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Access Co., Ltd. Select shop PARIGOT 2023 AW season bespoke collection

Access Co., Ltd.
Select shop PARIGOT 2023AW season bespoke collection
A number of collaborations with popular brands have been realized at PARIGOT, a select shop operated by ACCESS Co., Ltd. A lineup of bespoke items that incorporate the special thoughts of buyers and designers. It has already been very well received in stores and online at Parigo. In this press release, we would like to introduce the first bespoke item. Please take a look.
[Image 1:×600.jpg] ■V-NECK WORK DRESS
Price: 63,800 (tax included) Product URL: Following the flow of PHOTOCOPIEU’s signature dress line, the form has evolved to a more calm impression. A V-neck work dress made with custom-made PARIGOT fabric. The deep V-neck design makes your décolleté look beautiful, so it is recommended to layer it with innerwear or wear it alone to show off your décolleté. The waist size can be adjusted using the tabs. You can also open the front and wear it as a haori.
[Image 2:×1800.jpg] ■VEST VAREUSE
Price: 48,400 (tax included) Product URL: *The masterpiece “Valouse” scheduled to be released in early October is made with PARIGOT limited fabric. Available in two colors: BLACK and GRAY BEIGE, BLACK is purposely treated with a resin treatment to give it a synthetic feel, and is finished without being too classic. GRAY BEIGE is characterized by an elegant and thick texture that stands out from chambray.
[Image 3:×600.jpg] ■SIDE PLEATS DRESS
Price: 44,000 (tax included) Product URL:
A special piece only available at PARIGOT, featuring EZUMi’s signature pleat detail on a dress. The moving side pleats give it a statement look, and the pleats are visible even when viewed from the back, making it a design that looks great from the back.
[Image 4:×600.jpg] ■SIDE QUILT SKIRT
Price: 39,600 (tax included) Product URL:
A custom-made item from PARIGOT that incorporates the pleated detail that EZUMi specializes in into the skirt, just like the dress. A gorgeous piece with accordion pleats on a simple wrapped skirt. By using a material with a falling feel, it creates a beautiful flare. COOHEM
[Image 5:×600.jpg] ■BASIC TWEED VEST
Price: 41,800 (tax included) Product URL:
A tweed vest from COOHEM BLACK LINE, which specializes in on-scene use, is made to order by PARIGOT. The balance between black and ivory has been finely adjusted to create a monotone color that gives a deeper feel. This piece has a richly expressive texture with fancy yarn.
[Image 6:×1800.jpg]
[Image 7:×1800.jpg] ■COLOR BLOCK KNIT
Price: 46,200 (tax included) Product URL: AKANE UTSUNOMIYA’s icon knit is custom ordered in Parigo exclusive colors. Two colors are available exclusively at PARIGOT: “Black White” with fresh lime yellow lines and “Blue Khaki” with a dull blue x khaki color scheme.
[Image 8: &s3=46006-122-26E57490951AFDF7413D9804EF5 -1500×1800.jpg]
Price: 53,900 (tax included) Product URL:
PARIGOT custom short coat from VACHEMENT’s classic shell tassel series. The high collar (hood) is removable, and the drawstring at the waist and adjustable belt at the cuffs allow you to change the silhouette. Another key point is that the button has been changed to a slightly larger metal border, adding a design accent.
Price: 39,600 (tax included) Product URL: D.A.T.E.’s popular design “FUGA DRAGON” is available in PARIGOT limited color “SILVER ×” Created with “GRAY”. This is the second edition of the popular genderless collaboration, which is available in a wide range of sizes that can be worn by both men and women. The special coloring unique to PARIGOT, which combines metallic materials, is a stylish color that can be worn regardless of gender.
[Image 10:×600.jpg] ■ANNA V JEWERLY -EXCLUSIVE COLOR- (image left)
Price: 41,800 (tax included) Product URL:■AMBER BALLET -EXCLUSIVE COLOR- (image right)
Price: 39,600 (tax included) Product URL: PARIGOT custom colors of the ever-popular “ANNA V JEWERLY” and “AMBER BALLET” birth. This special pair uses a traditional British tweed weave with metallic thread for a modern and feminine impression. Soierie
[Image 11:×600.jpg] ■LAYERED NECKLACE(3PSET)
Price: 19,800 (tax included) Product URL:’s popular stackable 3-piece set necklace with PARIGOT custom design. create. A well-balanced combination of three lengths has been selected, and the design has been designed to take advantage of each individuality and adjust the speed so that even just one can show off its charm. Company Profile
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