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Commerce Robotics Co., Ltd. One-stop service for ordering, logistics, and ordering. Pre-release of automated c loud logistics platform “Cyberlogi”

Commerce Robotics Co., Ltd.
One-stop service for orders, logistics, and ordering. Pre-release of automated cloud logistics platform “Cyberlogi”
No need to use the paid system at all! Automatic linkage with most malls and carts through API linkage. An advanced logistics platform that automates order processing, inventory coordination, and shipping emails by providing OMS + RPA, and completes all logistics operations in the cloud.
Commerce Robotics Co., Ltd., whose mission is to “make business easier with IT,” will pre-release the “Cyber ​​Logi” service on September 18, 2023, which allows you to request all logistics operations in the cloud. We will begin accepting reservations for logistics operations from September 18th. (The official release is scheduled for October.) No need to use any paid systems such as OMS. By simply applying through the cloud (examination required), high-performance OMS, RPA, and WMS will be provided, and logistics operations will begin. You can also check logistics costs from the cloud. By automating and outsourcing everything from order processing to logistics operations, e-commerce businesses will be able to effectively utilize their time for sales promotions and other sales expansion, thereby accelerating the expansion of their e-commerce business. With the warehouse sharing model, there are constraints on maintaining logistics quality levels and expanding infrastructure, so we plan to focus our logistics operations on collaboration with major logistics companies.
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What is “Cyberlogy”, a cloud service that automates EC ordering and logistics? Now that the use of mall-based logistics platforms has progressed and the convenience of automatic shipping services has been recognized, “Cyberlogi” is an independent logistics platform that supports multi-channel (multi-mall operations), D2C, regular mail order, frozen/refrigerated storage, etc. We provide automatic order acceptance and automatic shipping services that support a variety of sales channels such as mail order, customized EC, core system EC, and B2B.
Cyberlogi users will be able to use logistics services on the cloud with no initial or fixed costs. Achieves API cooperation with most malls and carts, and realizes not only order data but also inventory data (synchronization). Our service is unique in that we provide our users with our uniquely developed high-performance OMS and RPA. This eliminates the need for dual management of product master data, improves the automation rate of order processing, and significantly reduces the operational burden on users.
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[Image 3:]                                                                     〇 The 2024 problem of logistics, rising labor costs, and the environment surrounding the e-commerce and logistics industries are becoming increasingly severe. In particular, one of the challenges faced by e-commerce businesses from start-ups to growth stages is that they are so busy with day-to-day order-taking and product delivery that they are unable to focus on their core business of marketing, sales promotion, and merchandising.
However, we believe that the current logistics platform has its limits. Although mall-based logistics platforms have advantages in logistics quality, scalability, cost, and shipping speed, they have problems such as difficulty handling other malls, and inability to support D2C, regular mail order, and freezing/refrigeration. Additionally, independent logistics platforms have problems with scalability of warehouse infrastructure, maintaining logistics quality, and large system investments.
In fact, the idea for Cyberlogy came about because Ito, the
representative of Commerce Robotics, which develops OMS and WMS (used by over 1,200 companies), and Sasaki, the service manager, felt that there were limits to the current logistics platform. I am.
On the other hand, we strongly feel that the logistics platform has an “effect on EC operators.”
More e-commerce businesses, including startups, can easily start using logistics operations, and the probability of business success can be increased due to the effects of automation on PL, BS, and CF. With this in mind, our company will bring about “logistics innovation” in the e-commerce industry through cloud computing and automation.
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[Table 2: ]
Three features of the advanced cloud-based logistics platform “Cyberlogi” 1. All you have to do is check OMS “Confirmation required”
All can be used with Cyberology’s built-in system, with no external OMS, RPA, or WMS required.
All that e-commerce operators do on a daily basis is confirm and process orders (small quantities) that are marked as “confirmation required” and cannot be handled by RPA processing. Everything else is handled automatically.
In addition, API linkage is possible with most malls and cart systems, and not only order data but also inventory data can be linked. Customized shops and core ECs provide open API and SFTP collaboration, so it is possible to build automatic collaboration.
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◆List of malls and carts that can be linked with API (order/inventory) *Order linkage, inventory synchronization
・Yahoo! Shopping
・Amazon (connected)
・auPay Market
・W2 Repeat (SFTP)
・Samurai cart
★System that can be linked with open API, SFTP, and S3 *Order coordination, inventory synchronization
・Full scratch EC
2. Automate everything from order processing to logistics and (ordering) Cyberlogi has systematized (cloudified) the entire process of e-commerce logistics. This enables seamless coordination between order processing, logistics, and ordering.
