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Cole Haan Japan “Cole Haan” appoints MEGUMI as brand muse in Japan

Cole Haan Japan
“Cole Haan” appoints MEGUMI as brand muse in Japan
~ “Cole Haan”, which has a history of nearly a century, takes a further fashion approach through popular actresses with footwear and accessories for the 2023 fall/winter season. ~
[Image 1:×2926.jpg] On September 25, 2023, American performance lifestyle brand “Cole Haan” will launch a new campaign “Cole Haan featuring MEGUMI” centered on digital media, featuring actress and entrepreneur MEGUMI. To do. In addition to working as an actress and talent, MEGUMI also works in a variety of fields, including cafe management, video production, the management of the web media “+Collaborate” that gathers
next-generation creators, and as a beauty specialist. She always strives to be herself and be original. He has built a unique career. Cole Haan’s high aspirations, flexibility and unique talent unique to women perfectly match Cole Haan’s ever-evolving beliefs, and the essence of the brand, which combines fashion and lifestyle,
functionality and elegance. is beautifully expressed.
[Image 2:×713.png ]
“I feel that Cole Haan items are a very important and valuable ally for modern women who are busy working and move around extensively throughout the day,” MEGUMI commented. There are many aspects that resonate with her attitude of “not putting limits on yourself,” which she claims is the secret to her driving force. “There are times in our lives when we feel like we are stopping our potential, whether it’s because of other people’s eyes, age or gender concepts.But I think it’s really a waste. I want to embody everything in a positive way, including being a woman, the experiences I’ve gained as an actress and a manager, and the interactions I have with friends and the irreplaceable time I have with my son. I want to make my dreams come true,” she says. For MEGUMI, who continues to take on new challenges, Cole Haan is a brand that combines both the sense of security that comes from ease of wear and comfort, and the increased motivation that comes from taking care of yourself, and is looking forward to future developments. He says he is doing it.
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Cole Haan’s mission is to infuse time-tested craftsmanship and the latest innovations into our products, instilling confidence in the moments that matter most in our lives, from work to the weekend to our daily workouts. Throughout its nearly 100-year history, the innovative technology and style that have continued to evolve without stopping are fully expressed in everything from the brand’s footwear to accessories. Through seasonal images using MEGUMI, we have opened up a new category that can freely move from urban life to the suburbs, supporting people’s comfort, sense of purpose, motivation and way of life, and always moving forward with the times. Express yourself powerfully.
[Image 4:×1388.jpg] Westerly Chelsea boots ¥49,500 (tax included)
Color: Bloodstone Box Leather
Essential Mini Saddle Bag ¥46,200 (tax included)
Color: Brodstone Stone
Trendy Chelsea boots with excellent cushioning. Water repellent enough to withstand light rain. The mini saddle bag with the CH logo as an accent has three compartments and a zippered pocket on the inside, and one pocket on the outside, so you can always keep things organized.
[Image 5:×1953.jpg] Mini Collective Satchel ¥44,000 (tax included)
Color: black white hand tooth
This season’s new releases from COLE HAAN feature a houndstooth pattern with a traditional feel. A great item that gives an elegant impression and is easy to match, and will improve the atmosphere of your styling. It has a wide gusset, so even though it looks compact, it has excellent storage capacity.
[Image 6:×3900.jpg] Greenwich Monk Strap Loafer ¥38,500 (tax included)
Color: black leather
Collective Satchel ¥55,000 (tax included)
Color: evening blue
This loafer with an impressive men’s monk strap not only looks smart, but also has a textured outsole that provides just the right amount of volume and firm grip. The popular satchel bag has plenty of pockets, great storage capacity, and is comfortable to use while keeping it neat and tidy.
[Image 7:×2609.jpg] Hampshire Riding Boots ¥63,800 (tax included)
Color: Black leather/Black suede
Grand Ambition Small Convertible Lux Bag Pack ¥46,200 (tax included) Color: black white hand tooth
Equestrian-style riding boots with an extremely sophisticated design that exudes an elegant charm. The sturdy silhouette matches your favorite dress or denim outfit, and will upgrade your comfort during the cooler months. The 3-way tote can be used as a backpack or crossbody, and has a built-in cushioned pocket that can store your computer.
[Image 8:×2007.jpg] Westerly Slip-on Loafer Water Resistant ¥40,700 (tax included) Color: Irish Coffee Clock
Essential Crossbody Camera Bag ¥33,000 (tax included)
Color: Evening Blue / Scrub / Aventure
Westerly’s loafers are a modern take on the classic loafer silhouette, offering a comfortable fit. The chunky voluminous heel is non-slip and offers excellent stability and ease of walking. The soft insoles make these shoes easy to step on, making them great for all seasons. This camera bag has a refreshing retro look, and is made of rich leather to maintain its elegance.The length of the strap is adjustable, and you can wear it crossbody to take it anywhere with ease.
About Cole Haan
Cole Haan is a global performance lifestyle brand providing innovative footwear and lifestyle accessories for active and principled people. Rooted in 90 years of tradition, and infused with time-tested craftsmanship and the latest innovations, we’ve pioneered a new category of footwear and lifestyle accessories that can take you from work to workout to weekend wear. . Create an opportunity to live an extraordinary life. That’s Cole Haan’s mission.
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