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DMMTV PR Secretariat The first DMM TV original drama! “Yoroshiku Kenshiro” opens the curtain on a new sensational massage revenge drama!

The first DMM TV original drama! “Say Hello to Kenshiro” A new sensory massage revenge story begins! The trailer of the “bad guy” who loves the pressure points and is loved by the pressure points and burns for revenge has been released!
A new cast with a variety of 10 people including Shido Nakamura, Kana Kurashina, Yuma Yamoto, Mariko Tsutsui and more has been unveiled!
“DMM TV”, operated by LLC (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and CEO Keiji Kameyama, (hereinafter referred to as DMM), provides a variety of content and entertainment experiences. DMM’s comprehensive video distribution service. It has been decided that Jasmine Gyu’s “Say Hello to Kenshiro”, which is currently being serialized in “Young Magazine”, will be exclusively distributed from September 22, 2023 (Friday) as the first DMM TV original drama.
This manga has been praised by numerous comedians as having a “high sense of humor” and has become a hot topic in various media, and the best staff and cast have assembled for the long-awaited live-action adaptation!
The script was written by the hit maker Bakarhythm, who has produced a series of popular works such as the movie “Hell’s Garden” and the drama “Brush Up Life.” In addition, Kazuaki Seki, who has
collaborated with Bakarhythm on films such as “Hell’s Garden” and has expressed a unique worldview through images, will serve as director. Ryuhei Matsuda, who is active in numerous movies and dramas, plays the main character, Koichi Numakura, who reads “Fist of the North Star” and learns the assassination technique in order to get revenge, and somehow becomes the most skilled masseuse in history. Additionally, Nishino Nanase co-stars as Rika Sakamoto, a massage school student who admires the techniques of the heroine and protagonist Numakura and becomes her apprentice.
[Video 2:] A new sense of massage revenge drama begins!
At the beginning of the video, in order to take revenge on Takeshi Kimura, the yakuza who stole his mother from him when he was young, he reads “Fist of the North Star” and learns Assassination Fist, and after some training, he somehow becomes the most talented masseuse in history with top-notch techniques. The story begins with the main character, Koichi Numakura, challenging Kimura, saying,
“Ata-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta!” but is easily defeated. It should have been the perfect revenge plan…why!? Rika Sakamoto, a student at a massage school who admires Numakura’s skills and becomes his disciple in hopes of saving her father, learns why Numakura became a masseuse and realizes that he is a “dangerous guy.” . While Numakura heals patients with one or two quirks, such as a company president who wants to have sex with his wife, a sumo wrestler who is an easy customer, and a reporter who specializes in yakuza, Numakura also says, “I’ll rub him to death with my hands.” Burning with a desire for revenge against Kimura. In response to Sakamoto’s question, “Why do you kill people with shiatsu?”, Numakura replied seriously, “Since that day, I’ve been researching only acupuncture points for 30 years.It would be a waste to kill someone using a different method.” Numakura declares, “Three seconds after I pull out this finger, I’ll die,” and “I’ll do it with my hands,” as Numakura takes on the challenge of revenge with his life on the line! Will he be able to take revenge with a massage?! Also, the expressions of Shido Nakamura, Mariko Tsutsui, Kana Kurashina, Yuma Yamoto, Shigeru Akiragi, Masanobu Katsumura, Toru Nomaguchi, Airi Matsui, Obese Otsuru (Mama Tart), and Kazuya Yoshie. will be shown, and expectations are high for the beginning of the massage revenge drama that will hit the point of laughter!
[Image:×1516.jpg] ◆ A total of 10 new casts and scene photos have been lifted! Along with the release of this preview, the gorgeous cast including Shido Nakamura, Mariko Tsutsui, Kana Kurashina, Yuma Yamoto, Shigeru Nagaki, Masanobu Katsumura, Toru Nomaguchi, Airi Matsui, Obese Otsuru (Mama Tart), and Kazuya Yoshie have also been released all at once. ! Shido Nakamura plays the role of Takeshi Kimura, the yakuza who stole the main character Numakura’s mother, Mariko Tsutsui plays the role of Numakura’s mother, Kana Kurashina plays the role of Yoshiko Hisada, who helps Numakura take revenge while working as a reporter
specializing in yakuza, and supports the virtual idol. Hiroshi Nakamura, an otaku, will be played by Yuma Yamoto, and the president of a major IT company, Osamu Noda, will be played by Shigeru Saiki. In addition, Toru Nomaguchi will play the role of Yoshitomoka Katakorasu, a legendary expert on fidgety medicine, Masanobu Katsumura will play the role of Nishigaue, a doctor who only accepts Western medicine, and Sawamura, who is also known as the Sensitive Queen, will be appearing in the TV program “Iron Man of Fir”. Airi Matsui will play the role of Luna, and Obese Otsuru from Mama Tart will play the role of sumo wrestler Hayashi Moriyama, who is a regular customer at Numakura’s massage parlor.She will also appear in Netflix’s
“Sanctuary”, which is a huge hit all over the world, as Hayashi Moriyama’s disciple. It has been decided that Kazuya Yoshie will play! In addition, the scene photos that have been released include Kimura holding a metal bat and firing a gun, smiling otaku Hiroshi holding a T-shirt and body pillow with the virtual idols he supports, and a sharp expression in the editorial department. Hisada is clearly photographed.
