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BuyChemJapan Co., Ltd. Domestic chemical industry Transforming overseas transactions into DX. Solve the challenges of traditional trading company transactions with new features of the chemicals B2B marketplace.

BuyChemJapan Co., Ltd.
[Domestic chemical industry] Transform overseas transactions into DX. Solve the challenges of traditional trading company transactions with new features of the chemicals B2B marketplace.
~Aiming to revolutionize overseas business with automatic price calculation, AI, and stealth functions and involve 200,000
Chemicals marketplace BuyChemJapan has implemented a new “stealth function” to support the growth and success of Japanese chemical manufacturers as a platform to explore further business opportunities beyond traditional commerce.
◆The chemical industry has been around for 200 years.
The domestic chemical industry is faced with the challenge of expanding sales overseas, due in part to the growth of overseas competitors while domestic demand has peaked. Additionally, there was a shortage of manpower, and there was a need to improve efficiency through DX.
◆ Chemicals specialty marketplace BuyChemJapan
BuyChemJapan was born as a solution to these challenges. We promote domestic manufacturers’ overseas business with the power of
technology, including AI.
1. Easy quotation creation
This feature significantly reduces the time required to create quotations and facilitates smooth communication with overseas buyers.
[Image 1:×402.png ]
2.AI chat translation function
In addition to 1-click translation, we also propose responses based on business English. This allows the transaction process to proceed quickly and accurately, making it possible to conduct overseas business without personalization.
[Image 2:×397.png ]
3. [New] Stealth function
Domestic manufacturers have often had important relationships with trading companies for a long time and place importance on these connections. However, when developing new commercial channels, this relationship could be compromised. BuyChemJapan’s stealth capabilities help domestic manufacturers pursue new visions while maintaining existing relationships. Domestic manufacturers can increase their competitiveness in new markets while retaining trust and special trading conditions.
BuyChemJapan’s purpose is to leverage technology to evolve the business model of trading companies in the chemical industry, where traditional business practices exist. As a result, we aim to strengthen the competitiveness of Japanese manufacturers and maintain and improve the global presence of the Japanese chemical industry. For more information or inquiries, please feel free to contact us using the details below.
[Contact information regarding this matter] Company name: BuyChemJapan Co., Ltd. (BuyChem Japan) Contact person: Konishi Telephone: 06-7712-2321E-Mail marketing@BuyChemJapan.comCorporate site https:
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