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DJI JAPAN Co., Ltd. DJI releases “Mini 4 Pro,” an all-in-one aerial photography tool that unleashes creati vity

DJI unveils Mini 4 Pro, an all-in-one aerial photography tool that unleashes creativity
Introducing the ultimate mini camera drone with omnidirectional obstacle detection
September 25, 2023 – DJI, the world leader in consumer drones and innovative camera technology, today announces its new mini camera drone, the DJI Mini 4 Pro. Designed as the perfect photography tool for anyone with an adventurous spirit, DJI Mini 4 Pro redefines the idea of ​​mini camera drones and sets a new benchmark for capturing and sharing exciting moments. Equipped with innovative omnidirectional obstacle detection and flagship-level DJI O4 video transmission technology, this cutting-edge mini drone allows you to unleash your creativity and capture every thrilling and fun memory. can do.
[Image:×2194.jpg] “The Mini 4 Pro combines pro-grade performance with the Mini series’ signature lightweight design for freedom and flexibility in flight. “It’s a huge improvement,” said DJI Creative Director Ferdinand Wolf. Experience flying anytime, anywhere
Weighing only 249 g[1], Mini 4 Pro is highly portable and has a design that makes it easy to carry around. You can easily put it in your bag and take it anywhere, so you won’t miss a photo opportunity. Excellent imaging performance
Mini 4 Pro features a 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor, a new image processing platform, and Dual Native ISO Fusion technology, the hallmark of cinema-grade technology, for cutting-edge imaging performance. It supports f/1.7 aperture, 48MP image resolution, 4K/60fps HDR video, and slow motion shooting at 4K/100fps, capturing amazing details. Supports portrait shooting, allowing you to take vertical photos and videos without sacrificing image quality. With a pixel size of 2.4μm [2] and an excellent noise reduction algorithm in night mode, you can directly capture clear and crisp images even in low-light
In addition, the Mini 4 Pro’s vertical shooting function is ideal for posting on social media and playing back on smartphones, stimulating users’ creativity. The tilt angle can move up to a maximum of 60 degrees, allowing you to shoot cinematic images with smooth camera work.Furthermore, you can use up to 2x digital zoom for photos and up to 4x for video shooting to create a story-telling experience. You can also create overflowing videos.
High image quality that attracts viewers
Mini 4 Pro supports video recording in 10-bit D-Log M, which can capture over 1 billion colors, allowing for pro-grade post-editing. No matter what platform you choose to publish your footage on, videos shot in HLG color mode use high dynamic range to capture natural beauty while retaining natural colors and clarity. No color adjustment or format conversion required. Capture 48MP RAW photos with Smart Photo technology [3] that combines features such as HDR imaging and scene recognition to capture every detail and create impressive footage.
Achieve safe flight
Mini 4 Pro supports omnidirectional obstacle detection for safe flight. Multiple wide-angle vision sensors and a pair of downward vision sensors detect obstacles in all directions. Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS) improves flight safety by automatically braking and navigating around obstacles.
With the standard Intelligent Flight Battery, you can fly for up to 34 minutes and be as creative as you want. You can also get an even longer flight time of 45 minutes with the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus [4]. In addition, DJI’s flagship O4 video transmission provides highly responsive operation and delivers smooth 1080p/60fps Full HD live video from up to 20 km away.[5] Waypoint flight allows you to automatically fly according to a set route, easily increasing the efficiency of your shooting. By using cruise control, you will be less tired from long-distance operations during monotonous long-distance flights. With Advanced RTH on Mini 4 Pro, the aircraft will follow a safe flight route to the home point, and the AR RTH route feature will display the flight route during RTH on the screen to help you return home.
Be more creative
Mini 4 Pro supports three intuitive shooting modes: Spotlight, Point of Interest (POC), and ActiveTrack 360°, and omnidirectional obstacle detection for smoother and more stable tracking while avoiding obstacles. Realize. There are also other innovative features that will help you unleash your creativity to the fullest, allowing you to create professional-quality creations with intelligent features such as:
Master Shots: Dynamic camera presets designed for capturing portraits, close-ups, and long shots, capture every moment with cool camera work. Quickshot: Capture stylish footage with modes like Droney, Circle, Helix, Rocket, Boomerang, and Asteroid.
Hyperlapse: You can shoot in free, waypoint, circle, and course lock modes. There is no limit to the shooting time, and you can adjust the composition while shooting.
Panorama: Choose from 180°, wide angle, vertical, or sphere to record spectacular landscapes with panoramic photos.
