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Crowdfunding with green denim 4th edition. My heart is excited by the fantastic material. A workwear factory has updated M-51 to create a full-fledged “military pants.”

Taga Co., Ltd.
Crowdfunding with green denim [4th edition]. My heart is excited by the fantastic material. A workwear factory has updated M-51 to create a full-fledged “military pants.”
An OEM sewing factory specializing in work casual clothing in Okayama Prefecture has launched its 4th project at Makuake using newly produced green denim fabric. [Application period] From Thursday, September 14, 2023 to Monday, October 30, 2023
Did you know that from around the 1930s, military wear supplied by the British Army to soldiers had a history of using a special
green-colored denim fabric manufactured in the UK? This denim fabric is commonly called “green denim”.
Many people supported us by purchasing this fantastic green denim, which we were able to obtain from dead stock, and we were able to revive the original fabric.
And this time! Utilizing our experience of making workwear for over 50 years, we have updated the classic military pants “M-51” into a modern style.
Please feel free to experience this one-of-a-kind piece that will excite you with its history.
[Application period] From Thursday, September 14, 2023 to Monday, October 30, 2023
[Image 1:×2194.jpg] [Application period] From Thursday, September 14, 2023 to Monday, October 30, 2023
Scheduled general sales price: 27,000 yen (excluding tax)
The selvedge green denim we found at “Denim Mecca Ibara” was made from dead stock fabric, so we were only able to prepare a very small amount of it. However, thanks to the support we received from our first project, we are now able to re-produce the same fabric. In order to deliver the appeal of this green denim fabric to even more people, we have implemented the second and third projects using the additionally produced fabric.
And this time, as the fourth installment, we have planned a
full-fledged military pants based on the famous “M-51”.
[Image 2:×1230.jpg]
[Image 3:×443.png ]
The green denim was produced by Yoshiwa Textile Co., Ltd. in Ibara City, Okayama Prefecture.
The fabric is selvedge denim, which is woven using an old-fashioned power loom using natural uneven yarn with warp number 9 and weft number 12. Because the stitching is gentle and the shuttle loom is used to weave, the fabric has an uneven and rough feel. The dye is a reactive dye that expresses military green.
“M-51 (Field Cargo Pants)” is a model that appeared in 1951, and its loose and straight silhouette has established itself as a classic of street fashion. The original is very popular, and many reprints have been released. The thick silhouette gives a very fashionable impression even when paired with tight tops.
[Image 4:×1747.jpg] The cargo pocket contains a side strap used for purposes such as stopping bleeding and muffling noise, and can be removed and used through a hole in the back of the pocket. Even small details like this are elements that remind us of the atmosphere of the time and warm our hearts.
“Side straps” were used to stop bleeding when a knee was injured, and to prevent objects from interfering with each other in cargo pockets and making noise. You can also tuck it into your pocket for styling.
A major feature of the M-51 (Field Cargo Pants) is the drawcord that allows you to tighten the hem. You can enjoy a variety of styles by adjusting the hem width to match sneakers or dress shoes.
[Image 5:×1920.jpg] Selvedge green denim found at “Ibara, the sacred place of denim”. When you actually touch it, it feels very nice against your skin, and I think you’ll feel the urge to wear it. As a factory that specializes in cargo pants, we were excited to come across such a material. For the second part of the project so far, we have adopted the model “M-47″, which is a masterpiece that is very popular among military items and is used as a motif by many designers and brands. This time, the motif is the M-51, which is also considered a masterpiece. The size is oversized so that you can also use suspenders.
[Image 6:×1210.jpg] The pants created by bringing together the technology and knowledge of the Taga Co., Ltd. work pants factory, which has been cultivated over many years through OEM etc., are made with a unique texture of green denim fabric and Japanese quality sewing, making them a masterpiece that is as good as the original. I did.
[Image 7:×893.png ]
Taga Co., Ltd. was established in 1970 and has mainly been engaged in OEM production of elaborate products.
Manufacturing is carried out only by Japanese staff, and while it is said that the proportion of domestic production of clothing is less than 2.5% of the total (Issues in the Textile Industry and Initiatives by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), this is a factory with only Japanese staff. There are very few. I am always grateful to the staff.
[Image 8:×692.jpg] The items we have been handling for a long time are work casual and military casual. In particular, military bread has been our specialty for many years. One staff member (female in her 50s) tweeted, “For some reason, the cargo pants we make are so beautiful…they’re so cool.”
[Image 9:×1638.jpg] After hearing a tweet from our staff, we decided to create Taga Co., Ltd. quality cargo pants. Another reason is that the quality of Japanese-made products may be declining due to changes in the environment surrounding various industries. We value serious and careful manufacturing, even if it is not super high quality, and we do not want to be lumped in with other factories where quality is difficult to stabilize.
[Image 10:×1231.jpg] Ibara City, where the company is located, is known as a production center for cotton materials, mainly denim. This region is rich in history and story, with traditional techniques and passion that have been woven together by local artisans over the years. We are determined to create real Japanese quality military pants with deep respect for local materials and their stories.
[Image 11:×511.jpg]

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