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BMAX Amazon Time Sale Promotion Up to 5,000 yen OFF BMAX I9Plus Tablet First 10 units will receive an additional 1,000 yen coupon!!! !

[Amazon Time Sale] Promotion Up to 5,000 yen OFF BMAX I9Plus Tablet First 10 units now receiving an additional 1,000 yen coupon!!! ! Cheap tablet double discount Amazon time sale

Amazon discount 4000 yen, now get the coupon code of “PEBM89EB”, up to 5000 yen discount (heart) Final price: 9990 yen
Sale information
Model: Bmax i9plusRK3566 / 10.1 inch / Android 12 / 8GB (4GB + 4GB virtual) RAM + 64GB storage / 5000mAh / WIFI 6 model Original price: ¥14,990 Amazon discount: ¥4000
1000 yen additional coupon: PEBM89EB
Final price: 9,990 yen!!
Sale period: 9/10 (Sun)
Product information
‎Bmax i9 Plus/Android 12/RK3566+4 core 2.0Ghz/8GB RAM(4+4
expansion)+64GB ROM/10.1 inch/5000mAh/2MP+5MP/WiFi 6/1280*800
[Image 1:×1051. jpg ]
High performance RK3566 4-core CPU, 8GB (4GB + 4GB expansion) + 64GB + 1TB expansion tablet
MaxPad I9 Plus Android 12 tablet is equipped with RK3566. The 4-core CPU achieves low power consumption and low heat generation, and various functions have been enhanced to enable lighter operation and faster processing.
[Image 2:× g ]
Android 12 tablet
[Image 3:×600.jpg ]
WIFI6 model
[Image 4:× g ]
Bmax 10.1 inch tablet
The 10-inch tablet is equipped with a 10.1-inch IPS display with 1280*800 resolution and an ultra-wide viewing angle. Along with the 16:10 gold scale, it supports Widevine L1, so you can enjoy photos and videos with beautiful colors. Very comfortable for watching dramas and movies as well as playing games.
[Image 5:×1406.jpg] dual screen tablet
I19Plus has dual screen display function. Supports simultaneous operation of two pages, allowing you to use your tablet more efficiently. A more convenient and faster display method is available. Make sure you don’t miss any important information.
[Image 6:×1435.jpg ]
Compatible with wireless projection
[Image 7:×600.jpg ]
Parent mode
Children’s tablets come with a parental mode. Limit your child’s screen time and bring healthy internet usage time to your child.
[Image 8: &s3=101468-415-131CC9776B8D23687C355 d7184-1920X1080.jpg]
2MP/5MP camera
[Image 9: &s3=101468-415-82C44445EDC3231B865D65CB 04AF1-1464X600.jpg]
Equipped with GPS function
[Image 10:×1080 .jpg ]
future. technology
[Image 11:×600.jpg] 5000mAh large capacity battery allows you to play 1080p videos for up to 5 hours.
[Image 12:× g ]
Package contents
[Image 13: &s3=101468-415-462FE94ECA1D51E8941 FAF3064-1464X600.jpg]
Shop with confidence
[Image 14: &s3=101468-415-415-415-d4c11111391987fde 71e5aa6-970×350.jpg] If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the email address below.
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