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Cygames Co., Ltd. Information on 2 consumer titles, including the new playable character “Gandagouza” from “Granblue Fantasy Relink”, will be released in “Granblue Fantasy SHOWCASE GBVSR Relink Part.1”!

Cygames Co., Ltd.
Information on 2 consumer titles, including the new playable character “Gandagouza” from “Granblue Fantasy Relink”, will be released in “Granblue Fantasy SHOWCASE GBVSR・Relink Part.1”!
Details of the new systems “Story Mode” and “Digital Figure Mode” of “Granblue Fantasy Versus -Rising-” have also been released!
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Cygames Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Koichi Watanabe), which develops, develops, and operates games, operates PlayStation(R)5/PlayStation(R)4/Steam(R). In the joint program “Granblue Fantasy SHOWCASE GBVSR・Relink Part.1” of “Granblue Fantasy Versus -Rising-” (hereinafter referred to as “GBVSR”) and “Granblue Fantasy Relink” (hereinafter referred to as “Relink”), the latest information on each title will be announced. has been published. “GBVSR” story mode character “Rein” released!
Story mode is the content that corresponds to the RPG mode of the previous game “Granblue Fantasy Versus”. It consists of three parts, and parts 1 and 2 contain all the stories of “GBVS”. In the third and final chapter, a story will unfold in which new characters from GBVSR will appear, and the story will move toward a new climax.
This time, we are releasing the original character “Rein” who will appear for the first time in the third part of the story of “GBVSR”! She has decided to accompany the protagonists on their journey, and it seems like she knows their childhood well…?
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In the animation scene that was released in advance in this program, Rein muttered the words, “The world is… ending…”. He is an important character who is greatly involved in the story, so please pay attention to him.
“GBVSR” digital figure mode is now available, allowing you to create your own diorama!
Digital figure mode is a mode that allows you to freely arrange and edit 3D models of characters and objects from Granblue Fantasy that appear in GBVSR to create a diorama. You can also set detailed parameters, allowing you to create your own diorama with even the finest details.
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A new playable character “Gandagoza” will be joining “Relink”! Gundagoza, the greatest fist fighter of all time, will be
participating as a playable character. Its battle style is a “true fist fight” in which it uses its own body to defeat all kinds of enemies, and its performance is full of romance.
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“Gandagouza” (CV: Kiyoyuki Yanada)
The great founder of Kokin Musou-ryu.
A legendary martial artist who boasts that he can do anything with his fists.
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*The screen is under development.
Applications for lottery sales for the limited quantity packaged version of “Relink” “Collector’s Edition” will be accepted until 14:59 on Tuesday, September 19th!
The “Collector’s Edition” of “Relink”, which was introduced in this program, is currently accepting applications for lottery sales for a limited time until 14:59 on Tuesday, September 19, 2023.
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“Granblue Fantasy SHOWCASE GBVSR・Relink Part.1” Program Overview
[Image 9:×1080.jpg] ▼“Granblue Fantasy SHOWCASE GBVSR・Relink Part.1”
●Program content
This is a two-part program where the first half is about “GBVSR” and the second half is about “Relink.”
First, directors Fukuhara and Kaji will introduce basic information such as the game system and the characters that appear. We will dig deeper into the charm of each title.
Next, we tried multiplayer on a real machine. “GBVSR”‘s “Graburu Legend Battle!” (commonly known as “Grabato!”) will be the world’s first trial run of three games: “Rising Dash,” “Hihiirokane Party,” and “King of Toughness.” The crazy battle between over 20 deformed characters is spectacular! “Relink” features four cast members taking on a quest that will be shown for the first time on this program. Work together to defeat powerful enemies. You can also see how the “Full Assist Mode” operates, which is recommended for those who are a little worried because they don’t like action games, as well as those who want to study cool fighting moves.
In addition, we will also provide information on various products for which pre-orders have begun. We are also introducing the actual packaged version to the performers in the studio by having them hold it in their hands.
We also deliver the latest information on each title! There is also information on new playable characters for “Relink”, so please keep an eye out!

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