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Bot Express opens a “mountain office” to provide employees with a richer work-life

Bot Express Co., Ltd.
Bot Express opens a “mountain office” to provide employees with a richer work-life
Recruiting colleagues to change the norm of administrative services ……
Bot Express Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kazuki Nakajima, hereinafter referred to as Bot Express) is pleased to announce that it has opened the “Bot Express Mountain Office” in Tateshina Kogen, Chino City, Nagano Prefecture.
[Image 1:×671.jpg] Yama Office Overview
Concept: Bot Express atelier Functions: Work space, communication space, fireplace, kitchen, terrace, guest room, forest and stream on site Address: Chino City, Nagano Prefecture (details not disclosed) Area: 600 tsubo of land, total floor area of ​​90 Tsubo
[Video 2:] Comment from Representative Director Nakajima
We built the mountain office with the intention of making it a place similar to Bot Express’s atelier. Employees are free to visit whenever they want to concentrate on their activities. Not only that, but at night, everyone gathers around the fireplace and communicates. We want you to come when you want, stay as long as you want, and spend your time however you want. Bot Express’ mission is to improve the convenience of residents by enabling administrative procedures online, but there is another mission that we place equal importance on: ensuring that Bot Express members live a rich life. That’s it. I believe that by breaking down preconceived notions about work, thinking about it from scratch, and creating something more exciting, “work can become a part of your life’s work, something you’re willing to commit your life to.”
I think that an “office” should not just be a plain floor with desks lined up and fluorescent lights, but each company should think about how it should be. The office envisioned by Bot Express is located in the forest, surrounded by nature, where you can work and gather around the fireplace at night. It’s a place that fits that kind of lifestyle. By working in this location, all of our employees feel as though a different part of their brains is being pressed, that their nerves are sharpened in a different way, and that they feel a sensation that appeals to their five senses. . Through such experiences, I hope that I will be able to carry out my activities with full of energy every day, which will lead to better output from Bot Express as a whole. Recruiting colleagues to change the norm of administrative services Bot Express’s mission is to “update Japan’s administrative services.” From an administrative perspective to a resident perspective. From a service that everyone can theoretically use, to a service that virtually everyone can use and has a high rate of use and satisfaction among residents. We will upgrade Japan by realizing the concept with local governments that resonate with us and rolling it out nationwide. As of August 2023, more than 180 local governments have introduced it, and it is an administrative service used by more than 10% of local governments nationwide.
We are recruiting people for four positions who share our mission and initiatives.・Engineers who develop Japan’s de facto administrative services
・Test engineer (QA engineer) who performs tests as a member of the development team
・Partner success manager who provides the best services together with local governments
・Increase the number of partners who resonate with local governments across Japan by communicating the Smartphone City Hall case study We are accepting applications at any time, but we will be holding an online recruitment briefing session in October. Please check the page below for job overviews and briefing session details.
[Recruitment page] addition, we have released 7 member interviews to give you an inside look at the supermen and superwomen who work at Bot Express. did. We talk with representative director Nakajima about his second month at the company, a partner success manager, and an engineer, and introduce the reasons for changing jobs, daily activities, and work environment of members who have changed jobs from former civil servants. For more information, please see the recruitment page above or the official note. [Official note]
[Image 2:×608.png ]
As a GovTech Company, Bot Express has the mission of “Create administrative services that are loved.” We provide services with high usage rates and satisfaction among residents, and aim to realize the ideal society together with partner local governments that resonate with us. [Company name] Bot Express Co., Ltd. [Date of establishment] February 1, 2019 [Capital] 100 million yen [Address] Kamiyacho Trust Tower, 4-1-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6923 23rd floor [Representative] Kazuki Nakajima, Representative Director [Business description] Provision of interactive application “GovTech Express” exclusively for government offices [Official website] [Introduced local governments] https // of August 2023, more than 180 organizations including municipalities, prefectures, and ministries have introduced it. (National Tax Agency, Kanagawa Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, Shihoro Town, Hokkaido, Shonai Town, Yamagata Prefecture, Shibuya Ward, Nerima Ward, Setagaya Ward, Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Uozu City, Toyama Prefecture, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Kobe City, Okayama City , Hiroshima City, Kochi City, Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Yonabaru Town, Okinawa Prefecture, etc.) [Inquiries] Email ( ) or contact us on the official website.
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