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Air Digital Co., Ltd. Health trainer Kazuma Yokota will be holding a class on “Strength/Flexibility Core Str etching/Training” at “Sports 60 & Smart,” an exercise habit-forming field where digital and non-digital coexist!

Air Digital Co., Ltd.
Health trainer Kazuma Yokota will be holding a class on
“Strength/Flexibility Core Stretching/Training” at “Sports 60 & Smart”, a field where digital and non-digital technologies coexist to create an exercise habit!
This project was selected as the Japan Sports Agency’s 2021 “Sport in Life Promotion Project (project to create a model for initiatives aimed at expanding the sports population)” and is a commissioned project that works to improve local health and expand the sports population.
Air Digital Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Representative Director: Sohaku Maeda, hereinafter referred to as “Air Digital”) is a digital-based exercise habit facility “Sports 60 & Smart” located within Ario Washimiya, a large commercial facility in Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture. As part of our digital exercise habit-formation service, we will be offering a “Strength/Flexibility Core Stretching/Training” class by health trainer Kazuma Yokota on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Friday mornings. The lecture will be held inside.
[Image 1:×1344.jpg] Sports 60 & Smart Strength/Flexibility Core Stretching/Training The important thing about stretching is knowing how to stretch correctly and doing it safely. Our trainers will guide you to improve flexibility and tone your body without injuring your muscles. In addition to stretching tailored to each individual’s body condition and needs, our store uses digital content such as digital cycling to improve not only muscle strength and flexibility, but also to improve cognitive function and create opportunities for competitive
interaction. , aiming for effectiveness in dual/triple tasks. *This project was selected by the Japan Sports Agency as part of the FY2020 “Sport in Life Promotion Project (a project to create a model for efforts aimed at expanding the sports population)” and was co-sponsored by Kuki City, Ando-Ma Co., Ltd., and AreaJapan Co., Ltd. This is a commissioned project that aims to improve local health and expand the sports population.
[Image 2:×592.jpg] Air Digital Co., Ltd. Digital Cycling Platform Alti Racer
◆About the effects of stretching
1. Improve muscle flexibility
Regular stretching helps your muscles stay flexible, making exercise and other activities of daily living more effective and comfortable. Increasing your flexibility also reduces your risk of injury.
[Image 3:×1675.jpg] Sports 60 & Smart Strength/Flexibility Core Training
2. Improve posture
Stretching can help improve your posture. Especially for people who work at a desk or sit for long periods of time, it helps prevent back and neck muscles from becoming stiff and maintains correct posture. 3. Improve blood circulation
Stretching improves blood circulation around your muscles and joints, delivering nutrients and oxygen to your tissues more efficiently. This increases your chances of speeding recovery from your injury. 4. Improve the effectiveness of exercise
Stretching before exercise prepares your muscles and improves performance. Proper stretching improves muscle contractility and flexibility, which improves performance during exercise.
5. Reduce fatigue
After long periods of activity or exercise, your muscles may become tired and stiff. Stretching can help relieve tension in these muscles and reduce fatigue.
[Image 4:×2700.jpg] Sports 60 & Smart Strength/Flexibility Core Training
◆Health trainer in charge of this class Mr. Kazuma Yokota
Experienced sports: Muay Thai/kickboxing
As a fitness trainer, I am committed to achieving many training goals. Based on our practical experience, we help you establish healthy lifestyle habits and achieve sustainable results.
[Image 5:×847.jpg] ◆Event overview “Strength/Flexibility Core Stretching/Training” Date: Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Event time: 10:30am and 11:30am
Capacity: Up to 8 people each time
Price: 500 yen
Venue: Ario Washinomiya 1st floor Sports 60 & Smart
How to apply for participation: Call (0480-53-3774), in-store, LINE official (
[Image 6:×156.png ]
Sport 60 & Smart
◆ About Air Digital Co., Ltd.
Air Digital Co., Ltd., which sells and develops digital sports spaces, is currently working on developing an exercise habit-forming service within facility tenants that utilizes digital sports spaces.
[Image 7:×218.png ]
Air Digital Co., Ltd.
Company name: Air Digital Co., Ltd. (former name: Legend Sports Heroes Co., Ltd.) Location: Omiya Marui 7th floor, 2-3 Sakuragicho, Omiya-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture Established: February 2019
Representative: Representative Director Soiki Maeda
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— Personal trainer, would you like to shape the business together as an opening trainer? We are looking for experienced exercise
instructors! —
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