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Ayus Held on 9/26 Interview with Noriko Mekada “What does the provision of cluster munitions to Ukraine m ean?” (Ayus expert seminar/Free participation)

[Held on 9/26] Interview with Noriko Mekada “What does the provision of cluster munitions to Ukraine mean?” (Ayus expert committee seminar/Free participation)
Motoko Mekata, who is well-known as a commentator on the TV program “Sunday Morning,” will explain the issue of the United States’ supply of cluster bombs to Ukraine, and think about what we as citizens can do.
Ayus Buddhist International Cooperation Network (hereinafter referred to as Ayus) is an NGO formed approximately 30 years ago by Buddhist volunteers from various sects. This time, for the first time, we will be holding an “Expert Committee Seminar” where we will hear from Ms. Noriko Mekada, who is involved as an expert committee member of our association. Mr. Mekada will talk in an easy-to-understand manner about the issue of the United States’ supply of cluster bombs to Ukraine, which is rarely reported in the media. Participation fee is free. Anyone can participate, so please feel free to apply.
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It has been more than a year and a half since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine occurred, which shocked the world. The war is still ongoing, and while negotiations toward a ceasefire continue intermittently, Western countries continue to supply arms to Ukraine. In particular, the provision of cluster bombs by the United States to Ukraine will lead the war further into a quagmire, and the indiscriminate use of cluster bombs by both Russia and Ukraine will further escalate the casualties and damage to civilians, and the world is civil society has strongly condemned the move. Although this issue has not been widely reported in Japan, the large-scale use of cluster munitions in Ukraine is due to the “Cluster Munitions Convention” signed in 2008, which bans the production, storage, use, and transfer of cluster munitions. It is a move that violates the Oslo Convention (Oslo Convention), and there are concerns that it will bring about drastic changes in the global security situation and have a serious impact on world peace. In this seminar, Noriko Mekada, who has been involved in the
international movement to eliminate anti-personnel landmines and ban cluster bombs, will ask us what she thinks about the United States’ provision of cluster bombs to Ukraine. We set up an opportunity to listen to his story in detail. I would like to invite as many people as possible to participate, learn about what is happening in Ukraine from a citizen’s perspective, and think about what we Japanese citizens can do. [Date and time] Tuesday, September 26, 2023, 20:00-21:00 (subject to extension) [Method of event] Online (Zoom) [Lecturer] Noriko Mekada (Professor, Faculty of Policy Studies, Chuo University, Japan to Abolish Landmines) Campaign (JCBL) vice representative director, Ayus expert committee member) [Lecturer profile] After graduating from Sophia University, studied at Georgetown University (M.A.), Columbia University (M.S.), and completed doctoral course at Osaka University Graduate School of International Public Policy. (Doctor of International Public Policy). After serving as a researcher at the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2001 and as a visiting assistant professor at the University of Tokyo in 2002, he assumed his current position in 2004. In 1997, he was involved in the establishment of the Japan Campaign to Eliminate Landmines (JCBL), and has since served as a director (currently vice president). His major publications include “Active Citizens Changed the World: The Cluster Bomb Ban Movement and the Power of Global NGOs” Mainichi Shimbun (2009), “The Frontline of Global Civil Society: An Invitation to NGOs and NPOs”, Iwanami Shoten. (2004), “Toward a Landmine-Free Earth: People Who Made Dreams Real” Iwanami Shoten (1998), etc. [Participation fee] Free
(application required/Information on how to watch will be sent after application) [How to apply] Please apply from one of the application
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