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AWA Co., Ltd. Research Report What type of gray hair concealment do you recommend? 1st place was “Mascara type”!

AWA Co., Ltd.
[Research Report] What type of gray hair concealment do you recommend? 1st place was “Mascara type”!
Somali, a community-based beauty salon specializing in gray hair dyeing (, operated by AWA Co., Ltd. (, is a beauty salon specializing in gray hair dyeing, run by AWA Co., Ltd. ( We conducted a survey asking, “What type of gray hair concealment do you recommend?”
We will publish the results.
Survey overview
Survey target: Women in their teens and older
Survey date: August 2023
Research entity: AWA Co., Ltd.
Survey method: Voluntary response via the internet
Number of people surveyed: 100 people (100 women)
Survey method: Internet survey
Research report: *When quoting the results of this survey, please use the URL of “Somali, a beauty salon specializing in gray hair dye”
( Survey results summary
As a result of a survey asking, “What type of gray hair cover do you recommend?”, the first place was “mascara type.”
[Image:×768.png ]
1st place: Mascara type
・Since I usually tie my hair up for work, I find it easiest to use mascara that can hide the parts I want to hide after tying it up. (Female in her 20s)
– You can carry it in your pouch just like cosmetics, and if you notice gray hair when you’re out and about, you can quickly hide it. (Female in her 30s)
・I use this brush type because it has a thin tip, so I can hide gray hair with pinpoint precision. I like it because it covers everything close to the skin. (Female from 50s)
1st place was “Mascara type”.
Many people commented that it was easy to apply even after tying the hair, and that it could cover gray hair in a pinpoint manner. 2nd place Foundation type
・I like that the included brush makes it easy to apply and hides well. I like that it blends into my hair and doesn’t make it shiny. Once you buy it, you can keep it for a long time. (Female from 50s)
・I only want to hide the hairline, but since it covers a wide range of areas including the front, top of the head, and sideburns, it’s nice and convenient to be able to apply it all at once with a foundation type. (Female from 50s)
– Adheres tightly to hair, providing strong coverage and not easily falling off. It does not splatter when applied, and is easy to pinpoint on areas such as the temples and hairline. (Female from 50s) 2nd place was “Foundation type”.
Many people commented that it was easy to apply over a wide area, and that it had high coverage and didn’t come off easily.
3rd place Comb type
・Because it dyes your hair thoroughly from the roots and can be combed with a comb, it is easy to dye evenly and beautifully, and is easy to handle. (Female in her 40s)
– Since it is comb-shaped, you can hide gray hair from the scalp to the tips of your hair in the same way you would normally comb your hair. (Female from 50s)
・I love using the comb type because it doesn’t leave lumps or clumps when you apply it, and it feels like it dyes your hair from the roots. (Female from 50s)
3rd place was “Comb type”.
There was an opinion that it was easy to apply evenly and neatly because it dyes the hair from the roots.
4th place Stick type
・I think the stick type is easy to use, doesn’t get lumpy, and sticks to each strand easily, so it gives a natural finish. (Female in her 40s)
・I recommend the stick type because it hides even the smallest details, making it easy to use and portable. (Female in her 40s) ・The stick type is convenient because you can apply it over a wide area, and it doesn’t stain your hands, so you don’t have to worry about it. (Female from 50s)
4th place was “stick type”.
Some people said that because the liquid is applied to each strand of hair for a natural finish, it doesn’t stain your hands.
5th place Spray type
・Spray is overwhelmingly recommended. This is because you can easily use it with one hand and your hands won’t get dirty. And best of all, it hides all gray hair evenly. (Female in her 30s)
– Recommended as it is the easiest and quickest to use. The spray comes off fairly quickly when washed, so I think it’s suitable for out-of-home care for people who are aiming for gray hair. (Female in her 30s)
・The type of gray hair concealer I recommend is the spray type. The reason is that it’s easiest to do when you’re busy in the morning. (Female from 50s)
5th place was “spray type”.
Some people commented that it was easy to use even on busy mornings because it covered all gray hair evenly.
6th place Powder type
・I usually use various types of gray hair dye, but the one that dyed my hair the most beautifully was the powder type. (Female in her 30s) – Powder type is recommended because it allows you to dye gray hair without any discomfort, blends naturally with thinning hair, and is less prone to mistakes. (Female in her 30s)
6th place was “Powder type”.
After trying various gray hair concealers, some people said that the powder type dyed the product beautifully, and that it blended in naturally with thinning hair.
Other answers
Although this question did not receive the highest votes, there were other answers such as the following:
・I use a type of shampoo that turns black when used. (Female in her 40s) ・Treatment type. If you notice gray hair while taking a bath, you can dye it right then, so there’s no need to prepare. (Female in her 30s) summary
When we surveyed 100 people, 64% of them answered “mascara type”. In addition, many respondents said that it is easy to apply even after tying their hair, and that it can hide gray hair in a pinpoint manner. Please use this as a reference when considering purchasing a gray hair cover. ■About AWA Co., Ltd.
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