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Deadline: October 2nd! [Scan tool introduction subsidy for maintenance businesses certified for electronic control devices Started free consultation service for eligible scan tools Started free application support in collaboration with Automotive M

[Deadline: October 2nd! [Scan tool introduction subsidy for
maintenance businesses certified for electronic control devices] Started free consultation service for eligible scan tools Started free application support in collaboration with Automotive Maintenance Subsidy Subsidy Shinkosha *
Over 150 “Business Restructuring Subsidy” applications per year! Subsidy application support specialized for automobile maintenance shops and sheet metal painting shops – Automobile Maintenance Subsidy Subsidy Shinkosha
▼Receive a luxurious gift when you register on line
・FY2023 subsidy revision thorough explanation video etc.
・Campaign information for maintenance equipment and car supplies
▼Free consultation counter (Automobile maintenance subsidy subsidy promotion company)
Target companies: Dealers, automobile maintenance/body maintenance related businesses, new car/used car dealers, etc.
▼Click here to download the subsidy materials and the 30-minute seminar video
*Please contact us below for the conditions for subsidy application “free support” (limited time only)
Free consultation: (diagnosis in 5 seconds) Line consultation: (24 hours available)
[Image 1: &3=39923-1222-F934D9684602648bfd3E0270C8ffffff 89F29-1332X848.png] [Deadline: October 2nd! Scan tool introduction subsidy for maintenance businesses that have received electronic control equipment
Started free application support in collaboration with Automobile Maintenance Subsidy Subsidy Promotion Company*
Click here for details
[Target scan tools free consultation service]
*Please contact us below for the conditions for subsidy application “free support” (limited time only)
Free consultation: (diagnosis in 5 seconds) Line consultation: (24 hours available) Scan tool introduction assistance
[Image 2:×928.png ]
~Supporting the introduction of maintenance equipment that supports the identification of failures and deterioration of in-vehicle electronic equipment~
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will support automobile maintenance businesses and others in introducing scan tools in order to improve the sophistication of automobile maintenance technology, maintain the energy-saving performance of next-generation automobiles, and promote accident prevention. Subsidy project name
Project to promote the maintenance of energy-saving performance of in-use vehicles through efficient and appropriate vehicle maintenance using big data Ensuring a maintenance environment for advanced safe vehicles Project cost subsidy
Target businesses
Maintenance businesses that have received certification for electronic control equipment (excluding those who received subsidies for this project in the R4 year)
Maintenance businesses that apply for electronic control device certification (including applications for additional changes to electronic control devices) (excluding those who received subsidies for the projects in the left column in R4).
Recruitment period
September 19th (Tuesday) 10:00 to October 2nd (Monday) 17:00 October 2nd (Monday) 10:00 to October 13th (Friday) 17:00 Business details (overview)
– Subsidy for part of the cost of purchasing a new scan tool that meets certain requirements
(Subsidy rate: 1/3 or less, maximum subsidy amount per workplace: 150,000 yen).・Please note that equipment purchased before the issuance decision is not eligible for subsidy. Free consultation line: Email: Form: Consultation reservation: [ Get 8 luxurious bonuses by registering on line] Points to know from the bonus video and handout materials…・Complete explanation of the 2023 subsidy revision points・Little-known devices eligible for subsidies・You can earn more than 100 million yen depending on how you use them Know-how that is unique to the automobile maintenance industry ⬇️ Click here to register for free on LINE ⬇️ *Click “Open in app”) Or search for your friend ID using “@hojyo” (*Don’t forget “@”)
What is Automobile Maintenance Subsidy Subsidy Promotion Company? The automobile maintenance industry provides subsidies and subsidies to support automobile maintenance companies, which are forced to invest in equipment, technology, and human resources and change their business models due to the advancement of automobiles and their environmental friendliness in recent years. We are a specialized consulting group. Subsidy-eligible maintenance tools Aiming equipment, alignment testers, paint booths, lifts, frame correction
machines/measuring instruments, tow trucks, car wash machines, vehicle inspection inspection lines, tire changers, and other various automobile maintenance equipment business restructuring
subsidy-eligible expenses Construction costs (new construction), expansion/renovation costs, equipment costs, outsourcing costs (processing, design, etc.), training costs, technology introduction costs, advertising costs, systems, advertising subsidy explanation video
[Image 3:×936.png ]
[Image 4:×894.p ng]
[Video 33:]
[Video 19:]
Distribution of subsidy information begins on TikTok
[Image 5:×1338.png ]
Next generation polymer coating A Glaze
A Glaze, which originated in the UK, has been leading the market with its high technology and quality as the trend in Europe has shifted from glass coating to polymer coating for more than 10 years, and has been used by many companies such as major car manufacturers, airplane manufacturers, the US military, and Shinkansen bullet trains. Recruitment is progressing in this area. Yoshi’s A Glaze video, a family car wash that uses over 150 products a year
[Video 20:] Unprecedented water repellency! crystal vision
[Video 21:] [Mechadol Yuki x Tsukamoto Nanami collaboration product] U.S. military uses it on airplanes! The most popular glass water repellent.
