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Capcom Co., Ltd. Additional DLC for “Resident Evil RE:4”, “Separate Ways”, will be released on Septemb er 21st (Thursday)!  

Capcom Co., Ltd.
Additional DLC for “Resident Evil RE:4”, “Separate Ways”, will be released on September 21st (Thursday)!
On the same day, the free DLC “The Mercenaries” was also updated. Furthermore, free DLC “Resident Evil RE:4 VR Mode” for PS5/PSVR2 will be released this winter!
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“Resident Evil RE:4” is currently on sale. Three pieces of content will appear in this exquisite survival horror that will keep your hands sweating. The first is the paid DLC “Separate Ways”. Scenario content depicting Ada Wong’s activities will be released on September 21st (Thursday). The second free DLC is “The Mercenaries.” A free update that will add new playable characters will be distributed on September 21st (Thursday), the same day as “Separate Ways”. And the third is the free DLC “Resident Evil RE:4 VR Mode” for PS5/PSVR2. This is scheduled to be distributed this winter. First of all, please take a look at the latest trailer for “Resident Evil RE:4″ released today. Latest trailer released today!
[Video 2:] ■Long-awaited additional scenario “Separate Ways” Ada Wong’s story, which was included as “the another order” in the original work, is now available as an additional DLC “Separate Ways” that is fun to play. The missing link in the main story is depicted as a fast-paced and thrilling survival horror. The truth comes to light when the two perspectives of Leon and Ada overlap. I want you to experience that catharsis.
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Someone infiltrated the village before U.S. agent Leon S. Kennedy got there. The mission given to her is to steal the mysterious amber “Amber”. However, what awaits her is an unknown threat that is eating away at her body, a battle with Luis, a man who is struggling in the present, burdened with past sins, and an unexpected reunion with Leon. Why did she accept this mission? What is the “path” she chose through another mission that unfolds behind the scenes of the kidnapping of the president’s daughter? character
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Ada Wong (CV: Junko Minagawa) The main character of this work “Separate Ways”. Under instructions from Wesker, he infiltrates a deserted village in Europe.
[Image 4:×2194.jpg] Luis Serra (CV: Kenjiro Tsuda) are Ada’s collaborators who are plotting to steal Amber.
[Image 5: &s3=13450-3977-11D4ECADF653268B2222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222359 a0479-3900×2194.jpg]
Albert Wesker (CV: Joji Nakata) The client who sent Ada to the village to steal Amber. He shows a strange obsession with biological weapons. Gameplay “Separate Ways” features the fun of “aiming and shooting” inherited from the original work, and numerous knife actions that can be enjoyed in the main game of “Resident Evil RE: 4” such as “parry”, as well as the “hook shot” that is Ada’s symbol. Add action. The hook shot can not only be used for movement, but also for coordinated attacks such as rapidly approaching a distant enemy and unleashing a melee. We want you to experience more thrilling and faster gameplay.
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[Image 7: &s3=13450-3977-5243BD78640FFFAC3D4D4377E968E968e968e968e
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■Ada and Wesker join The Mercenaries!
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A free update for the free DLC “The Mercenaries” will also be released on September 21, 2023 (Thursday), the release date of “Separate Ways”. Ada Wong and Albert Wesker will join the fight as new playable characters. “The Mercenaries” can be downloaded for free by anyone who owns “Resident Evil RE:4.” I want you to enjoy survival, which is a little different from the main story. ■ Survival horror experience with ultimate immersion. Free DLC “Resident Evil RE:4 VR Mode” will be released this winter!
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“Resident Evil RE:4 VR Mode” is an additional DLC that allows you to experience the entire story mode on PlayStation (R) VR2. Scheduled to be released this winter as free DLC for PlayStation(R)5. You can fully dive into the world of RE:4, which has received rave reviews from game fans, and experience survival with the ultimate sense of immersion. Through the head-mounted display, you can see every detail of the intricately drawn stages, such as a dense forest, a village where a madman wanders, and an old castle studded with solemn decorations and tricks, 360 degrees through the head-mounted display. The realism of 3D audio further deepens the sense of immersion.
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Intuitive operation and haptic feedback with the Sense controller create an experience that feels like actually shooting.
[Image 15:× g ]
[Image 16: &s3=13450-397D29A8FF7F7F7F1ABDAE1ABDAE 804fed0-3840×2160.jpg] You can also intuitively enjoy the knife action that is a symbol of RE4. If you time it with the enemy’s attack, a “parry” will be activated. Additionally, a “stealth kill” is activated in which the knife is wielded from behind the enemy while being held upside down.
[Image 17:×2160. jpg ]
The individuality of the firearm is reflected not only in the modeling details but also in the weight of the pull iron and reloading operation.
[Image 18:×2160 .jpg ]
It is also possible to equip both hands with weapons. Become Leon and enjoy the action
[Image 19:× g ]
When playing the game on PSVR2, you can feel the realism of the items. Boxes and pots containing items can be broken with a single button in addition to using a knife. Balances realism and comfort
■“Resident Evil RE:4” is also on sale! “CAPCOM TGS SALE” is currently being held!
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“Resident Evil RE4” is on sale for the first time!
“CAPCOM TGS SALE” commemorating “Tokyo Game Show 2023” is currently being held! “Resident Evil RE:4”, for which various additional content information was announced today, will also be on sale for the first time. Don’t miss out on this limited time opportunity! Please check the website below for details. Evil RE:4 ■Release models: PlayStation(R)5, PlayStation(R)4, Xbox Series X|S, PC (Steam) ■ Suggested retail price: ● Released on each model Download Regular version: 7,990 yen (tax included) Download Deluxe edition: 8,990 yen (tax included) ● Released only on PlayStation (R) 5 and PlayStation (R) 4 Package Regular version: 8,789 yen Yen (tax included) *If you have purchased the PlayStation (R) 4 version, you can upgrade to the PlayStation (R) 5 version (download version) at no additional cost. ■Number of players: 1 ■Release date: Now on sale (March 24, 2023) ■CERO rating: Z (only for those over 18) ■Copyright: (C) CAPCOM CO., LTD. 2005, 2023 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Separate Ways (Resident Evil RE:4 Additional DLC) ■Release model: PlayStation(R)5, PlayStation(R)4, Xbox Series X|S, PC (Steam) ■Suggested retail price: 1,000 yen (tax included) ■Number of players: 1 ■Scheduled release date: Friday, September 21, 2023 *Resident Evil RE:4 main software is required to play this DLC. Resident Evil RE:4 VR mode (Biohazard RE:4 additional DLC) ■Release model: PlayStation(R) VR2 (PlayStation(R)5) ■Price: Free ■Number of players: 1 ■Scheduled release date: Scheduled for this winter* To play this DLC, you will need the PlayStation(R) 5 version of “Resident Evil RE:4” main software.
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