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AWA Co., Ltd. Research Report When dyeing gray hair with a bright color, what color should you dye it with? 1st place was “Brown”!

AWA Co., Ltd.
[Research Report] When dyeing gray hair in a bright color, what color should you dye it with? 1st place was “Brown”!
Somali, a community-based beauty salon specializing in gray hair dyeing (, operated by AWA Co., Ltd. (, is a beauty salon specializing in gray hair dyeing, run by AWA Co., Ltd. ( We conducted a survey asking, “When you dye your gray hair with a bright color, what color do you use?”
We will publish the results.
Survey overview
Survey target: Women in their teens and older
Survey date: August 2023
Research entity: AWA Co., Ltd.
Survey method: Voluntary response via the internet
Number of people surveyed: 100 people (100 women)
Survey method: Internet survey
Research report: *When quoting the results of this survey, please use the URL of “Somali, a beauty salon specializing in gray hair dye”
( Survey results summary
When we conducted a survey asking, “When you dye your gray hair with a bright color, what color do you use?”, the number one choice was “brown.”
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1st place Brown type
・Brown color makes your complexion look brighter, and people around you won’t notice if you have dyed your hair. (Female in her 30s) ・I don’t have the courage to use anything other than brown to dye my gray hair because the color stands out beautifully and doesn’t stand out even when reflected in the sun, and brown is safe. (Female in her 30s)
・I don’t like very flashy colors, and I feel that the color will not fade easily if dyed brown, so I would like to dye it brown with a high probability. (Female in her 40s)
1st place was “Brown”.
Many people commented that it’s a safe color and it’s hard to notice when you dye your gray hair, so it gives the impression that it doesn’t fade easily.
2nd place Ash type
・I feel that ash colors best bridge the gap between black and gray hair. It is recommended because it reduces redness. (Female in her 30s)
・You want to choose a color that blurs the line between your hair and gray hair. If you blur it with an ash tone, you won’t be able to tell the difference from gray hair, giving it a natural look. (Female from 50s)
・Even among bright colors, I like the dye to have a natural, soft feel without any redness. I thought it would be an easy challenge. (Female in her 20s)
2nd place was “Ash type”.
Many people commented that it blurs the line between gray and black hair for a natural look, and that redness is less likely to appear. 3rd place Greige
・Reduces redness and creates an elegant color. Pair it with highlight color to make the most of your gray hair without hiding it too much. Even if your hair grows out, your gray hair won’t be noticeable. (Female in her 30s)
・When your gray hair grows out, it is less noticeable, so you don’t have to color your hair as often and you can avoid damage to your hair. (Female from 50s)
・Even if new gray hair grows, I thought it would blend in naturally. Because greige matches my skin color. (Female in her 20s)
3rd place was “Greige”.
There was an opinion that it is less noticeable even when gray hair grows out, so you can reduce the frequency of coloring your hair and prevent hair damage.
4th place: Beige
・I usually always dye my hair a lighter beige color because it blends in with my gray hair for a more natural finish and makes mistakes (unevenness) less noticeable. (Female in her 30s)
・I think beige is a cute color when it’s bright, so I’m going to dye it with beige. The hair also looks smooth. (Female in her 30s) -My skin color is yellow-based, so I think beige colors look good on me. Also, it tends to be a relatively bright color. (Female in her 20s)
4th place was “Beige”.
Some people said that light beige makes hair look smoother, and that beige looks good on fair skin.
Tie for 4th place Pink
・Currently, I have pink highlights, and I want to use my favorite color anyway. I want to remain cute even as I get older. (Female in her 40s)
– Pink is the color that gives your hair a shine, so I often choose it and use it to give my hair a beautiful finish. (Female in her 40s) ・Bright pink doesn’t come in beautifully unless you apply multiple layers of bleach, but I thought that if you dye your gray hair, the color will go into your gray hair beautifully and you’ll get a beautiful pink without damaging your hair any more than necessary. (Female in her 30s)
The tie for 4th place was “Pink”.
Some people said that they want to look cute even as they get older, and that it makes their hair look shiny.
6th place: Gray
・Since flashy colors are embarrassing, I thought a chic gray would be a good choice. (Female from 50s)
6th place was “Gray”.
There was an opinion that it had a chic image and a calm color tone. Other answers
Although this question did not receive the highest votes, there were other answers such as the following:
・I’ve been using red-based colors ever since I dyed my hair
fashionably, so I went to a hair salon to ask if I wanted to dye my hair red, and they told me that red is the least noticeable color when it comes to dyeing gray hair, so it’s actually fine, so I’ve been using red ever since. I’m making it brighter. (Female in her 40s) summary
When we surveyed 100 people, 46% of them answered “brown”.
In addition, many respondents gave the opinion that the color is safe and hard to notice when dyed with gray hair, and that it gives the impression that the color does not easily fade.
Please use this as a reference when you are having trouble choosing a bright gray hair color.
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