[Video 22:] Product details: Also adopted by the British Royal Family and the French Shinkansen! Next generation polymer coating shampoo
[Video 23:] Product details: Mechadol Yukino’s A glaze coating video
[Video 24: ] generation polymer coating implementation video
[Video 25:]
FDM 3WAY multifunctional ADAS lift
FDM’s 3-way multifunctional ADAS lift is a single lift that is equipped with three functions that are essential for future ADAS advanced safety vehicle maintenance: jig correction/frame measurement, wheel alignment adjustment, and aiming support. This is the next generation maintenance equipment. At FDM, on March 4, 2022, the Cabinet approved the law amendment bill, and the ban on “Level 4” autonomous driving was finally lifted, and with the OBD inspection (vehicle inspection) from October 2024 approaching, we will introduce new technology to cars in the future. We will contribute to the maintenance and development of the repair and body maintenance industry through the introduction of the “3WAY multifunctional ADAS lift” that covers the functions required as prerequisites for the calibration of sensors used in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). At the same time, we aim to contribute to the realization of a safe autonomous driving society. [Mechadol Yuki] Jigs are difficult..? I tried mounting the R35 GT-R on a 3WAY lift!
[Video 26:] Prerequisites for aiming!? Time-saving aiming realized by 3WAY multi-functional ADAS lift
[Video 27:] 3WAY multifunctional ADAS lift all-in-one jig correction/frame measurement × wheel alignment adjustment × aiming support official website: here for the 3way purchasing site :
Hot topic now! Stud welding machine that can be used with 100V Ultra Spot NANO A popular product for auto body maintenance companies that combines high operability and performance. Even though it is 100V, it is a great product that can be used to draw out, rough out, repair dents, and prevent back burns! [Mechadol Yuki] I tried repairing a dent with stud welding for the first time!
[Video 28:] Official website: Purchase site here: Purchase on Rakuten Click here: Purchase from Amazon: Fully automatic fluorocarbon gas recovery and regeneration equipment A/C service station
FDM HUBER DUAL NF34NP (for both R-1234yf and R-134a) – Features of FDM fluorocarbon gas fully automatic gas recovery and filling device – Air conditioner gas cleaning can be done fully automatically without starting the engine.・Air conditioner services such as recovery, regeneration, vacuuming, and gas filling are realized with this single unit.・R-1234yf, which is a specified inert gas (new standard), is more expensive than 134a, so as it is being introduced into new cars, it will be necessary to install a recovery and recycling machine. Air conditioner services such as collection, regeneration, vacuuming, and gas filling can be achieved with this one unit!
