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AVA Intelligence Co., Ltd. AI x travel “AVA Travel” starts business in collaboration with Takehara City, H iroshima Prefecture, aiming to expand tourism and employment

AVA Intelligence Co., Ltd.
AI x travel “AVA Travel” collaborates with Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture to start business with the aim of expanding tourism and employment

AVA Intelligence Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Yuichi Miyazaki), which operates the travel information proposal comparison site “AVA Travel” that utilizes AI, is running the accelerator program “Takehara DX” in Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture. was selected as one of the selected companies. In collaboration with Takehara City, we will engage in business activities with the aim of promoting tourism and creating employment through “AVA Travel”.
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■Aiming to attract tourism to Takehara City and create employment by utilizing “AVA Travel”
“AVA Travel” ( is a service that compiles travel information in Japan and allows users to suggest and compare travel information that matches their goals and conditions. Utilizing our technology and experience in creating travel content and disseminating information using AI, we will work on a project to disseminate the charms of Takehara City.
Specifically, we will “discover and create travel content that conveys the charms of Takehara City,” and utilize AI to disseminate the created travel content on “AVA Travel.” Because the suggestions are made using AI, it is possible to appropriately reach potential travelers who are likely to be interested.
Furthermore, by employing people who actually live in Takehara City to discover and create travel content, we will also contribute to job creation in the city. Employers have already been decided.
▼Voices from already decided employers
It has been three years since I lived in Takehara, and although I feel that Takehara is great, I have the dilemma of not being able to convey the charm of Takehara to people within and outside the prefecture.I was hoping to be involved in a job that could convey the charm of Takehara. I am honored to have this connection. I would be happy if I could tell people about the good points of Takehara that have not yet been communicated, and if people who viewed the site could be inspired to come to Takehara.
We are still recruiting employees for this project.
[Image 2:×800.jpg] Takehara Cityscape Preservation District, a tourist spot in Takehara City ■About “Takehara DX”
“Takehara DX” ( is a “challenge to economic and industrial development through local innovation. With the vision of “Creating a sustainable future and becoming a viable local government,” we will create a model for solving regional issues through collaboration between venture startup companies with powerful technologies and ideas and players facing various issues in Takehara City. This is an accelerator program that aims to create innovations that serve as case studies.
■About AVA Travel
AVA Travel is a travel search site that allows you to search based on travel conditions, purpose, preferences, etc., even if you haven’t decided on a destination yet.
Information necessary for travel, such as tourist spots, hotels, local gourmet food, experiences, and airline tickets, is gathered here in one place, and we will propose and deliver recommended travel information with the help of AI (artificial intelligence).
You can also consult AI about travel on AVA Travel’s official LINE.
■AVA Intelligence Co., Ltd. (AVA Intelligence)
Established: October 2018
Representative Director: Yuichi Miyazaki
Address: 8F US Building, 1-6-15 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Business content: Development and provision of travel information proposal comparison site “AVA Travel”
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AVA Intelligence Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Miyazaki
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