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~Aiming to further improve the QOL of local residents with a co-creation platform~ Regarding the start of paid d emonstration operation of AI on-demand transportation “HANI+”

Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Co., Ltd.
~Aiming to further improve the QOL of local residents with a co-creation platform~ Regarding the start of paid demonstration operation of AI on-demand transportation “HANI+”
Toyono-cho, Osaka Prefecture, Hankyu Bus Co., Ltd., Kyoto Taxi Co., Ltd., Ikeda Senshu Holdings Co., Ltd., and SWAT Mobility Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as this co-creation platform) are working together to develop AI-on-demand transportation (AI-on-demand transportation) aimed at solving regional public transportation issues. We will carry out a paid demonstration operation (irregular operation within the area) from October 17, 2023 to February 19, 2024. This demonstration operation was carried out by Toyono Town, Osaka Prefecture, Hankyu Bus Co., Ltd., and Kyoto Taxi Co., Ltd. from February 1st to February 28th, 2023. This will be implemented for a fee in consideration of operational issues and other issues. In addition, in this demonstration operation, in addition to the three parties mentioned above, we will form this co-creation platform with Ikeda Senshu Holdings Co., Ltd. and SWAT Mobility Japan Co., Ltd., and will operate AI on-demand transportation (improve the convenience of regional transportation) and We are aiming to promote the use of public transportation in collaboration with “Zukuri” in order to revitalize the region and increase the flow of people.We also aim to optimize public transportation and improve the quality of life (QOL) of local residents by collecting usage data and analyzing the flow of people. I’m coming.
*This demonstration operation will be carried out using the Osaka Prefecture AI on-demand transportation model project expense subsidy and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s co-creation model demonstration project (co-creation model
demonstration operation project) subsidy.
■About the co-creation model demonstration project
In conjunction with the operation of AI on-demand transportation (improving the convenience of local transportation) and “Kotozukuri”, we are working to revitalize towns and build sustainable
transportation systems by creating a flow of people.
[Overall business picture/co-creation system]
[Image 1:×293.jpg] ■About the collaboration with “Kotozukuri”
[AI on-demand transportation] [Existing transportation] × [“Kotozukuri”] Aiming to develop a town based on transportation, we are working to secure transportation means and create a safe local community through the operation of AI on-demand transportation, in order to solve problems for towns and transportation companies. By linking with “Kotozukuri (town revitalization, town development, town
development)”, we aim to increase the flow of people and lead to the maintenance and revitalization of regional vitality. By taking measures to promote usage in collaboration with other fields, we aim to create a new flow of people, secure revenue, and build a
sustainable transportation model.
(1) Town revitalization: Establishment of “Learning Baskets”, collaboration with local events, and implementation of activities to promote use. Building a model for creating a flow of people through the fusion of regions, education, tourism, and experiences. We will promote usage through learning (financial education/MM activities). (2) Town planning: Collaborate and collaborate with commercial facilities, financial institutions, sports facilities, schools, public transportation, and farmers to establish boarding and disembarkation points (ensure access) and coordinate with each facility and event. (3) Town development: Aiming to improve the attractive value of the region and build a regional economic cycle, we will develop
transportation hubs, set up public relations media, and promote local settlement through local employment. We will verify AI on-demand transportation for converting sports facilities and welfare facilities to alternative transportation.
[Participating companies]
[Image 2:×92.jpg] ■About the operation overview
1. Implementing entity
Toyono Town AI On-Demand Transportation Demonstration Experiment Council (Toyono Town, Hankyu Bus, Kyoto Taxi)
2. Operating company
Hankyu Bus Co., Ltd., Kyoto Taxi Co., Ltd.
3. Implementation period
October 17, 2023 – February 19, 2024 *Operating for a limited time only. Four. Dispatch time
Five. ride-hailing app
“SWAT Move” (manufactured by SWAT Mobility Japan)
6. fare
[Image 3:×68.jpg] *The implementation period for commuter passes is currently being adjusted. 7. Payment Method
Cash, credit card (using SWAT Move app)
8. Vehicle used
One box vehicle (passenger capacity: 8 people) x 3 cars
[Image 4:×101.jpg] 9. Service area
Toyono Town West District (Shinkofudai, Kofudai, Higashitokiwadai, Tokiwadai, Yoshikawa)
Number of meeting points (boarding and alighting locations): 111 locations
[Image 5:×423.jpg] [Public transportation network assumed in this AI on-demand
demonstration experiment]
With the Nose Electric Railway Myoken Line and Hankyu Bus Toyonoshi Line (connected to Kita-Osaka Kyuko Railway) as wide-area core transportation, we will transform intra-regional travel into a hub-and-spoke regional transportation system and operate efficiently by introducing AI on-demand transportation. We aim to form a network. Hankyu Bus Co., Ltd.
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