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&DC3 Co., Ltd. Released DC3 players “Hive Image Player” and “Hive Image Book Player”

&DC3 Co., Ltd.
Released DC3 players “Hive Image Player” and “Hive Image Book Player” ……
&DC3 Co., Ltd. released DC3 players “Hive Image Player” and “Hive Image Book Player” on September 25, 2023.
Hive Image Player/Hive Image Book Player is a player for playing e-books in image or fixed format.
(*Fixed format…a format in which the layout of characters, line spacing, etc. is fixed)
This makes it possible to handle illustrations, manga, photo books, etc. as DC3 content.
*For more information on DC3 content, please see the page below.
[Image 1:×616.png ]
Hive Image Player/Hive Image Book Player not only has content playback functions, but also features DC3’s feature of content editing and processing.
The signature/paint function allows you to add notes to the content. Sign painting is not only a simple tool on the browser, but you can also use “CLIP STUDIO PAINT” provided by Celsys Co., Ltd., and it is also possible to make full-fledged drawings on the content. This function makes it possible to enhance the added value of content, such as having the author sign only one e-book that you own.
Furthermore, the signatures and paintings added with this function are also reflected in the 3D thumbnail, which is the outline of the content, so you can view it when displayed in DC3 My Room.
The cut and paste feature allows you to cut out parts of content and paste them into other content. Please note that DC3 content is treated as a unique “thing”, so the cut portion will not be displayed during playback (although it is possible to undo the cut).
The cut and paste function is a function that can only be used within the scope of personal use. Content that has been cut or pasted cannot be transferred or loaned. It is also possible to restrict cut and paste functionality when producing content.
Hive Image Player/Hive Image Book Player also has a function where the master content holder can send messages to the content holder through the content.
The notification function allows you to display a message of your choice when a user opens the content. You can use this to advertise and announce your work. For example, in the case of manga content, it is possible to encourage users who have purchased the first volume to purchase it by sending a message informing them that the second volume has been released.
The annotation pop-up feature allows master content owners to display annotations anywhere in their work. This feature can be used not only to annotate content, but also to enhance the added value of your content. For example, it is possible to sell special edition content that includes your own comments from the making of the game. ◆To all content viewer developers
Hive Image Player and Hive Image Book Player were developed based on the e-book viewer “CLIP STUDIO READER” provided by our company. DC3 players can be developed by making simple modifications to existing content viewers.
DC3 does not limit the format of data it handles, so it can handle any content currently in circulation.
In addition, the painting function using “CLIP STUDIO PAINT” provided by Hive Image Player and Hive Image Book Player can be implemented on players other than ours, so please contact us.
If you are a content viewer developer interested in developing DC3 Player, please feel free to contact us using the form below.
Additionally, in conjunction with this release, we have released a landing page for the Hive player provided by &DC3.
We plan to gradually expand the number of players in the future, so please take a look at this as well.
&DC3 Co., Ltd. released the preview version of the digital content distribution platform solution “DC3” on September 21, 2023.
In the future, various services and players compatible with DC3 are scheduled to be launched.
Together with everyone, we aim to create a world where digital content is loved even more.
We look forward to your continued support.
Additionally, in conjunction with this release, we have opened an official DC3 X (formerly Twitter) account.
We will be disseminating the latest information on solutions, initiatives, events, etc., so please check it out as well.
About &DC3 Co., Ltd.
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&DC3 Co., Ltd. was established in 2022 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Celsys. By treating all digital data as unique “things,” we are creating new possibilities for the digital content business through the provision of “DC3,” a platform solution that realizes the distribution of digital content, and e-book distribution solutions. We will continue to develop.
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Contact information
&DC3 Co., Ltd. Public Relations Officer Narasaki
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Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
*For inquiries regarding solutions, please use the form below.
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