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(Co-sponsored by PR TIMES) It stays in your memory and makes you want to pass it on. “Public relations strateg y seminar based on stories” September 28th (Thursday) 16:00 Missed delivery

Cross Media Group Co., Ltd.
(Co-sponsored by PR TIMES) It stays in your memory and makes you want to pass it on. “Public relations strategy seminar based on stories” [September 28th (Thursday) 16:00] [Missed delivery]
From disseminating information that flows away to disseminating stories that remain in your memory and want to be told to someone = Public Relations 3.0
Cross Media Marketing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tetsuya Minobe, hereinafter referred to as Cross Media Marketing) is a company that provides corporate managers, marketing managers, and PR/public relations staff with “memorable and conveying information.” The seminar “Public relations strategy based on stories that makes you want to go to public relations” will be broadcast online from 16:00 on Thursday, September 28, 2023.
[Image 1:×628.jpg] Thoughts on holding the seminar
Digital activities have become more important than analog activities in public relations activities. On the other hand, there is an overflow of information, and the current situation has even arisen in which “if you just send out information, it will flow away and be difficult to notice.”
Behind the information transmitted by companies = “information originating from people who take action” lies the thoughts, passion, and constant efforts of those who take action.
A story that incorporates the thoughts, passion, and actions behind a new product or service will remain in your memory and make you want to tell someone about it. And from there, realizations, discoveries, and fateful encounters are born. In the coming era, it will be important to implement stories in public relations activities. Analog and essential public relations activities (1.0), public relations activities with digitalization (2.0), and public relations activities that also implement stories (3.0). By disseminating information that will be forgotten and conveying stories that people will want to tell, further possibilities and expansion will be created for public relations activities.
Purpose of the seminar
The business manager who is developing the service will explain the importance of communicating stories, what methods are available, and how they can be used to do so.
Seminar overview
In the first part, we will introduce the reasons why storytelling is important for memorable output, along with examples from the perspectives of history, literature, management, business, and corporate communication. In the second and third parts, Mr. Endo of “PR TIMES STORY” operated by PR TIMES, a press release distribution service, and a publishing company will talk about ways to achieve results by implementing stories in public relations activities. Minobe, our representative who provides support, will tell you about this.
Seminar content
[Part 1] 20 minutes (Lecturer: Minobe, Cross Media Marketing Co., Ltd.) 1. Stories remain in our memories, move our hearts, and make us want to tell them to others. Stories tend to remain in the memory, and are told, spread, and passed down (about the relationship between stories and memory)
・Folk tale perspective, literary perspective, artist’s live
performance perspective, CM perspective, religious perspective ・Example of PR TIMES’ mission statement
2. Why is a story necessary for public relations activities? ・Increasing amount of information
・Importance of a set of information dissemination and story dissemination ・Corporate mediaization (role of corporate website, role of owned media) ・An era where we can connect directly
・D2C and purchase-type crowdfunding (story x commerce) that even your thoughts can reach
3. Communication activities move to the next stage (STORY Transformation) ・It is important to not only rely on the concept of reaping the existing market (=sales promotion), but also to uncover latent needs and make them manifest. Even the common sense of marketing will change ・Even the common sense of hiring will change. After that, even the concept of retention rates and work styles will change.
・Future mission of strategic public relations
[Part 2] 25 minutes (Lecturer: Mr. Endo of PR TIMES Co., Ltd.) 1. What is corporate storytelling?
・All aspects of corporate activities are storytelling
– Telling a story, telling stories is what you are telling the most important stakeholder at each stage.
・Implement Corporate Storytelling, which is communicated
systematically and continuously while connecting to business strategy. ・What is a strong story?
2. Realizing strong connections with society through storytelling Storytelling is the essence of corporate activities and one of the most important PR practices
What kind of “editing” is required in the field? Start by collecting stories scattered inside and outside your organization.
Differences in how information is transmitted depending on the “place” of the story
A book as the culmination of a corporate story
[Part 3] 15 minutes (Lecturer: Minobe, Cross Media Marketing Co., Ltd.) 1. What is “editing ability”?
・The ability to bring out the strengths, strengths, and potential for growth, select them, combine them, and create a story.