(1) Online contract management
(2) Logistics cost management (Billing) *WMS auxiliary function (3) Online logistics fee billing
(4) OMS (Order Management System)
(5) RPA (order processing robot)
(6) WMS (Warehouse Management System)
(7) EOS (Inventory Optimization System) *Optional service
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3. You can focus on growing your e-commerce business
By linking malls and carts with APIs, we can significantly reduce the effort involved in linking EC order data, and with our patented RPA function, we can automate order processing that previously had to be visually inspected and manually checked and corrected by humans. Common automation settings can be used by simply selecting from standard options, and unique automation processes can also be customized with no code.
Since it supports D2C, multi-channel EC, frozen and refrigerated mail order, regular mail order, and customized EC, EC businesses can easily outsource the troublesome order processing process and logistics process as a cloud service, and use the free man-hours to make sales. It will be possible to use it for expansion work, and as a result, it will be possible to accelerate the e-commerce business.
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Significantly improve productivity in small-scale logistics projects by using Logitech
Generally, major logistics companies and 3PL companies (warehouse operating companies) have not been able to take on logistics projects from small shippers. The reason is that logistics efficiency and profitability are poor. This has made it difficult for promising D2C startup companies to focus on business expansion, as they have to carry out time-consuming and non-strategic logistics operations themselves.
Cyberlogi has successfully improved the logistics productivity of small-scale projects by utilizing Logitech and developing the following.
Major logistics and 3PL companies, which were previously impossible to undertake, are now able to take on small-scale projects.
(1) Virtual shipper grouping
For example, if 25 small-scale shippers that ship around 200 items per month are grouped together as one virtual shipper, the warehouse will be able to process them as a large-scale shipper that can ship 5,000 items per day. In order to achieve this, we have developed a technology that allows small-scale shippers to be brought together and processed as a single shipper, including processing receipts, outputting slips, and processing shipments. This technology has made it possible for major logistics companies to handle projects for small shippers.
(2) Auto print
Printing forms for small shippers is extremely inefficient due to the hassle of setup changes.
We have developed a technology that automatically prints a delivery note from a designated printer after automatic reservation using WMS. This eliminates the need for a clerk to issue slips. In addition, it is now possible to automatically print delivery notes and invoices combined, making it possible to further increase efficiency. This technology improves administrative efficiency even for major logistics companies and enables them to handle small-scale projects.
(3) Late printing of invoice
This is a technology that prints the invoice of the order completed after the pick operation on demand using a handheld terminal. By combining automatic printing of delivery notes with autoprint and on-demand printing of invoices, there is no need for a clerk to issue slips.
(4) Convenience store deferred payment API connection
This is a technology that automatically obtains printing data by connecting to a convenience store deferred payment API and
automatically prints a deferred payment invoice with integrated delivery note from WMS. By reducing the process of inputting CSV data into the deferred payment invoice printing system and by using the integrated delivery slip and payment form, there is no need for a clerk to issue slips.
(5) Automatic billing of logistics costs (Billing)
Creating invoices for administrative work such as logistics costs is a labor-intensive and time-consuming task. As an auxiliary function of WMS, we have developed a system called Billing that automatically calculates logistics costs.
(6) Electronic bill automatic issuance system (DX billing)
We have independently developed a system for sending and receiving online invoices using a dedicated mailer format (compatible with invoices). This has significantly reduced the man-hours required for billing operations.
The above Logitech services can also be provided individually to 3PL companies. Commerce Robotics Co., Ltd. Company Profile
We have developed the “Cyberlogy” service, a logistics platform that automates everything from order processing to logistics and ordering for e-commerce operations. E-commerce operators can easily use it from the cloud and use SCM theory to improve their PL, BS, and CF, helping them accelerate their business. We aim to create a society where it is easier to use EC and DX.
Trade name: Commerce Robotics Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Akihiro Ito
Address: Mayapada Shiodome Plaza 5F, 2-11-4 Higashi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0021
Established: July 2013
Business content: SaaS business, Global business, Platform business URL:
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[Representative Director: Akihiro Ito] Representative Director of Commerce Robotics Co., Ltd. Conducted research on materials at Yokohama National University. Responsible for production technology development, material development, and overseas business at Toyota Motor Corporation. After that, he worked for a major trading company before becoming independent. e-SCM researcher. Completed the 19th Strategic SCM Course Logistics Management Specialist
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[Business Manager: Yudai Sasaki] Deputy General Manager of the Platrofm Division at Commerce Robotics Co., Ltd. Spent high school years in Germany. Graduated from the Faculty of Business
Administration at Yokohama National University, and studied abroad at a German university (business administration) while still enrolled there. Joined a global logistics company and was in charge of SCM-related work. Joined Commerce Robotics. 20th Strategic SCM Course Completed Logistics Technology Manager
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