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Actimethod Matsuyama Chuo School will open in October!

iGO Co., Ltd.
Actimethod Matsuyama Chuo School will open in October!
Typing English learning has finally arrived in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture! ……
i GO Co., Ltd. has developed the epoch-making English learning method [Acti Method] that combines typing and English, and the number of children’s English classes called “Acti Method” is rapidly increasing across the country.
We will be holding a free trial information session when we open the Acti Method class in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture in October 2023. (Schedule and details are listed below)
■Actimethod Matsuyama Chuo School Page [Video 2:] English education has changed
More than three years have passed since English became a subject in elementary schools, and English education for elementary school students has become established nationwide.
The English curriculum guidelines for elementary schools from 2020 and junior high schools from 2021 have changed significantly.
Currently, 5th and 6th grade elementary school students have two classes a week for a total of 70 hours of English lessons, and grades are given as a subject to improve the four skills of “listening,” “speaking,” “reading,” and “writing” in a well-balanced manner. Now it looks like this.
Now that it has become a subject, the lesson content has been divided into 4 skills and 5 areas, and a curriculum with continuity with junior high school level English has been created. The goal is to “develop the qualities and abilities that form the basis of
communication.” This is almost the same content as the curriculum guidelines for conventional junior high schools. In other words, the level of English learned by elementary school students has increased dramatically. The school year in which “Foreign Language Activities (English)” will be implemented has been moved forward and will now begin with 3rd and 4th graders.
[Image 1:×1414.jpg] In addition, the number of English words learned in junior high school has increased by 400 words from 1200 to 1600 to 1800 words. At junior high school, we aim to teach all English classes. In particular, the learning environment for elementary school students has changed dramatically, with not only English but also programming classes becoming compulsory subjects.
[Image 2:×1414.jpg] Now is the time to learn typing English with Actimethod.
[Image 3:×2600.jpg] Actimethod is a new way of learning English that combines typing with English learning. Unlike regular English learning, the Acti method does not use a pencil to practice reading or writing.
When children start learning with the Acti method, they first acquire typing skills. By using these skills to practice English words [accurately] and [fastly], you will be able to reliably learn English words as a result.
Not only will you be able to learn English words reliably, but the practice process will feel like a game and you will be absorbed in it, and before you know it, you will be learning English words.
If you start learning with the Acti method when you are an elementary school student, you will be able to learn the 1,600 English words you will learn in three years of junior high school before entering junior high school.
Trial briefing session schedule
A free trial information session will be held at Acti Method Matsuyama Chuo School on the following dates.
September 19th (Tuesday), 20th (Wednesday), 22nd (Friday): 16:00~, 17:00~, 18:00~
September 23rd (Sat) and 24th (Tue): 17:30~
How to apply for free trial
Please apply here.
[Image 4:×1773.jpg] Address: 1-10-5 Chuo, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture
Phone: 089-923-8467
*10 minutes walk from Iyotetsu Kinuyama Station
Message from the classroom director
The Acti method allows you to improve your English by combining English and typing. By having students experience for themselves that they can do it if they try, we want them to understand the joy of learning and the importance of persistence. I would like to help students acquire typing and English skills and expand their own possibilities. It doesn’t matter if you can’t type at all or you don’t understand English at all! Let’s work hard together.
Company Profile
[Company] i GO Co., Ltd. (Actimethod Headquarters)
[Location] 4-1-33 Kikyogaoka, Nabari City, Mie Prefecture
[Telephone number] 0595-48-7571
[Representative] Representative Director Kyomi Kobayashi
[Official website]
[Business content] Educational business
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