, and under the same name will be automatically bundled together, and there will be no shipping charges from the second time onward.
“eeo lottery” can be purchased not only from smartphones and tablets, but also from computers. Enjoy it from any convenient device! 【Company Profile】
Company name: A3 Co., Ltd.
Established September 27, 2012
Address: Yamatane Ikebukuro Building 2F, 1-11-22 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Representative Representative Director Takashi Ozawa
HP https://athree3.com/
Business details
・Joy Creation Platform eeo business
・toB alliance business
・Momentum Base business
[About Joy Creation Platform eeo business]
You’ll love me when I enjoy myself
eeo provides “opportunities to enjoy” that match each person’s values, A platform aimed at realizing a rich lifestyle.
Because we live in a world where information is diversified, “I want to value what I feel is good, not what someone else thinks is good.” That’s what I think.
By finding and increasing your individuality through eeo,
I wish I could help you enjoy and enrich your life.
With that hope in mind, eeo will continue to provide you with opportunities to have fun.
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