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C&R Get past the true nature of life’s difficulties! DOCTOR’S MAGAZINE October issue published featuring Mr. Hideo Honda, a world-renowned researcher on autism spectrum disorder

Creek and River Co., Ltd.
Break through the true nature of life’s difficulties! DOCTOR’S MAGAZINE October issue published featuring Mr. Hideo Honda, a world-renowned researcher on autism spectrum disorder
Medical Principle Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Creek & River Co., Ltd. in the medical field, has published the medical industry’s human document magazine “DOCTOR’S MAGAZINE October issue.”
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This issue features Professor Hideo Honda of the Department of Child Mental Development Medicine, Shinshu University School of Medicine. Mr. Honda is a specialist in developmental disorders with clinical experience across all life stages, from early detection and
intervention to support in adulthood. At a time when even
psychiatrists had no knowledge of autism or Asperger’s syndrome, I decided to become an expert because I wanted to know what Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) was.
Epidemiological research has made world-first discoveries one after another, clarified the true nature of ASD, and changed the way the world views them. After transferring to Shinshu University in 2014, in addition to visiting outpatient clinics in Nagano, Tokyo, and Yokohama and working with NPOs, I have been actively disseminating information about developmental disorders and child-rearing through SNS and videos. “The real reason why people with ASD are so difficult to live with is the society that makes life difficult for them,” says Mr. Honda, as we explore the source of his inquisitive spirit and obsession. In addition, “Challenger – Challenger -” featured Mr. Tasuku Yasui, Chairman of TEAM BLUE, a medical corporation that creates a system for home medical care mainly in Itabashi Ward and Nerima Ward, Tokyo. In an effort to change the situation in which many people end their lives in hospitals because their wish to spend their final moments at home is not fulfilled, we have started with the Yamato Clinic, and have organized programs such as “Let’s go home to the hospital” and “I’m glad I’m at home.” We have opened facilities with new concepts such as “visiting hospital visits” and continue to strive to make our home base, Itabashi Ward, a mecca for local medical care.
In addition, in the “Special Project Case Study Shape of Regional Medical Care”, we spoke with Mr. Hiroyuki Hayashi, professor of the Department of Emergency Department and General Medicine at the University of Fukui, about medical care in Fukui Prefecture and the appeal of physician education. In addition, “Doctor’s Opinion” includes a column by Taro Shimizu, who is famous nationwide as a preceptor 10 years after the publication of his book “Let’s Become a Beloved Instructor,” as well as a column by “Push Bookstore Nakanodo,” which is Japan’s first This book covers biographies of nurses and Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. This month as well, we are introducing doctors and medical corporations active across the country from a variety of perspectives.
DOCTOR’S MAGAZINE Doctor’s Magazine No.285 October 2023 issue information [Portrait of the Doctor]
Professor Hideo Honda, Department of Child Mental Development, School of Medicine, Shinshu University, National University Corporation [Doctor’s Opinion]
“10 years after being a beloved instructor: What I think now” Chief Professor, Department of General Medicine, Dokkyo Medical University / Director, Department of General Medicine, Dokkyo Medical University Hospital
Taro Shimizu [serialized column]
Hard sell bookstore “Nakanodo” #21
Professor Emeritus, Osaka University
Toru Nakano [Case Study]
Form of regional medical care #3 “Fukui Prefecture”
Professor, Department of General Emergency Medicine, Fukui University Hospital Hiroyuki Hayashi
Introduction to Fukui Prefecture’s clinical training/specialty training core hospitals [Dr. Tokuda’s Clinical Pearls]
What is the cause of consciousness disorder? [Challenger -Challenger-] Medical Corporation Association Chairman Homura
TEAM BLUE Representative
Yu Yasui [SPECIAL COLUMN bimonthly serial column]
Dr. Jun Sasaki’s home medical care memorandum Episode 02 [Clinical training designated hospital introduction]
Iwaki City Medical Center
Ehime University Hospital [Specialist training introduction] Local Independent Administrative Agency Shizuoka City Shizuoka Hospital Public Toyooka Hospital Association Toyooka Hospital Tajima Emergency Center [Medical Malpractice Cases]
When assisting with excretion, do not take your eyes off the patient until the patient returns to bed!? [Medical office introduction] Saitama Medical University General Medical Center Advanced Critical Care Center Kochi University School of Medicine Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine [Medical Topics/Student’s Voice]
Medical Topics/Voices from medical students ======================== Format: Modified A4 version
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Editing/Production/Shigekazu Katsumata BTTB inc.
Manga/Enmo Takenawa
Publisher/Yura Yura
Editor-in-chief/Shuro Ushio
Deputy Editor/Minako Sugiura
Tomoko Sano
Saori Kondo