・It is possible to express everything about a company through corporate publications (anecdotes, examples, customer voices, employee voices, family voices, etc.)
2. book value
Book characteristics: EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) 3. Book marketing example
Publication examples of cross-media publishing
Four. Advantages of adopting a corporate publishing style
Publishing tailored to the purpose of marketing and recruitment activities PR TIMES STORY from books
Five. The world changes when companies own books
What I want to believe will be the same
Recommended for these people
・Managers who want to grow their companies ・Corporate public relations, marketing, and branding managers and personnel
Event date/time/format/participation fee
Date and time: September 28, 2023 (Thursday) 16:00-17:00
Implementation format: Recorded delivery (Zoom)
Participation fee: Free
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Lecturer profile
[Image 2:×500.jpg] Tetsuya Minobe President and Representative Director, Cross Media Marketing Co., Ltd.
Joined Dentsu in 1993. Since 2000, he has held positions such as Managing Director of CyberAgent Co., Ltd., Director of Take and Give Needs Co., Ltd., Executive Officer of Tabio Co., Ltd., Executive Officer of Stripe International Co., Ltd., Executive Officer of Vector Co., Ltd., and Director CMO of Sold Out Co., Ltd. Successive positions. At Take and Give Needs, he led a period of rapid growth from 5.3 billion yen to 46.4 billion yen in sales as director and general manager of sales headquarters. Rebranding the hosiery shop at Tabio, corporate branding at Sold Out, CI at Digital Holdings, launching Digital Shift Times, formulating the mission at PR TIMES, etc., with a single focus on management, business, and branding. This allows us to accompany the company’s growth. We consistently believe that “Public relations connects management and marketing, and is an information staff function for management.” The company has won many awards, including Cannes Lions, Spikes Asia, ACC, and Advertising Dentsu Awards.
[Image 3:×499.jpg ]

Book: “Work Research” (published by Cross Media Publishing)
[Image 4:×500.jpg] Michio Endo PR TIMES Co., Ltd. PR TIMES STORY Service Manager Born in 1980. After graduating from university, he worked as a high school teacher and then worked at an educational startup. At the age of 27, he started his own business in content production and became involved in filming and writing political and economic news. After that, he became a director of ClipLine Co., Ltd. and then joined PR TIMES Co., Ltd. Serves as the service manager for PR TIMES STORY. contact information
Cross Media Marketing Co., Ltd. Seminar SecretariatTel:
*Please note that we do not allow competitors to participate. [About the personal information protection policy] The personal information you provide will be handled by Cross Media Marketing Co., Ltd. and PR TIMES Co., Ltd., and will be strictly managed based on the personal information protection policy.
Sponsored by
Cross Media Marketing Co., Ltd. PR TIMES Co., Ltd.
[Overview of Cross Media Marketing Co., Ltd.]
Mission: Creating fateful encounters and possibilities through the power of stories and technology.
Company name: Cross Media Marketing Co., Ltd.
Address: Toei Jingu Gaien Building, 4-20-3 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Established: February 2008
Representative Director: Tetsuya Minobe
Business details:
・Book marketing (
・Publishing promotion
・Owned media launch and management
・Content production (company information, pamphlets, anniversary history, etc.) ・Operation of story recruiting media “I want to work at a company like this” (
・Operation of story dissemination media “STORY AGE” ( Official website:
[PR TIMES Co., Ltd. Company Profile] Mission: Toward an era in which information from people of action moves people’s hearts Company name: PR TIMES Co., Ltd. (TSE Prime Stock Code: 3922) Location: 1-11 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 44 Akasaka Intercity 8F Established: December 2005 Representative Director: Takumi Business details: – Management of press release distribution service “PR TIMES” ( – Story distribution service “PR TIMES STORY” ( ( and PR effectiveness measurement service “Web Clipping” ( Provide public relations and PR support as a partner for clients and the media.・Operation of video PR services “PR TIMES TV” and “PR TIMES LIVE” ( ・Operation of art-specific online PR platform “MARPH”
( Operation and tasks of the operation and customer support tool “Tayori” (, operation of the project management tool “Jooto” (
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