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Comedian sketch/Lily picture book author’s debut work “Onitarou Born from Momo” released today

Sunmark Publishing Co., Ltd.
[Comedian sketch/Lily picture book author’s debut work] “Onitarou Born from Momo” released today
“What if Momotaro’s peach was picked up by a demon?” Another story that no one knows about the fairy tale “Momotaro” that everyone knows. ……
Sunmark Publishing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) will release Sketch Lily’s debut work as a picture book author, “Onitaro Born from Momo” on September 15, 2023.
[Image 1:×2298.jpg] “I was happy to live with a demon.” The unexpected love that blooms between Momotaro and the demon will surely bring tears to your eyes! A nostalgic and new fairy tale picture book that can be enjoyed not only by children but also by adults, drawn by a comedian who graduated from an art university. Broadcast every Monday at 1:56 a.m. on TV Asahi *Excluding some areas Lily’s picture book project, which was born from “Kakitzujan”, has finally come to an end. The picture book, which has become a hot topic, has received a comment from King Kong’s Akihiro Nishino, and a reprint was decided before its release, and it is being released today. (Synopsis) The peach that was supposed to be picked up by the old woman was floating down the river. However, the old woman falls ill and the peach is forced to float down the river. Momo finally arrived at Onigashima! A demon splits a peach in half with a club, and I’m sure I’ll die! ? However, what was born from the peach was a boy who looked like a demon, with a red face due to the peach turning rancid, and horns from the club’s thorns stuck in his head. Thus began the boy’s life on Onigashima, who was named “Onitaro” by the demon. What’s more, his life was filled with the demon’s love, and it became an irreplaceable day for Onitaro.
I want you to read this when you are about to lose sight of happiness. King Kong Akihiro Nishino’s excellent title. The pictures are cute too. So, imagine the story…Is it something like this? It was completely different. As you would expect from a comedian, there are a few scenes that will make you chuckle, and the ending will leave you with a hard time. Nobutaka Tsubota (Author of “Biligal” and President of Tsubota Juku) As a bookstore employee, I thought, “Regardless of the title “Kamizu Lily,” this is interesting! I want to sell it!” It’s a really well made piece of work. The unique story, which takes advantage of the world of the masterpiece “Momotaro” and carefully depicts the psychology of the characters, will make you laugh and cry. This is a work that I hope will continue to be read as a sequel to “Momotaro.” Maruzen Ariake Garden Store Literary Books Manager Mr. Arimatsu Even if we look at the form of happiness from the outside formally, we cannot really understand it. However, if you look at Oni and Onitaro’s expressions, you can easily feel this even from the outside. Although the story is based on a folk tale that everyone knows, the story does not leave the reader alone even when it comes to what-if scenarios, and the feelings Lily wants to convey reach the heart clearly and directly. Bunkyodo Shoten Osaki store Children’s book manager Mr. Abe
Author introduction Lily (outline) Comedian. Born on June 2, 1984. In 2007, he formed the comedy duo Okorizu with Shintaro Moriyama. Belongs to Yoshimoto Kogyo. Osaka NSC 29th class student. He has been an M-1 finalist for three consecutive years since 2018. He began his career as a picture book writer through a picture book project on the TV Asahi TV show “Kitorizu-jan” (broadcast on TV Asahi from 1:56 am on Mondays (excluding some areas)).
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TV Asahi “Kikorizujan” homepage TV Asahi “Kikorizuan” Official X Bibliographic information “Onitarou Born from Momo” Author: Lily (outline) List price: 1,650 yen (tax included) Release date: September 15, 2023 Published by: Sunmark Publishing Publisher information Sunmark Publishing Co., Ltd. Address: 29th floor, Shinjuku Front Tower, 2-21-1 Kita-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
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