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Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd. “Sengoku Komachi Takutan” Comics Volume 14 rele ased on Wednesday, September 13th

Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd.
-Over 2 million copies-“Sengoku Komachi Takutan” Comics Volume 14 released on Wednesday, September 13th
Cumulative circulation of the series exceeds 2 million copies! The latest volume of the comic adaptation of the popular historical novel “Let’s Become a Novelist” heading towards a turning point in history! !
Information on the new publication of Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd.’s comic label [Earth Star Comics] (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo). The 14th volume of the popular work “Sengoku Komachi Takutan Sleeping Lion” (Original: Momo Otake, Shimoto Hirasawa, Manga: Hajime Sawada) is based on a novel currently being published by Earth Star Novel, and is currently being serialized on the official comic Earth Star website. The volume will be released on Wednesday, September 13th. “Sengoku Komachi’s hardship story: Sleeping lion” Volume 14
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There is just over a year left until the Battle of Mikatagahara. Shizuko steadily formulates a plan to deal with the approaching threat from Shingen, and decides to create a new type of weapon and show it off in front of Nobunaga and the others.
Also, at the memorial service hosted by Nobunaga, a certain modern cuisine is served.
Shizuko was given a gift from Nobunaga in recognition of her achievements… The 14th volume of the popular historical novel comic adaptation of “Let’s Become a Novelist” heads towards a turning point in history!! Bookstore purchase benefits
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New book introduction video now available on YouTube official channel!
[Video 2:] The original novel “Sengoku Komachi Takudan” Volumes 1 to 16 are now on sale! (Author: Oleander; Illustration: Shimoto Hirasawa)
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In June 1577, a rift suddenly appeared between the Oda family and Hongan-ji Temple, which had been enjoying a peaceful relationship. Kyonyo, whose whereabouts were unknown, occupied Hongan-ji Temple. Shizuko heads to Honganji Temple as part of the government army, even though she senses the presence of “someone” who is holding her back. What is the ingenious plan that does not falter even under the 7-day constraint? Meanwhile, the Date family presents “Tojiro (later Masamune)” as a hostage and takes him to Shizuko!
Volume 15 of the Hojo family’s stronghold finally approaching with telephones and the latest weapons!
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