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Announcement of renewal of the carefully selected summary site for vacation rentals and cottages “INA site”

BangNang Co., Ltd.
Announcement of renewal of the carefully selected summary site for vacation rentals and cottages “INA site”
The INA site is a summary site that introduces vacation rentals carefully selected from over 3,000 vacation rentals and cottages across Japan based on the site’s own standards. We have added new features such as “special condition search” and have carried out a renewal.
In February 2022, we launched the INA site, a site that summarizes vacation rentals and cottages, with the concept of “introducing only vacation rentals that we can wholeheartedly recommend.” Since then, many people have used our facilities, and the number of facilities we introduce has increased, but in order to help you search for attractive vacation rentals more efficiently, we have added “specific conditions” and “area search” on the site. We have added new features such as “. Through this, we will improve usability and respond to the expected increase in the number of listed facilities in the future. Expanding demand for vacation rentals
The tourism industry is currently experiencing an increase in demand for travel after overcoming the coronavirus pandemic. Many people are enjoying traveling, both domestically and internationally, and society is returning to the way it was before. On the other hand, the voices of those who are concerned about being touched by strangers and those who do not need face-to-face services will never go away. Therefore, a type of accommodation that has been attracting attention in recent years is contactless vacation rentals. Overseas, they have been popular as villas, but they are a form of accommodation that distinguishes them from the hotels and inns that have long been famous in Japan. As a general rule, vacation rentals are an accommodation style in which only one group per day can rent out the entire building. Our services are provided non-face-to-face, and there is no violation of the guests’ private space. Also, since it is possible to accommodate a large number of people, you can avoid having to stay in separate rooms when traveling as a group or family.
[Image 1:×1076.jpg] INA site launch
The INA site is run by members who have been particular about “rental vacation homes” when it comes to lodging while traveling since their student days, and are strongly attracted to them as a new style of accommodation. The ease of sharing the fun of the place and making it feel like home is a feature unique to vacation rentals that cannot be found in other lodging facilities. In addition to this private space, there are many facilities where you can experience an extraordinary experience, such as ocean views and starry skies. We conduct detailed research on such vacation rentals, and while valuing the subjectivity of “I have stayed there in the past” and “I would like to stay there someday,” from an equal and impartial perspective, we offer the following to those who visit the INA site: “Sincerely.” We adhere to the site concept of “introducing recommended vacation rentals”.
[Image 2:×1080.jpg] site structure
The “INA site” is mainly composed of special features on recommended vacation rentals and cottages for each prefecture. When the site was first launched, the number of listed facilities was limited to around 100, but in recent years the demand for vacation rentals has increased, and long-established inns and hotels are also opening new “annex” facilities where you can rent out a whole building. As a result, the number of publications has more than doubled.
History of adding new features
With the increase in the number of vacation rentals listed, there have been occasional incidents where visitors to the INA site have had to compare and examine facilities from there. Before listing, we pay close attention to carefully selecting vacation rentals, such as researching the facility’s official website, checking word of mouth, on-site inspection, and conducting interviews. However, in order to improve usability, we have added an “area search” feature on the site. We have added a new feature that allows you to set “special
conditions”. As a result, we are now able to provide information on vacation rentals tailored to each individual’s needs, such as those who have a clearly decided travel destination or those who are looking for specific services.
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INA site business development
We are disseminating information on carefully selected vacation rentals and cottages through the following media.
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