Alphapolis Co., Ltd. The weakest goblin’s survival “Re:Monster” (Alphapolis) will be made into a TV anime! In addition, the latest volume of comics has been decided to be published!

Alphapolis Co., Ltd.
The weakest goblin’s survival “Re:Monster” (Alphapolis) will be made into a TV anime! In addition, the latest volume of comics has been decided to be published!
Alphapolis Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yusuke Kajimoto, has decided to adapt the hit novel “Re:Monster” into a TV animation. Therefore, I would like to inform you.
◆ A huge hit with a cumulative total of 1.5 million copies in the series! The exciting survival fantasy has finally been made into a TV anime!
[Image 1:×2700.jpg] This work “Re:Monster” is an otherworldly fantasy in which the main character, who died an unfortunate death in his previous life and was reincarnated as the weakest goblin, undergoes an abnormal “evolution” with his [devouring ability], which becomes stronger the more he eats. . The story of fierce survival in a different world where the weakest survive, where powerful monsters run rampant, became a big hit. To date, the series has sold a total of 1.5 million copies (including comics and electronic copies), and its momentum continues unabated. Now, it has finally been decided that this work will be made into a TV anime, and the teaser visual and teaser PV have also been released. Please check the teaser PV below.
[Teaser PV] From then on, further information will be announced on the official anime website and X (formerly Twitter). Please stay tuned. [Original work] Re:Monster (C) “Re:Monster” Kinzanjiko/Alphapolis [Anime rights notation] (C) Kinzanjikitsune/Alphapolis/Re Monster Production Committee
[“Re:Monster” anime] Official website] [‘Re:Monster’ anime official X (formerly Twitter)]
◆ The main character “Goburo” is played by Takuya Sato! Studio Dean is in charge of production! In addition, the cast and some staff for the main character “Goburo” have been announced as follows. [Cast] Goburou (CV: Takuya Sato) [Staff] Original work: Kinzanjiko “Re:Monster” (published by Alphapolis) Original illustrations: Yamada, NAJI Yanagida Manga: Haruyoshi Kobayakawa Produced by: Genco Animation Production: Studio Deen
◆ The latest volume of comics has also been decided to be published! In addition, the original official website is also open! Along with the release of the animation information, we will be publishing the latest comic volume “Re:Monster10“! [Latest volume of comics]
[Image 2:×2151.jpg] Re:Monster10 [Author] Haruyoshi Kobayakawa/Illustrator Kinzanjikitsune/Written [Story] Apolou comes to the Jindai Dungeon [Shimizu Takitsubo], a den of water-based monsters, for his own training and appetite. Walk through the waterslide-like torrent waterway and defeat the delicious-looking bosses that await you one after another. We finally reach the bottom of the goal. At the end of the fight to eat or be eaten with the ferocious dungeon boss waiting at the bottom of the waterfall basin…!? [List price] List price 748 yen (10% tax included) [Publication date] September 20th (Wednesday) ) *Distribution may be delayed depending on the region [ISBN]
978-4-434-32663-9 Additionally, the original official website has also been opened. Please check below. [Re:Monster original official website] ■About Alphapolis Co., Ltd. Established in 2000, capital 863,824,400 yen (as of March 2023) . Alphapolis Co., Ltd. is a publishing company that focuses on publishing popular works originating from the Internet. He operates the website “Alphapolis” where anyone can freely post and register works such as novels and manga, and the posted and registered works include “Rainbow Hotaru: Eternal Summer Vacation”, “Gate: Self-Defense Forces: In His Land, Such a War” He has produced hit works one after another, such as “Eri”, “Izakaya Ripakuri”, and “The Journey to Another World Guided by the Moon”. (URL
[Image 3:×92.png ]
■Inquiries regarding this matter Alphapolis Co., Ltd. Editorial Headquarters Rights Division Oyasu/Ota TEL 03-6277-1602 FAX *The contents listed are as of the date of announcement. It is subject to change without prior notice.
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