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DMMTV PR Secretariat Announcing the additional cast of 3 highly anticipated actresses and talented actors for the DMM TV original drama “EVOL”! !

DMM TV Original Drama “EVOL” Announces 3 additional cast members, including the most anticipated actresses and talented actors! ! – Thunder Girl – Yu Imou – Police Chief – Ken Ishiguro, – Mayor – Ken Yasuda! Furthermore, Nobuaki Kaneko’s visual as Lightning Bolt has been released!
DMM TV, a comprehensive video distribution service operated by LLC (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and CEO Keiji Kameyama, (hereinafter referred to as DMM), is a comprehensive video distribution service not only in Japan but also overseas. However, it has been decided that the comic “EVOL” by acclaimed manga artist and illustrator Atsushi Kaneko will be exclusively distributed as a live-action drama from November 3rd (Friday).
“EVOL” is a story about three boys and girls who have gained mini-superpowers. Three people despair of reality and attempt suicide, but when they wake up, they discover that each of them has
supernatural powers sprouting in their bodies. These abilities have been passed down through generations of people known as heroes, and are something that should only be possessed by “allies of justice.” The three hit it off and choose to become “EVOL” in order to destroy this world…
Currently, the original “EVOL” is being serialized in “Monthly Comic Beam” (KADOKAWA). The author, Atsushi Kaneko, has been active in various fields such as manga, illustration, design, art, and video since the 1990s. A top creator who has continued to have a great influence on artists both in Japan and abroad with works such as “BAMBi”, “SOIL”, “Desco”, and “Search and Destroy”, which have a stylish touch reminiscent of American comics. The latest work “EVOL” has realistic and radical content that evokes reality. The story of a teenager who says no to a world where injustice, intolerance, indifference, and irrationality are rampant is attracting a lot of enthusiastic attention as a story that needs to be told right now.
[Image:×2480.jpg] She played the role of Nozomi, who has the ability to make small holes with her fingers, in the TV drama “Know the meaning of death!” and the movie “Kamikai” (released on 7/21), both last year and this year. Yuzu Aoki, an up-and-coming actor, will be starring in six films.
Akari, who has the ability to create fire from the palm of her hand, started her acting career at the age of 4, and has also appeared in NHK TV dramas and taiga dramas. Ire Himena’s appearance in “I’d Die If My Oshi Goes to Budokan” (23) is still fresh in my memory.
The role of Sakura, who has the ability to fly by 5 cm, made her acting debut in the movie “Midnight Swan” (2020). Kisaki Hattori won the Japan Academy Award for New Actor and the Nikkan Sports Film Award for Newcomer.
The role of Lightning Bolt, the hero who questions “What is justice?”, is played by Nobuaki Kaneko, who has appeared in numerous popular movies, dramas, and commercials, and has captivated people with his outstanding presence.
The director has directed numerous music videos and TV dramas such as “How to Build a Proper Rock Band” and the film “To a More Transcendence” based on Muneko Nemoto. Seita Yamagishi has been attracting attention for his work such as ‘(23). The production will be handled by ROBOT, which has successfully brought many works that seemed impossible to film into film, such as the “ALWAYS Sunset on Third Street” series and “Go to the End”. It will be distributed as an original drama this fall from DMM TV, which realizes world-standard content production with a “budget scale not found in serial dramas” and “initiatives towards expression that are self-regulated by terrestrial television”!
★Additional cast and comments have arrived, increasing expectations for the distribution!
An additional announcement was made that Yu Imou will play the role of Thunder Girl, Lightning Bolt’s younger sister, a hero who has the ability to generate electricity from the palm of her hand and the ability to fly. She was selected as a finalist in the Junon Girls Contest in 2014 and started her acting career the following year in 2015. Since then, he has steadily appeared in movies and dramas such as the taiga drama “Idaten~Tokyo Olympic Banashi~” (2019) and the movies “Soiree” (2020), “Hiraite” (21), and “Ushikubimura” (22). The latest actress, who has been praised for her excellent acting skills, will play a character that is very popular among fans of the original work.
