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BS-TBS Co., Ltd. BS-TBS Reported on efforts for “Style 2030” to be the first commercial TV program in Ja pan to be “Albert certified” at the “2023 Annual Conference of the Institute of Image Information and Television E ngineers”!

BS-TBS Co., Ltd.
[BS-TBS] At the 2023 Annual Conference of the Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers, “Style2030” reported on its efforts on “Albert Certification,” the first commercial television program in Japan!

The 2023 Annual Conference of the Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers (ITE) held at the Katsushika Campus of the Tokyo University of Science for three days from August 30 (Wednesday) to September 1 (Friday). The TBS Group participated in the BS-TBS program “Style 2030: The Future Projected by the Wise Men”, which reported on the “Albert Certification” initiative.
“Albert certification” is a certification system managed and operated by the industry consortium “Albert” launched by the BBC in the UK. has given the certification of BS-TBS “Style2030” was the first commercial TV program in Japan to receive “2 stars” in the “Albert certification” for the broadcast on March 20, 2022.
[Image 1:×810.jpg] “The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers” was established in 1950 as the “Television Society”. In 1996, the name was changed to the Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers, and it has a long history. It is composed of companies, individuals, and academic organizations involved in broadcasting technology and media with the aim of contributing to the development of visual information media in Japan by promoting the advancement, improvement and dissemination of theories and technologies related to visual information media. At the “Annual Conference” held once a year, various presentation programs are held, and it is a place for exchanging opinions in various fields related to image information media such as the broadcasting and communication industries. This time, the “Style2030” initiative was announced on the second day of the tournament, August 31st (Thursday), during the planning session “Efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in broadcast program production”.
[Image 2:×810.jpg] The planning session started with Ms. Yoshiko Kohata, deputy director of Fuji Television’s Social Contribution Promotion Department and commentary member of the news department, “Why is CO2 reduction necessary? What is happening on the earth today and the role of the media.” Next, Mr. Hitoshi Imaizumi, a media and IT consultant, gave a lecture. After that, Nami Inoue, Director of TBS Holdings
Sustainability Creation Center, and Mamiko Ishigooka (TBS Sparkle), former producer of BS-TBS “Style 2030 The Future Projected by the Philosopher,” took the stage and gave a lecture for about 20 minutes. First, Center Director Inoue gave a presentation on the TBS Group’s SDGs and sustainability strategy under the title of “How can we reduce CO2 emissions in program production?” He introduced the TBS Group’s initiatives, such as setting aggressive targets for a decarbonized society, introducing the world’s first hydrogen broadcast vehicle, and promoting paperless programs to reduce the environmental impact of the program production process. Among them, what started as a trial of “doing what you can do” was the acquisition of “Albert Certification” in the program, and the program that was subject to the trial was BS-TBS’s “Style 2030 The Future Projected by the Wise Man”. I said it was
[Image 3:×810.jpg] Next, former producer Ishigooka, who was in charge of the program at the time, gave a lecture titled “Looking back on the acquisition of Albert certification as the first commercial broadcaster.” He introduced the specific process, such as preparations for obtaining Albert certification, details on the day of recording, and submission of evidence at a later date, and shared his experiences. Former producer Ishigooka said, “There was nothing difficult as long as you spared no effort. I am proud,” he said.
At the end of the session, a panel discussion moderated by Mr. Kohata was held. Mr. Imaizumi and two members of the TBS Group participated as panelists.
[Image 4:×810.jpg] During the panel discussion, Mr. Kohata asked Mr. Kohata about what was difficult about acquiring Albert certification. and the fact that there were few taxi companies that deal with hybrid vehicles.” Regarding the future efforts of the TBS Group, Director Inoue said, “It is important to create a Japanese model for the realization of a decarbonized society. I have to,” he said of the challenges ahead. comment
■Nami Inoue (General Manager, Sustainability Creation Center, TBS Holdings) “Reducing the environmental impact of program production” is one of the themes that the broadcasting industry must face in the future, so I think that the “Style 2030” initiative that the TBS Group has collaborated on is very significant. . This time, I also talked about other TBS initiatives such as carbon neutrality at major facilities and hydrogen relay vehicles, but news and information programs are becoming paperless using tablets, and we are able to reduce paper use by 60 to 70%. It was impressive that there was a high level of interest in the story that there was. I hope that similar efforts will be made in the industry in the future.
■ Akiko Miyazaki (Head of TBS Sparkle Branding Planning Office) The most important points are “given that the site can feel the merit” and “creating an atmosphere that the site can enjoy”.
However, this time, the SDGs were the theme of the program, and the positive attitude of the staff and related parties led to the acquisition of certification. Since it takes a lot of time and money, it is difficult to continue with the power of the production company alone.
I hope that it will help promote the movement to reduce CO2 emissions at production sites as well.
[Image 5:×810.jpg] ◆ Program information
Program name: “Style2030 The future projected by the wise man” Broadcast date and time: 3rd Sunday of every month 10:00-10:54       ※The next broadcast will be on Sunday, September 17
Speaker: Takashi Ryuzaki (Journalist/Vice President/Professor, Ryutsu Keizai University)
Rena Minagawa (TBS Announcer)
Production: TBS Sparkle
Production: BS-TBS
Program homepage
Program Official X (old Twitter) @2030_style ( “Style 2030 The future projected by the wise man” acquired “Albert certification” on March 20, 2022.
Click here for details.
You can also see the efforts of the program at that time in the video of the program official X (old Twitter). ◆About the Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers 2023 Annual Meeting Organizer: The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers Period: August 30 (Wednesday) to September 1 (Friday), 2023
Location: Katsushika Campus, Tokyo University of Science
Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers website
[Planning session 3] Efforts to reduce CO2 in broadcast program production
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