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Actress belonging to Fing’s Former SUPER☆GiRLS member Mirei Tanaka will be starring in ABC TV’s October 2023 c ool drama “Kono no ga Ii”!

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Actress belonging to Fing’s Former SUPER☆GiRLS member Mirei Tanaka will be starring in ABC TV’s October 2023 cool drama “Kono no ga Ii”! ……
Actress Mirei Tanaka, a former SUPER☆GiRLS member of Fing’s Co., Ltd. (location: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo), will appear as the heroine Yuka in ABC TV’s October 2023 cool drama “Kono no ga Ii”. .
Our company’s actress Mirei Tanaka, a former member of SUPER☆GiRLS, will be appearing in ABC TV’s cool drama “Kono no ga Ii” in October 2023.
[Image:×2700.jpg] Her boyfriend is harassing her in bondage. I’m tired of romantic relationships that are full of rules and routines!
In that case! ! It wasn’t a one night stand, it wasn’t a relationship, it was just a casual relationship where we hit it off.
It’s okay to have an easy and free relationship! Such “no more girlfriend”, “goodbye boyfriend”
Two people meet and spend time when they want, doing what they want, with the people they want…This work is popular with the general public.
This is a naughty adult daily life story depicting the daily lives of free men and women who are not bound by the preconceived notions of “lover relationships.”
The drama portrays the “not like this” that you suddenly feel about your lover in a “real” way, and also depicts the relationship between men and women.
We will create a free daily life where we can directly exchange our true thoughts and actions. called “lover”
It’s a free-spirited relationship that ignores certain rules, but once you take a look into their daily lives, you’ll soon realize that As the small “likes” pile up, they will turn into sympathy that says “this is good!”
It’s full of heart-pounding truths that you can’t express to your lover, and it’s loose, naughty, and full of fun.
daily life of an adult. Late at night on Sunday, we will deliver a time where you can empathize, laugh, and feel relieved!
Mirei Tanaka will play the role of heroine Yuka, along with Jun Nishiyama, who will be starring in a drama series for the first time. We bring you a loose, easy-going, and naughty daily life drama filled with heart-pounding empathy for everyday life! [Broadcast/distribution information]
October 2023 Cool Broadcast every Sunday at 0:55am
Missed broadcast on TVer! Simultaneous exclusive distribution on DMM TV! [Program official homepage]
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