[Video 29:] Official website: Purchase site is here: Purchase on Rakuten
Here: %83%A0+%E3%83%95%E3%83%BC%E3%83%90/
FDM Super Punto Water-cooled spot welding machine for ultra-high tensile steel plates
Latest model 3 (C type gun, Compatible with ultra-high tensile steel plates! “Super Punto” spot welding machine with maximum specifications for pressure and current
[Video 30:] Official website: Click here for purchasing site: on Rakuten Purchase here: Nichicon space-saving electric vehicle quick charger (for EV/PHV) What’s great about Nichicon’s quick charger is that it’s
space-saving.It only takes up a small space to install, so it can be installed in tight spaces.・Since the main unit is smaller in volume and lighter in weight than conventional models, installation work can be done at a lower cost than conventional models.・10kW, 25kW, 35kW, and 50kW can be installed within the low voltage receiving range. Adopts CHAdeMO method. Click here for Nichicon products Subsidy utilization consultation counter (Automobile Maintenance Subsidy Subsidy Promotion Company) Consultation desk for installation in homes, etc. (Smart Mobility Consultation Promotion Association) power receiving equipment We also support the installation of cubicles. A high-voltage power receiving equipment cubicle is a facility in which a set of equipment for receiving power at high voltage is housed in a metal box. It is installed for the purpose of converting the voltage and frequency to match the specifications of the customer’s load equipment and supplying it safely and stably. [Finepiece Co., Ltd.] 5-15-14 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022 Official website: site: counter: https:/ / contact: https://www.facebook. com/FinePieceJP/Instagram: [Collaboration YouTube video] Yuki Mechadol, the most famous female mechanic in Japan [Brands handled] BOSCH primary distributor, DRIVISION Japan distributor, Amino Care Japan
distributor, Cafe de Italia general importer, ProADAS Importer, John Bean agent, TECO alignment lift importer, Terumo Meccanica importer, Compact MIG general importer, Chevola agent, Super Punto importer, FDM HUBER, TECO agent, DR importer, TENZI general importer. ..[Group companies/related organizations] ■Customer Cloud Co., Ltd.■AMS Automotive Maintenance Subsidy Subsidy Promotion Company■SSO Smart car safety features Guarantee
Mechanic.com■AAMA Auto Aftermarket M&A Center■ ASA Auto Aftermarket Revitalization Strategy Foundation■ EV
Aftermarket Promotion Company■ Smart Mobility Consultation Promotion Association■ Single Mothers Create a Bright Future ■ESG/SDGs Introduction Support Organization [Related Brands] ■FDM https://www.fdmtool .com/■DRIVISION Japan – DRIVISION Japan■Poland’s largest car wash brand
Tenzi■Next generation polymer coating A Glazehttps:/ / [FDM Popular Products] ■3WAY
multifunctional ADAS lift – Jig correction machine■Ultra Spot NANO – Stud welding machine https:/ /■Spot cutter Star4 – Drill compatible with ultra-high tensile steel plates■Compact MIG C201 – Semi-automatic welding machine https://■Huba – R-1234yf compatible fully automatic air conditioner gas recovery
machine■Headlight tester Top Autohttps://finepiece. delivery/product.php?id=1039 [Automobile maintenance/sheet metal painting equipment] ■ Aiming equipment ■ Semi-automatic welding machine ?c_id=58 ■ Spot welding machine ■ Alignment tester ■ Jig correction/frame measuring machine https: // ■3D measuring device ■Painting booth 155■Resin welding machine/Nitrogen shield plastic welding
machine■Freon/refrigerant recovery machine■Car wash/ Coating supplies ■ Impact wrench [Mechadol Yuki] I tried using Fine Piece products!
[Video 31:] [Recommended aiming tool]・DRIVISION Japan camera optical axis adjustment target Suzuki compound eye camera target・DRIVISION Japan camera Optical axis adjustment target Daihatsu Sumaashi 3 (first half) Camera aiming target
[Video 32:] [Supports purchases with subsidies] Automotive Maintenance Subsidy Promotion Company (AMS) Free
consultation: (24 hours available) Official website: https: // Our
AMS-certified financial consulting partner will provide solid support for capital investment using the currently popular “Business Restructuring Subsidy” and “Manufacturing Subsidy.” Target models: Aiming equipment, alignment testers, paint booths, lifts, frame correction machines/measuring instruments, tow trucks, car wash machines, vehicle inspection inspection lines, tire changers, and various other automobile maintenance equipment, etc. Diagnose in 5 seconds! First, free consultation / [Get up to 80 million yen! ] Seminar on subsidies and grants available to automobile repair shops
[Video 33:] The contents of business restructuring subsidies will change significantly from 2023! Notable industrial structural transformation
[Video 34:]
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