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Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd. ★First appearance at Daimaru Umeda store “SANPUKU NICON”, a n ew type of cheese terrine, has been reborn with a brand renewal. The brand story of “carrying three blessings” is pe rfect as a gift!

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd.
★First appearance at Daimaru Umeda store “SANPUKU NICON”, a new type of cheese terrine, has been reborn with a brand renewal. The brand story of “carrying three blessings” is perfect as a gift!
〇September 13, 2023 (Wednesday) → 19th (Tuesday) 〇B1F, next to the west entrance Sweets parade
SANPUKU NICON’s new style Monaka, which combines handmade cheese terrine with Monaka tane (skin) made only from domestically produced mochi rice and high-quality water, will be making its first appearance at the Daimaru Umeda store. The cute packaging is based on the brand story and is perfect for gifts! It’s a completely new sensation when you sandwich the cheese terrine yourself instead of the red bean paste.
The logo and packaging have been reborn based on the brand story of “Three fortunes carried by three fairies,” and the deliciousness of the cheese terrine has also been upgraded.
[Image 1:×1044.jpg ]
Monaka-no-tane (peel) that is carefully made by hand
[Image 2: &s3=25003-2036- FC7FA329C354C2D8451CC7E9D18E8E8 47a-720×720.jpg] Our Monaka seeds have been carefully finished one by one by one of the few Monaka craftsmen who have been dedicated to handcrafting over three generations since our establishment over 70 years ago. Made with only the best domestically produced mochi rice and high-quality water of the year, Monana Tane has zero impurities and has a fragrant aroma unique to handmade products and a crispy, melt-in-your-mouth texture that is unlike any other you’ve ever tasted. We are proud that it is more delicious than Monaka no Tane.
“Cheese terrine” made repeatedly by a pastry chef
[Image 3:×2600.jpg] Furthermore, by combining our hand-made cheese terrine, we create a cheese terrine with a new sensation and texture that you won’t find in the traditional monaka, with the aroma of the seeds and just the right sweetness of the cheese terrine. has been completed.
6 types in total! Introducing cheese terrine.
[Image 4: &s3=25003-2036-C3A07794E359204C20C8BD8C5BE0C5BE0C5BE0C5BE0C8BD8C 363-650×550.jpg]
▲Blue cheese 2,350 yen including tax (No. 1 in popularity!)
Our signature blue cheese terrine is made with a perfect balance of Hokkaido cream cheese and Italian Gorgonzola cheese. It is slowly baked and the addition of raisins and walnuts gives it a fun texture.
[Image 5:×550.jpg] ▲Sake lees cheese 1,890 yen including tax
Our proud sake lees cheese terrine. Made with homemade red beans, cream cheese from Hokkaido, sake lees, and carefully selected eggs. It is delicious with the flavor of sake lees, the milkiness of cream cheese, and the texture of red beans. Enjoy the fusion of Japanese and Western.
[Image 6:×550.jpg] ▲Bean cheese 2,150 yen including tax
We added agar to create a moist yokan-like texture so that you can feel the unity between the homemade red bean paste made from Hokkaido red beans and the Hokkaido cream cheese. Please enjoy the exquisite balance of red bean paste and cream cheese.
[Image 7:×2600.jpg] ▲Strawberry cheese 2,350 yen including tax
Three types of cheese are used to create a creamy, rich, refreshing yet deep cheese terrine, with a layer of cute pink strawberry-flavored cheese cream. Slices of fresh strawberries are arranged on the surface, and pistachios are added as an accent.
[Image 8:×550.jpg] ▲Mikan cheese 2,150 yen including tax
A three-layered terrine made with three types of cheese, a tangerine paste made with domestically grown tangerines with their skins, and fresh cream cheese. Garnished with fresh mandarin oranges, the surface is coated with white wine jelly.
[Image 9:×550.jpg] ▲Apple chocolate cheese 2,200 yen including tax
A cheese terrine made with chocolate and Hokkaido mascarpone cheese, accented with cinnamon-scented caramelized apples. Please enjoy the crispy texture of the seeds (skin) and the slightly more mature chocolate flavor.
Delicious ways to eat while making it yourself
[Image 10:× g ]
Scoop the desired amount of cheese terrine with a spoon, place it on one side of the tane (skin) in the middle, cover with the other tane, and enjoy.
Since the customer puts the cheese terrine in between, they can enjoy it without losing its crispy texture.
Brand story of three fairies
Based on the brand story that was born from the brand concept of “three fortunes carried by three fairies,” we designed a package that makes you want to give it to someone.
[Image 11:× g ]
“Once upon a time, there were three fairy sisters.
The eldest daughter is a generous lady who brings “good luck”. The second daughter is a “delicious good fortune” carrier. The youngest child is a mischievous child who brings the fortune of a smile. These three people have now come to bring you happiness filled with delicious smiles. ”
Package with 3 designs to choose from
The package design gives a glimpse of the three fairy sisters’ personalities and the cute backstory of how they deliver delicious food.
It has been reborn as a simple yet cute design that is perfect for gifts and souvenirs.
[Image 12:×2599. jpg ]
[In the forest]
Delicious food is inside the forest. Delicious hints are also inside the forest. Three fairy sisters go to the forest in search of something delicious. It is said that sometimes animals will tell you their secret recipes. But is that it? The mischievous youngest son seems to be obsessed with playing with horses.
[Image 13:× g ]
[Above the sky]
Today too, let’s all deliver various kinds of “fuku”.
Let’s live in a small house on the outskirts of town today,” the eldest daughter fairy leisurely decided. Let’s join forces and deliver amazing sweets today as well. Oh, who’s that moping in the back?
[Image 14:×2599 .jpg ]
[Inside the house]
Look, look, you have to make it quickly, you have to make it secretly, you have to make it secretly.
The second fairy is working hard to finish things before the housekeeper comes home. Everyone was absorbed in the preparation, not forgetting the secret recipe that the horse had taught them. Well! I’m reaching for sweets again.
The new sensation “SANPUKU NICON” will be available at Daimaru Umeda store for a limited time!
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