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CI Co., Ltd. Building the future with digital innovation. New development of DX business and local government regional revitalization business

CI Co., Ltd.
Building the future with digital innovation. New development of DX business and local government regional revitalization business ……
CI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director: Tomoaki Yuo) has added two new businesses: “In-house services”, “Service development business”,
“Entertainment business”, “DX business”, and “Municipal regional revitalization business”. We now have 5 businesses. We will continue to focus our efforts on realizing our vision of “enriching society.” About DX business
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We provide comprehensive solutions to support the DX transformation of client companies’ business processes.
In recent years, technology has advanced rapidly and the business environment has become increasingly complex. DX is essential for companies to adapt to this change and remain competitive. CI Co., Ltd. addresses these challenges and supports client companies in realizing DX and achieving success.
We handle everything from tool introduction, infrastructure
development and system development for linking tools, to
implementation and operational design. The areas covered are “development using no-code tools or full scratch”, “system development with tool coordination”, and “installation/operation design”. We provide a comprehensive service that includes identifying the client’s business flow, selecting optimal tools, developing tools, and selecting/renovating core systems.
Concrete example
DX projects already have a track record with companies listed on the prime market.
・Proceeding with projects such as updating the core systems of companies that operate cram schools and correspondence schools, updating collaboration with LMS and learning systems, introducing AI and business reforms.
・Other projects such as big data infrastructure cost reduction measures and server migration
About local government regional revitalization projects
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This is a business that promotes regional revitalization by applying the knowledge and know-how we have cultivated through our own service business, service development business, entertainment business, and DX business to the DX of local governments. He serves as a director of the Public-Public Collaboration Promotion Organization
(, and is focusing on promoting DX.
We mainly provide an environment where generative AI such as CahtGPT can be used, build a flow that can solve problems in local
governments, and develop human resources who can promote DX. The areas covered are “DX promotion”, “system development promotion”, “tool-linked system development”,
“implementation/operation design”, “generated AI utilization”, and “DX human resources training”.
Concrete example
・We are currently working on a satellite office project to set up satellite offices in rural areas and train and hire human resources in those regions and regions.
・We are currently proposing the introduction of generative AI to local governments, the development of human resources who can handle generative AI, and proposals for area-wide DX in tourism.
Company Profile
Company name: CI Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tomoaki Yuo
Address: 1-13-22 Sonezaki Shinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka 530-0002 WeWork Midosuji Frontier
Established: March 9, 2017
Business details:
■ Own service business
・Marketing sales DX service SENLEN
・Communication DX service docoDatte Real
・Recruitment DX service APPEAL BOX
■ Service development business
・Service planning/design/development/testing/implementation/maintenance/operation/marketing ・Web system development
・Smartphone application development (iOS/Android)
・IT tool introduction support
・System consulting
・Remote work, telework support
■ Entertainment business
・Game development
・Illustration production
■DX business
・Development of no-code tools
・System development for tool coordination
・Introduction/operation design
■Municipal regional revitalization project
・DX promotion
・Promotion of system development
・System development for tool coordination
・Introduction/operation design
・Use of generative AI
・DX human resources education

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