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Argonavis Co., Ltd. “Argonavis × GYROAXIA LIVE 2023 Start Line × KICK-START” event report

Bushiroad Co., Ltd.
Report on “Argonavis × GYROAXIA LIVE 2023 Start Line × KICK-START” ……
Argonavis Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President: Nayuki Kitaoka), a group company of Bushiroad Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President: Takaaki Kitani), will start [Argonavis × GYROAXIA LIVE 2023]. Line x KICK-START] We will report on the event. We would like to ask all members of the media to handle this information.
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[Image 2: &s3=14827-7080-d848620228E0641b34 b1d67-1000×666.jpg]
[Image 3: &s3=14827-7080-b0C2AF5AB9933134A4CBF8765D1 8a306-1000×667.jpg] [Argonavis x GYROAXIA LIVE 2023 Start Line x KICK-START] will be held at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA from “from ARGONAVIS”, which develops various media mixes such as animation, games, and real live performances by voice actors. This performance will be held as a double tour final of “Argonavis LIVE TOUR 2023 -Start Line-” held in May and “GYROAXIA LIVE TOUR 2023 KICK-START” held in August. Both the Argonavis and GYROAXIA bands performed a total of 23 songs, including encores, and ended their tours with great success. This performance will be streamed. The archive period for both domestic and overseas distribution is until September 14, 2023 (Thursday) 23:59. ■Set list 01. Start
line/Argonavis02. Steady Goes! /Argonavis03. Reversal/Argonavis04. Click of Life/Argonavis05. Argonavis11. JUNCTION/Argonavis12. The last resort/GYROAXIA13. Freestyle/GYROAXIA14. WORLD IS MINE/GYROAXIA15. MILESTONE/GYROAXIA16. REVOLUTION/GYROAXIA17. IA20. DANCING PARANOIA/ GYROAXIA21. MANIFESTO/GYROAXIA22. ALL MY PARTS/GYROAXIAEn1. : LINE CUBE SHIBUYA Appearance: Argonavis (Ren Nanahoshi: Masahiro Ito, Yuto Goryo: Daisuke Hinata, Kai Matoba: Seiji Maeda, Kikyo Rinsei: Shuta Morishima, Banri Shiraishi: Shohei Hashimoto) GYROAXIA (Nayuta Asahi: Hitoshi Ogasawara) , Kenta Satozuka: Shinichi Hashimoto, Reon Misono: Takumi Mano, Ryo Akebono: Keito Akitani, Mikayuki Kaikawa: Miyauchi announcement) Details: Ticket information
[Image 4: &3=14827-7080-6DA155B4202856CF9774F7774F 2DFD9-1600X900.png] Domestic distribution: Reception period: -September 14, 2023 (Thursday) 21:00 Archive period: -September 14, 2023 (Thursday) 23:59 Overseas distribution: https :// Reception period: Until September 14, 2023 (Thursday) 21:00 Archive period: Until September 14, 2023 (Thursday) 23:59 Price: ¥ 4,400 (tax included) *Common to domestic and overseas broadcast ■Announcement information Argonavis -To the stage you saw- × RED° TOKYO TOWER collaboration decision!
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[Image 6: &s3=14827-7080-D6E29B828CB227DF7DF7 5E950-3000×1687.jpg]
In addition to collaboration goods and collaboration menus, we also plan to solve the mystery of the collaboration original story! Details will be released on Friday, September 22nd at 18:00.
Special event will be held!
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A special event will be held in Tokyo on Friday, January 5, 2024! GYROAXIA, Fantôme Iris, and an unreleased group at this stage will appear. The follow-up report will be released on Friday, October 13th. Fujin RIZING! LIVE 2023 – FLY HIGH FIVE!!! – Now on!
[Image 8: &3=14827-7080-DBF96121D16B111369122FB D937E-1600X900.png]
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Fujin RIZING! The first one-man live will be held! Currently, fan club pre-registration is available at the from ARGONAVIS official fan club “NAVIGATORS’ NAVI” until 23:59 on Sunday, September 17th. Click here for performance details: What is “from ARGONAVIS”? A new game app “Argonavis – To the stage you saw – (Kimi Ste)” is also scheduled to be released. “Argonavis” and “GYROAXIA” where the voice actors who play the characters themselves perform live, and “Fantôme Iris” and “Fujin RIZING!” where the voice actors who play the characters and support members perform live. Rising)”, “εpsilonΦ”, and powerful live performances by unique bands are also attractive. In May 2023, a new band “ST//RAYRIDE” will also appear, and it is getting more and more exciting. from ARGONAVIS Official Website: ARGONAVIS Official X (old Twitter): ARGONAVIS Official TikTok: TV anime “Argonavis” from BanG Dream!” Official Website: YouTube “ARGONAVIS ch.”: ARGONAVIS Official Fan Club: Official X (former Twitter): *Please include the following when posting. (C) ARGONAVIS project. (C) bushiroad All Rights Reserved. (C) Ambition co., Ltd.
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