How will the “dangerous guy” Koichi Numakura be made into a
live-action movie based on Bakarithm’s script and Matsuda’s acting? ? The first DMM TV original drama! Starring Ryuhei Matsuda x Screenplay Bakalhythm’s new sensation massage revenge drama “Kenshiro ni Hello” will be exclusively distributed on DMM TV from Friday, September 22, 2023!
Please look forward to the sequel of this work!
Full text of cast comments
・Shido Nakamura (50)
With preparation time of more than 3 hours every time, it’s been a long time since I’ve played a bad role,
I did my best. I was very happy to work with Ryuhei Matsuda. ・Mariko Tsutsui (62)
Mr. Ryuhei Matsuda’s exquisite feeling of omission in the fun of the original and Mr. Bakarhythm’s sense
A blended world. I got excited just thinking about it!
I played the role of Kenshiro’s mother and a woman with a history. I finished the role!
With all my heart and soul.
Please look forward to it.
・Kana Kurashina (35)
I played Keiko Hisada, a reporter for Weekly “Evil”.
This is a work full of humorous comments from a colorful cast! I hope everyone can laugh and enjoy it.
・Yuma Yamoto (33)
I didn’t have the image of being able to play Hiroshi, so I thought, “What?! That’s impossible.” (lol)
Although the atmosphere is different from the original, I believe I was able to carry on Hiroshi’s spirit and bring out the charm with my own approach. Please look forward to the delivery!
・Shigeru Saiki (73)
I’m an old man who loves manga, so let’s talk about Kenshiro, who I’ve been indebted to both work and private life.
I was very happy to participate. Well, it’s definitely the work that makes me laugh the most. Bad!
・Masanobu Katsumura (60)
As we get older, we become less adventurous.
This team always takes me on adventures.
That adventure is so embarrassing.
However, those who have seen the work praise it and say, “It’s amazing.” So I’m excitedly waiting for my next embarrassing adventure. ・Toru Nomaguchi (49)
I was so happy that it was exactly the role I had wanted to play since I read the original story.
I think it will be silly, sad, and funny, so please look forward to it. ・Airi Matsui (26)
I played Luna Sawamura!
I was happy to be able to spend such a luxurious time with such a gorgeous group of people.
There are a lot of very strong characters, but how will Luna, who I play, be involved in the story through massage?
Please pay attention to the role name and look forward to it! ・Otsuru Obesity (Mama Tart) (32)
When I played the role of a sumo wrestler, I realized why I had become so fat, thinking, “I’ve been gaining weight for this day!” There are a lot of powerful scenes, so please excuse Ma-chan.
・Kazuya Yoshie (31)
My co-star, Obese Otsuru, and I go out for all-you-can-eat tacos in private. I never thought the day would come when we would film together for a drama. . . The shooting site was very bright, and in the waiting room, I was very grateful that the fans and air conditioners were turned on.
It is a work that both manga fans and non-manga fans can enjoy, so please take a look!
When Koichi Numakura lost his mother to the Yakuza when he was young, he read his favorite book, Fist of the North Star, learned the Assassination Fist, and swore firmly to avenge his mother’s death. This is the story of a man burning with revenge who tries to master his assassination fist and ends up making people happy.
Work information
Original: Jasmine Gyu “Say Goodbye to Kenshiro” (serialized in Kodansha “Young Magazine”)
Screenplay: Baka Rhythm
Director: Kazuaki Seki, Smith, Yoshika Nakayama
Starring: Ryuhei Matsuda, Nanase Nishino, Kana Kurashina, Yuma Yamoto, Shigeru Saiki / Masanobu Katsumura, Toru Nomaguchi, Airi Matsui, Ohtsuru Obesity (Mama Tart), Kazuya Yoshie/Mariko Tsutsui/Shido Nakamura ■ Official site
Copyright notice
(C) Jasmine Gyu/Kodansha (C) DMM TV
Original new publication information
Say hello to Kenshiro, the latest Volume 7 is now on sale!!
Will Numakura, who changed the name of his shop to “Kenshiro Massage” and decided to live as Kenshiro, become the savior of the lost and unfortunate?
Members of the legendary gangster backstreet idol group “Gokudolls” are also coming…!!
DMM Books is distributing Volume 1 for free until October 27th!
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