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Beginning of “EC experience without searching”! Eliminates the stress and hassle of online shopping where you ca n’t find the product you want right away. Next-generation AI product proposal service “EC Sommelier” using LINE rele ased on Friday, Septem

EC Databank Co., Ltd.
Beginning of “EC experience without searching”! Eliminates the stress and hassle of online shopping where you can’t find the product you want right away. Next-generation AI product proposal service “EC Sommelier” using LINE will be released on Friday, September 8, 2023 ……
EC Databank Co., Ltd. (Location: Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative Director: Kazuyuki Shimano) provides an automation service for online shops that utilizes AI. Through LINE friend registration and text input, EC Databank Co., Ltd. selects the optimal product from a huge number of products. We released “EC Sommelier”, a service that proposes “EC Sommelier”, on Friday, September 8, 2023.
EC Sommelier is an AI assistant service that, like a wine sommelier, suggests the best three products from hundreds of millions of products sold on Rakuten Market through LINE friend registration.
[Image 1:×1280.jpg] Online shopping has become extremely popular in modern society, with countless products now available on e-commerce sites.
Many users have questions and confusion such as “Which one should I choose?” and “Are there any products like this?”
It was inevitable that “shopping stress” would arise from such a situation. In order to solve this problem, we have developed a service that combines convenience and high quality by combining the chat service LINE, which is widely popular in Japan, and AI using the cutting-edge technology ChatGPT. Did.
That is “EC Sommelier”.
[Image 2:] EC Sommelier is an EC service that does not require you to search for products. We aim to provide a comfortable shopping experience for those who are busy and don’t have time to shop online, or for those who find shopping itself stressful.
Characteristics of EC Sommelier
1. Simple operation:
Just enter text on LINE and it will suggest the products you want. 2. ChatGPT technology adopted:
Utilizes advanced AI technology to realize optimal proposals tailored to user needs.
3. Carefully selected and recommended popular products:
Suggested products are selected from popular and highly rated products, and products that are sold out will not be suggested. 4. Reduce shopping stress:
Even if you don’t know the product name or product category, you can analyze the desired product from text input.
5. Sommelier method proposal:
Detailed comments from the AI ​​are attached, just like a wine sommelier. For reference information when purchasing.
EC sommeliers instantly make optimal proposals from among a large number of products.
As a result, consumers are able to purchase products that suit their needs without being overwhelmed by countless options.
By eliminating shopping anxiety and hesitation and providing a better purchasing experience, it brings new joy to shopping.
We hope that EC Sommelier will become a revolutionary service for many consumers as a service that opens up the future of the EC industry and as one of the possibilities of DX (digital transformation).
In the future, we plan to add new features, such as the ability to view browsing history and the ability to learn user preferences, to further improve user convenience.
Service overview
■EC Sommelier Official LINE
[Image 3:×360.png ]
How to Use
1. Search LINE using the QR code below or “EC Sommelier” or “ec-sommelier” etc. 2. Add friends
3. Receive product suggestions just by entering text
[Security and handling of personal information]
Considering the safety and security of users first, “EC Sommelier” uses Azure OpenAI Service. We do not transmit any user data or text input externally. We have implemented thorough security measures to protect user privacy.
[EC Databank Co., Ltd. Overview]
Established as a new company in March 2019 to provide e-commerce support and media development support by leveraging the know-how in the internet industry cultivated through Makura Co., Ltd., which operates multiple e-commerce shops. We do not simply provide tools and systems, but through consulting services, we propose customized services according to the business content, scale, and situation.
[Image 4:×1000.jpg] ■Company name EC Data Bank Co., Ltd.
■Representative: Kazuyuki Shimano
■Capital: 3 million yen
■Established March 1, 2019
■Location: 4F Kashiwa Someya Building, 4-8-14 Kashiwa, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture 277-0005
■TEL 04-7167-3015 (Representative)
■FAX 04-7167-3017
■ Business content
1. Providing services for automating and streamlining online shop operations, and providing lively production and hitoke systems. 2. Contracted system development associated with online shop management 3. Online shop consulting services
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