Ken Ishiguro plays Hiromi Tsuchiya, Akari’s father and police chief. After making his debut as an actor in the 1983 drama “Ao ga Chiru” (83), he has appeared in “Shomuni!” (98/00/02/13), “Shinsengumi!” (2004), the movie “Lorelei” (2005), The talented actor, who has appeared in “Masquerade Night” (21) and “The Dragon and the Freckled Princess” (21), is now an indispensable supporting player in dramas and movies, and his unique presence brings even more depth to the story. Add color.
Also, Ken Yasuda plays the role of the mayor of the town where the hero is located. Drama “PICU Pediatric Intensive Care Unit” (22), drama “18/40 ~Two Dreams and Love~” (23), movie “Gintama” (17), “The Fable” (21) A talented actor who has appeared in many popular works such as “From Lageli with Love” (22) and has played a wide range of roles from tough roles to unique roles during his long career has also been decided to appear.
★Lightning Bolt’s live-action visuals have also been released! The first live-action visual of Lightning Bolt, played by Nobuaki Kaneko, is released! The visuals have a brave and powerful atmosphere. At the same time, the visuals of Nozomi played by Yu Aoki, Akari played by Ire Himena, and Sakura played by Kisaki Hattori will be released for the first time!
Including Yuzu Aoki who played the role of Nozomi, Himena Ire who played the role of Akari, and Kisaki Hattori who played the role of Sakura, who played the triple starring role.
What kind of chemical reaction will occur with Nobuaki Kaneko who plays Lightning Bolt and other co-stars, and what kind of story will unfold? Please look forward to the follow-up of this work that will be announced in the future.
Comment from Nobuaki Kaneko (Lightning Bolt)
My favorite book EVOL is being made into a live-action film. I never thought that lightning bolt would come to me…!
Together with director Yamagishi, we shot the inside shot on a tremendous scale. Please take a look!
Comment from Yu Imou (Thunder Girl)
The original story was interesting, and I trusted director Yamagishi, so I wanted to play a role even if I didn’t see his face.
The staff members combined all their skills to create an incredible video. I am excited to think that everyone involved will create works that have never been seen before.
I hope that EVOL will become something transformative.
I hope everyone is looking forward to it.
Comment from Ken Ishiguro (Police Chief Hiromi Tsuchiya)
When I read the script for the first time, I was fascinated by the interesting worldview of the work.
I was worried about what would happen if I played the role.
Under Director Yamagishi’s clear vision, with a wonderful cast and staff. I was able to play the role of a member of the “EVOL” world with great care and attention.
A number of costumes and art sets that perfectly embody the taste of the original work.
Please pay attention to the work of the CG crew who are currently struggling. I felt from the filming set that this would be a high-quality work that people overseas would definitely enjoy.
I myself am looking forward to its completion. Please expect by all means! Comment from Ken Yasuda (Mayor role)
This time, I will be playing the role of the mayor. I read the original story before I started working on it, and of course it was interesting, but most of all I was overwhelmed by the power of the story.
At the actual filming location, I was very impressed by the attention to detail on the set.
“How is this sense of scale expressed?” Please look forward to it! I’m looking forward to it, as are all the viewers. Please take a look. -story-
Three boys and girls lost hope in the world and attempted suicide. When they wake up in the hospital, they find that they have mysterious “normal abilities”. That power was supposed to be possessed only by “allies of justice,” called “heroes,” who are inherited only through blood.
-Overview of the work-
Original work: Kaneko Atsushi “EVOL”
*Publisher: KADOKAWA, serialized in “Monthly Comic Beam” (from September 2020 issue)
Director: Seita Yamagishi “How to make a proper rock band”, “Towards a place that transcends.” ”
Cast: Yuzu Aoki, Himena Ire, Kisaki Hattori, Nobuaki Kaneko, Yu Imou, Ken Ishiguro, Ken Yasuda
Production: ROBOT COMMUNICATIONS INC. “ALWAYS Sunset on Third Street” series, “Go to the end”
Copyright: (C) KANEKO Atsushi / KADOKAWA (C) DMM TV
[Distribution schedule: Friday, November 3, 2023, exclusively distributed on DMMTV]
*The distribution schedule is subject to change.
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