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Asahi Broadcasting Radio Co., Ltd. “Why do people have affairs?” “It’s hard to live in your 30s and 40 s” A heated debate about views on life, love, and marriage

Asahi Broadcasting Radio Co., Ltd.
“Why would you have an affair?” “It’s hard to live in your 30s and 40s.” ……
“Yona Yona…” started broadcasting on ABC Radio in 2014 and ended in the fall of 2021. Wednesday, where singer-songwriter Natsuko Kondo and announcer Shinpei Kitamura served as personalities, will be revived as a podcast program “Yonamizu Returns” for a limited time from this August. The ABC Radio Podcast airs every Wednesday at 9:00.
[Image:×1108.jpg] So far, 5 episodes have been distributed as podcasts, and what I felt from the rare incidents that happened around the two of them, “how to treat juniors” as a member of society, and “changed my view of life (game)” He has been passionately talking about universal life themes from various angles, such as the character’s quote).
In the 5th episode, which was distributed on September 6th, Natsuko Kondo raised a question about “the rules of the world” and said, “The current generation in their 30s and 40s may actually be a generation that is difficult to live because they are swayed by rules. From the generational theory that
“Why do you have an affair after pledging your lifelong love in front of God and everyone at your wedding?” “Where does the line of adultery come from?” “Love is hard to prove” developed.
The hot talk of the two people showed excitement again this time, and the scheduled program length of 30 minutes expanded to 50 minutes, and various sympathetic opinions and impressions were posted on SNS. The podcast of the two seriously discussing what seems to be an eternal theme is currently being distributed from the first episode to the fifth episode. You can listen anytime on the ABC Radio Podcast. Program information
Title: “Yonamizu Returns”
Delivery date: Delivered every Wednesday around 9:00 (limited period from August to October 2023)
Performers: Natsuko Kondo, Shinpei Kitamura (ABC Announcer)
Delivery: ABC Radio Podcast
Apple Podcasts: %83%BC%E3%83%B3%E3%82%BA/id1701058800
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