Quick Transfer: Quickly transfer photos and videos to your smartphone without linking to a transmitter. After transferring, you can immediately share the captured footage.
Edit with LightCut
The LightCut app uses AI technology to efficiently edit videos wirelessly. You can integrate footage such as Active Track, Master Shot, and Quick Shot to create attractive videos with a single touch. This app automatically adds music and templates that match the video, allowing efficient and high-quality video production. Also, since there is no need to download videos, you can save space on your smartphone. With realistic sound effects, silent aerial footage becomes more vivid. There is a wide range of aerial photography templates, including templates with various themes from nature to cityscapes, and templates with tilt-shift effects that allow you to enjoy the miniature world, and you can easily create videos by simply importing aerial footage.
Excellent accessories for a great aerial photography experience [6] DJI Mini 4 Pro Wide-Angle Lens: Frame all the spectacular views with the ultra-wide 100° FOV of the wide-angle lens.
DJI Mini 4 Pro ND Filter Set (ND16/64/256): Use the ND16/64/256 filter to capture clear, accurate footage even in difficult lighting environments.
DJI Mini 4 Pro 360° Propeller Guard: Easy to install and remove 360° propeller guard covers the entire propeller for quick flight safety. Price and sales period
DJI Mini 4 Pro will be available for sale starting today from our online store and authorized stores.
DJI Mini 4 Pro (DJI RC-N2 included) 119,680 yen
DJI Mini 4 Pro (DJI RC 2 included) 145,200 yen
DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo Plus (DJI RC 2 included) 173,910 yen More information on new features, accessories and compatibility:
Images and materials can be found at the following link. DJI Care Refresh
DJI Care Refresh is a comprehensive warranty plan that covers water damage, collision, property damage, lost flight, etc. and is also available for DJI Mini 4 Pro. Product refresh exchanges, where you can exchange your product for a new product for a small additional fee, are available up to two times per year for the 1-year version, and up to 4 times per year for the 2-year version. Other exclusive benefits include priority response, free shipping, dedicated technical support, and more. Please check for details.
Use SkyPixel for even higher-level aerial photography
SkyPixel is an innovative digital platform that aims to enrich the world of aerial photography. Equipped with a wealth of cutting-edge features, including a vast fly-spot database and expert flight advice, the new SkyPixel makes it easy for drone users of all levels to master their aerial photography skills. We will support you to do so. You can check information on nearby fly spots and local regulations, so everyone from professionals to beginners can enjoy safe and secure flying. Be inspired by the amazing aerial work of 30 million talented photographers from around the world, and connect with like-minded people from all over the world. Now, unleash your creativity with SkyPixel and let your vision fill the sky.
[Video 2:] About DJI
Since its founding in 2006, DJI has been a pioneer in the consumer drone industry, leading the world in innovation. It has supported users’ first drone flights and revolutionized professional
photography. Today, DJI strives to build a better world by
continuously advancing human progress. Always with pure curiosity, we strive to solve all kinds of problems, and have expanded our business into fields such as agriculture, public safety, surveying/mapping, and infrastructure inspection. DJI products are creating new value in these areas as well, delivering unprecedented changes to the lives of people around the world. | | | | | (C) 2023 DJI JAPAN. The company and product names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Contact: DJI JAPAN Co., Ltd. Paiggy Liu (paiggy.liu) Email: [1]Actual product weight may vary slightly due to batch materials and external factors. Registration is not required in some countries and regions (in Japan, please complete flight permit/approval and aircraft registration procedures in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations before use). With Intelligent Flight Battery Plus, the aircraft weighs more than 249 g. Please check local laws and regulations before flying.
[2] This is achieved by using QBC (Quad Bayer array) technology and combining four pixels into one. It does not support 48MP photo shooting.
[3] Only supports 12MP photo shooting. It does not support 48MP photo shooting. [4] Measured at a constant speed of 21.6km/h in windless conditions. DJI Mini 4 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery allows you to fly for up to 34 minutes. Enjoy longer flights of up to approximately 45 minutes with the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus (not available in the EU). Do not use Intelligent Flight Battery Plus in the EU region. Please check your local laws and regulations before flying and always strictly adhere to them.
[5] Measured in an FCC-compliant, interference-free, open, outdoor environment (up to 10 km in Japan). The data above shows the furthest coverage for a one-way flight with no return trip. Always pay attention to the RTH reminders displayed in the DJI Fly app during your flight.
[6] Not included in combo and sold separately.
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