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Agarut Co., Ltd. 2024 (Reiwa 6) passing goal Land and House Surveyor Examination Advanced Comprehensive Lecture/Advanced Curriculum Intermediate-Advanced Comprehensive Lecture/Intermediate-Advanced Curriculum Released!

Agarut Co., Ltd.
[2024 (Reiwa 6) Passing Target] Land and House Investigator
Examination Advanced Comprehensive Lecture/Advanced Curriculum Intermediate/Advanced Comprehensive Lecture/Intermediate/Advanced Curriculum Released!
This curriculum is aimed at those who have experience studying for the Land and House Surveyor Examination!
“Agaruto Academy” operated by Agaruto Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hokuto Iwasaki, hereinafter “Agaruto”) is an advanced comprehensive lecture/advanced curriculum intermediate to advanced for the Land and House Surveyor Examination with a goal of passing in 2024. We have released the comprehensive
lecture/intermediate and advanced curriculum.
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Agarut Academy is a 2024 (Reiwa 6) land and house surveyor exam course for those with study experience.
Advanced comprehensive lecture/Advanced curriculum
Intermediate/Advanced Comprehensive Lecture/Intermediate/Advanced Curriculum We have released 4 courses.
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■ Click here for course details Details: [For advanced learners] This is a curriculum that thoroughly reviews and organizes the knowledge needed to pass the exam, with a focus on output.
▼Five features of the advanced curriculum
Check the main points!
An overwhelming amount of exercises!
You can check the instructor’s written demonstration.
A schedule that allows you to start learning right away!
Follow-up system by instructors!
■Click here for details on Advanced General Lecture/Advanced Curriculum Details:
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■ Click here for course details Details: [For experienced learners] This curriculum is for those who are able to pass the standard score in the multiple-choice test of this exam to efficiently replenish and reorganize their knowledge.
▼Five features of the intermediate and advanced curriculum
Organize your knowledge quickly!
You can reach the passing level!
You can check the instructor’s written demonstration!
You can start learning now!
Complete follow-up system by instructors
■Click here for details on Intermediate/Advanced Comprehensive Lecture/Intermediate/Advanced Curriculum Details:
■Follow system
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Question system where you can ask questions directly to the instructor If you have any questions, you can ask the instructor directly for free.

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[Monthly delivery] Homeroom
This is monthly video content delivered by instructors based on questionnaires from students (study methods and learning content). We will solve your troubles and deliver the latest hot topics such as the latest notifications, legal revisions, and new exam trends!
■Learning options to get closer to passing the exam
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Regular counseling
Complete individual follow-up through regular counseling. Our instructors will support each student by creating a monthly study plan that will directly lead to success. Additionally, if you ask us any questions during your regular counseling session, we can provide you with a customized lecture on the spot.
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Passing seminar
This is a seminar-style intensive course in which students acquire basic and applied knowledge in a practical manner through original multiple-choice and descriptive questions.

■ Passing benefits/discount system
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Passing benefits
If a person who applies for a target curriculum passes the target exam, there will be a passing benefit.
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Discount system
We offer various discount systems, including retake discounts, discounts for those who have passed other qualification exams, retake discounts, discounts for transferring to other schools, and family discounts.

■Agarut Academy Land and House Surveyor Examination Course Pass Rate
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Agarut will continue to aim to become a social infrastructure that supports numerous innovations through “education.” [About Agarroot Co., Ltd.] Head office: 4th floor, Sanken Building, 5-5
Shin-Ogawa-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Date of establishment: December 2013 Capital: 25,000,000 yen Representative: Hokuto Iwasaki, Representative Director HP: jp/Business details: “Agarut Academy”, an online preparatory school for national exams, certification exams, etc. “Publishing business,” focusing on books for preparation for qualification exams; “Agarut Medical,” an online preparatory school for medical school; “Agalut Medical,” a complete contingency fee-based M&A consulting and advisory service. AGAROOT M&A Advisory”
More details about this release:

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