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Angel Round Co., Ltd. begins a partnership with Starcone, a membership matching platform that directly connects startups and supporters.

Angel Round Co., Ltd.
Angel Round Co., Ltd. begins a partnership with Starcone, a membership matching platform that directly connects startups and supporters. Through alliances, we will accelerate the network of “people, goods, money, and information” that startup companies have had difficulty accessing.
Angel Round Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takumi Okoshi) is a member-based matching platform that connects startups and supporters directly, “Starcone” (Operation: Startup Connect Co., Ltd., Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Daisuke Teraoka, we have started a
partnership with Startup Connect. Through this partnership, companies in which our fund invests will receive preferential treatment based on screening criteria for participation in StarConne’s screening-based member community.
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What is Starcone, a membership matching platform that directly connects startups and supporters?
We connect professional human resources in various fields and human resources who want to be involved in startups to solve various issues from the seed stage to the early stage of startups, such as sales support, recruitment, strategy formulation, capital policy, etc., and create business synergies for both parties. It’s a platform. Registrants operate on a membership and screening basis, and as many of the registered members are business owners, activities center on business matching within the platform.
One of the reasons why startups are unable to gather enough management resources (human and financial information) is that they only belong to the startup village.
Managing a company requires management resources such as people, goods, money, and information. Startups lack all of these management resources. However, in recent years, as investment in startups has increased, the movement to collect people, goods, and information, centered on money, is accelerating. This movement is further accelerating as startups collaborate with each other.
Some people call this kind of startup support network a “startup village.” However, a “startup village” alone cannot gather sufficient management resources.
Therefore, we wanted to help startups gather even more management resources by providing opportunities to contact networks outside of the “Startup Village.”
We believe that this collaboration with “Starcone” will provide an opportunity for startups to come into contact with “networks other than “Startup Village.” We believe that by doing this, we will be able to collect as much management resources (people, goods, money, information) as possible that could not be collected through the “Startup Village” alone.
Through these initiatives, we will enable startups to grow and contribute to the Japanese economy. Angel Round Co., Ltd. will continue to actively pursue partnerships with various companies and organizations.
[About Angel Round Co., Ltd.]
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Company name: Angel Round Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takumi Okoshi
Business details: Operation of “UooVo”, a completely invitation-only online community exclusively for venture capital funds and startup entrepreneurs specializing in angel rounds.
The fund we manage has a fund concept of “early investment x minimum fund size” to allow startup entrepreneurs to focus on diverse career development and exit options, not only on IPOs but also on small buyouts.
Until now, exits in startup investments have often focused on IPO or large-scale M&A. We would like to keep an eye on IPOs in the investments this fund will make, while at the same time looking at small buyouts as well.
Please refer to the press release below for details.
After graduating from university, representative director Takumi Okoshi worked for Ishin Co., Ltd. After that, he changed jobs to venture capital and engaged in growth support and investment in startup companies. Angel Round Co., Ltd. was established in 2023. [About Startup Connect Co., Ltd.]
[Image 3:×257.png] Company name: Startup Connect Co., Ltd.
Representative: Daisuke Teraoka
Head office: Aios Toranomon 8F, 1-6-12 Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business details: Development and operation of “Starcone”, a platform that connects high-growth startups and supporters
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