Skip to content Co., Ltd. Domestic spread of generative AI is only halfway through. Co., Ltd. appointed as a p artner company of the generative AI community “SHIFT AI” Co., Ltd.
Domestic dissemination of generative AI is only halfway through. Co., Ltd. appointed as a partner company of the generative AI community “SHIFT AI”
~ Utilizing generative AI to help solve social issues ~
…… Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yuta Ibaraki), which develops various AI solution businesses such as AI consulting services and training, aims to solve social issues with generative AI. We have been appointed as a partner company of SHIFT AI, the industry’s leading media community where you can learn about the business use of AI. In Japan, where the introduction of generative AI into business scenes is lagging behind other countries, we are accelerating efforts to directly help companies grow their business, from supporting the introduction of AI to companies to providing training to help companies establish it within their companies. I’m here.
[Image 1:×2600.jpg] [Globally, generative AI is becoming a driver of economic growth. On the other hand, in Japan, it has not even spread…]
According to a report by Goldman Sachs, the spread of generative AI is said to automate the full-time jobs of 300 million people worldwide, and the labor market is undergoing transformation. However, according to an online poll conducted in late May by MM Research, a research and consulting company specializing in the ICT market, about half of American desk workers rely on ChatGPT, while only 7% in Japan rely on ChatGPT. is. According to the same Goldman Sachs report, the introduction of AI is said to increase global GDP by 7%. Japan’s GDP growth rate in 2021 is 1.7%. Although the introduction of generative AI is considered to be a theme that companies should prioritize, it can be said that there is not much progress in introducing it into companies at present.
[Thoroughly field-oriented is the deciding factor for joining the management side of Japan’s No. 1 AI community]
Representative Ibaraki is currently 24 years old. After starting his own business in his first year of university and being involved in new business development in various industries as an engineer, he established JECT Co., Ltd. in 2020. Through our contract software development business, we have cultivated know-how in the development of generative AI, ahead of the widespread use of generative AI in recent years. In 2023, we launched a company specializing in generative AI in order to successfully install generative AI for companies into society. In response to consultations from companies in a wide variety of industries, including enterprise companies, we are at the forefront of the introduction, penetration, utilization, and establishment of generative AI at client companies.
What we are particular about is being completely customer-first. Generation AI such as ChatGPT derives answers through “dialogue” between the user and the AI, so if the accuracy of the user’s questions and instructions is low, the potential of the generation AI cannot be brought out. On the other hand, if you have the minimum knowledge and know-how, you can expect to apply it to your work and increase productivity. When we introduce AI into a client company, we do not deliver it as a “stand-alone system,” but we also always install the minimum knowledge needed to utilize it along with the delivery of the generated AI.
-Some of the training know-how provided to customers- ・ChatGPT Literacy Basics (Explanation of basic knowledge)
・ChatGPT creativity basics (introducing the wide range of ways to utilize generative AI)
・ChatGPT prompt design basics (introducing the basics of how to give instructions to the generation AI)
[Image 2:×1166.png ]
Training on how to use this generated AI has also been officially adopted as training content for employees of several major companies, including listed companies. We have also received comments from frontline employees, such as, “I never imagined that ChatGPT could be so useful at work.I was depressed to have to use AI at work, but I suddenly felt lighter (lol).” .
The policy and track record of delivering AI itself and installing (training) on ​​how to use it as a set are in line with SHIFT AI’s mission of promoting and disseminating generative AI in Japan, and we have decided to partner with SHIFT AI. I was appointed as.
[For the spread of generative AI, a place for exchanging know-how is essential. To be the driving force]
Generative AI is characterized by being easy to incorporate into the daily work of business people, rather than specific tasks. ChatGPT can be installed and used on Google’s browser Chrome. The service “Copilot” announced by Microsoft in March 2023 uses generated AI to support the use of frequently used Microsoft 365 software such as PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. In the SHIFT AI community, businesspeople are sharing ways to improve their work efficiency every day. Higashikawa, the co-founder who started the company with Tomomi Ibaraki, has a background in IT consulting, and during his freelance days, he concurrently served as a new business development manager in the prime market and CXO for multiple companies. We believe that our experience, which is familiar with the inner workings of operating companies, will help in the further spread of generative AI in Japan in the future.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Co., Ltd. (Representative: Yuta Ibaraki / Co-representative: Hiroki Higashikawa)
Head Office: 52-7-302 Motoyoyogi-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0062 Business content: Solution business that utilizes generative AI URL:
[Image 3:×939.png ]
[About SHIFT AI]
-Main features/functions-
1.Lectures by domestic AI top runners
AI top runners from various fields will give lectures on AI use cases and practical know-how by industry and theme in Japan and overseas in a webinar format. *Archives can also be viewed without limit. 2. A place where raw information on AI utilization is gathered We regularly share case studies of companies and individuals who are successfully utilizing AI in various industries and occupations in our FB group.
3. People with high information sensitivity and high energy level We hold offline events and conferences where you can meet companies and individuals who are interested in and enthusiastic about AI. 4. Individual consulting using AI
For half-year and annual plans, we also provide individual consulting using AI. More details about this release:

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