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Dao Chain Investment Management Limited Bitmake Announces Application for Virtual Currency Exchange License in Hong Kong

Dao Chain Investment Management Limited
Bitmake announces application for virtual currency exchange license in Hong Kong ……
Global cryptocurrency exchange Bitmake has announced plans to apply for a license from the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission (SFC) to operate in Hong Kong. This decision is based on the background that the Hong Kong government is preparing an environment for blockchain and Web3 business.
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Headquartered in Dubai, Bitmake operates in Turkey, Dubai, Argentina, and some Southeast Asian countries, with over 1 million users. This license application is seen as an important step in expanding the business on a global scale and ensuring compliance.
Bitmake consultant Richard said, “As an international financial center, Hong Kong is optimistic about the future of the blockchain industry and the cryptocurrency sector. boasts an excellent investor base and an active market, with excellent geographical location and cultural attractions.Hong Kong is globally oriented, actively engaged in Web3 business, We aim to increase trust.”
[Image 2:×803.jpg] License applications for Bitmake, which is affiliated with DAO Chain, will be accepted starting June 1, 2023, with the SFC responsible for license issuance requirements and regulatory oversight. There is also a 12-month transition period for businesses that provided
cryptocurrency services in Hong Kong before June 1, 2023.

Since its launch in July 2021, Bitmake has achieved significant results and steadily increased its international influence. Major media outlets such as IEEE, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and CNBC have continued to report on Bitmake, but they seem to see this licensing application as a particularly important turning point. Partnership Daochain is also eyeing the move, as Bitmake’s legitimate activities in Hong Kong will encourage more potential users to join Web3-related projects.
As attention is focused on Bitmake’s future trends, it is expected that Hong Kong’s position in the cryptocurrency industry will be further strengthened.
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