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Angel Round Co., Ltd. begins partnership with Kyushu University’s entrepreneurship department “QUSIS (Kyushu University Entrepreneurship Department)”

Angel Round Co., Ltd.
Angel Round Co., Ltd. begins partnership with Kyushu University’s Entrepreneurship Department “QUSIS (Kyushu University Entrepreneurship Department)”
Jointly holding regular study sessions to promote the emergence of young entrepreneurs
Angel Round Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takumi Okoshi) has partnered with Kyushu University’s Entrepreneurship Department “QUSIS” (Kyushu University
Entrepreneurship Department). We will foster young entrepreneurs by regularly holding study sessions with listed company managers and people with EXIT experience as instructors. Additionally, through the partnership, members of QUSIS can now access UooVo, an online community exclusively for entrepreneurs operated by Angel Round Co., Ltd.
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Promoting the emergence of young (student) entrepreneurs through jointly held study sessions
There are various forms of entrepreneurship, from start-up businesses to the establishment of NPO corporations. However, there are many common barriers and difficulties in starting a business. I’m sure some people don’t take on the challenge of starting a business out of fear that unimaginable challenges may await them. The obstacles and difficulties that may arise after starting a business have not been integrated into collective knowledge, and the situation is such that “you won’t know until you try.” If they had the opportunity to learn about avoidable obstacles, difficulties, and shortcuts before starting a business, more people might choose to start a business when they are young students.
In this partnership with QUSIS, we will invite listed company managers and people with EXIT experience as lecturers, and provide a place to listen to their practical experiences. Through jointly held study sessions, we will promote the emergence of young (student)
At the study session, participants will talk about the realities of starting a business, how to think about business, and their stance as entrepreneurs and managers, based on their actual experience of starting a business from scratch.
By providing such opportunities, Angel Round Co., Ltd. hopes to increase the number of young entrepreneurs and contribute to the revitalization of Japan’s economy.
Angel Round Co., Ltd. will continue to actively pursue partnerships with various companies and organizations.
Access to “UooVo”, an online community exclusively for entrepreneurs UooVo, an online community exclusively for entrepreneurs, is currently in pre-launch. It is a completely invitation-only online community, and currently (as of August 31, 2023), each person can invite a maximum of 2 people, and only startup entrepreneurs (representative directors) can participate. Within Slack, we have created a channel where participants can participate anonymously and discuss daily concerns, consult, and exchange information.
In this partnership, any member of QUSIS can participate. By providing a place for communication between young entrepreneurs who are starting various types of businesses and students aiming to start their own businesses, we will gradually expand our network.
If you are a start-up entrepreneur, entrepreneurial circle or organization who would like to participate, please contact us using the contact information below. We will review your entries one by one and send you an entry form.
[About Angel Round Co., Ltd.]
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The fund we manage has a fund concept of “early investment x minimum fund size” to allow startup entrepreneurs to focus on diverse career development and exit options, not only on IPOs but also on small buyouts. Until now, exits in startup investments have often focused on IPO or large-scale M&A. We would like to keep an eye on IPOs in the investments this fund will make, while at the same time looking at small buyouts as well.
For details, please refer to this press release.
( After graduating from university, representative director Takumi Okoshi worked for Ishin Co., Ltd. After that, he changed jobs to venture capital and engaged in growth support and investment in startup companies. Established Angel Round Co., Ltd. in 2023. URL:
[About QUSIS (Kyushu University Entrepreneurship Department)]
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Founded in 2017 with the aim of creating student entrepreneurial ventures, companies such as Medmain Co., Ltd., which develops pathological AI, and NOVIGO Pharma Co., Ltd., which researches and develops next-generation transdermal absorption technology, have grown in total in the five years since their inception. We have produced more than 15 student startups. Up until now, we have focused on innovation through entrepreneurship, but in response to feedback from members who said, “We want to bring about innovation that goes beyond just starting a business!”, we will enter the second phase in 2022, which will mark the 5th anniversary of our founding. Rebranding will be carried out to accommodate. Under the new system, the university has been renamed QUSIS (Kyushu University Entrepreneurship Department) and is expanding its student-led activities to promote diverse innovations.
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Company name: Angel Round Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Takumi Okoshi
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