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Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd. The popular series “Sono Kame, 0 Citizens, Candy Shop Yahagi” has relea sed a new work “Kousu Knights”! New Earth Star Novel

Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd.
The popular series “Sono Kame, 0 Territorial Citizens, Candy Shop Yahagi” has released a new work “Kousu Knights”! New Earth Star Novel – Released on 9/15 –
A new version of the popular series is now available! The comic versions of each work ( are also being serialized.
Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) will release the new [Earth Star Novel] from Friday, September 15th. You can try reading new books and some previously published books for free on the official website ⇒
“That turtle is the strongest on earth” (2)
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[Image 1:×2511 .jpg ]
Author: Shinkosei Illustration: Fukukitsune
I just want to spend a quiet time, but this time the hero, the saint, and the demon king’s subordinates attack! ?
Bruno is a young boy who makes his debut as an adventurer with the turtle Ivy as his beast demon. She intended to live quietly with her precious family, Ivy, but Ivy’s unusual strength attracted more and more attention…! ?
Defeating a guild master in one blow, making a griffon his apprentice, protecting a noble’s daughter from assassination, and even defeating a horde of demons almost single-handedly, he also inadvertently defeats an executive of the demon lord.
Bruno, who has started to be called a hero by some people due to his activities, is attacked by a Japanese “hero”…
Furthermore, there is an attack from the Demon King’s army who mistook him for the real hero! ?
The adventure story of the super turtle Ivy and the kind boy Bruno begins on a larger scale! !
[Image 2: &s3=101562-171-92AB05382D64C491FD9EEEB2B0AD1 4F99-882×695.jpg] -Comicalized serialization-
[Image 3:×280.jpg] “That turtle is the strongest on earth ~I want to live in peace with my beloved turtle~”
Manga: Yuna Kagezaki Original work: Shinko Sei Character design: Fuku Kitsune
“The frontier lord starts with 0 people” (10)
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[Image 4:×2506.jpg ]
Author: Furou Illustration: Kinta
Irk Village’s civilization level is steadily rising, with activities such as sake brewing and honey making through beekeeping.
Furthermore, the Nalbant clan joins, and the facilities of Irk Village are further enhanced.
After repelling the invasion of Earth Dragons, Meeramodoki appears again in Iruku Village and is told about the existence of a certain white flower. The flowers not only have a good fragrance, but also have various medicinal properties…
Thanks to the efforts of Narbant and his friends, construction of taverns and temples is progressing smoothly in Irk Village.
The newly opened tavern run by Gordia quickly becomes a thriving business with the people of the fief…
As new villagers, Ben’s old friend Sister and Hubert’s acquaintance, a woman who taught etiquette at the royal castle, are invited, and Diaz is taught the manners of a nobleman, but…
Furthermore, two nobles with malicious intentions towards Diaz are also heading to Irk Village…
In order to protect his people as a lord and duke, Diaz is struggling with etiquette, which he is not good at! !
[Image 5:×521.jpg] -Comicalized serialization-
[Image 6:×2507.jpg] “The frontier lord starts with 0 people ~ Blue Diaz and the Blue Horned Maiden ~”
Original work: Furou/Kinta Manga: Yumbo
“The Royal Sky Knights and the Girl Who Saved the Country: Iris, the World’s Fastest Flyer” (1)
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[Image 7:×2500.jpg ]
Author: Morisame Illustration: ox
“What fun it is to fly in the sky!!”
Free, cheerful, and exhilarating, the sky-high fantasy of a flying girl begins with a bang!
The Royal Sky Knights are a group of people with the ability to fly through the sky on boards called “feathers.”
They protect the kingdom from the giant birds called “Dallions” that fly in the spring and fall, and are the object of the people’s admiration.
Watching the knights fly, Iris, a poor commoner girl, dreams of flying freely herself.
However, only one in 10,000 men will develop the ability to fly. It ends up being just a dream
──It was supposed to be, but due to an unexpected turn of events, she developed the ability to fly.
Iris has decided to join the King’s Sky Knights. A girl who just has fun flying is about to start her career!
[Image 8:×533.jpg] “Dagashi Shop Yahagi will open a store in another world” (4) -Special page- -Amazon purchase-
[Image 9:×2507.jpg] Author: Bunzaburo Nagano Illustration: Nightgown Nelzo
Speaking of candy stores, of course
A place to stop by on the way home from school!
Due to the invasion of demons, Yahagi is forced into war as the owner of a candy store.
However, they easily succeed in stopping the invasion with Genos Breaker. However, due to his strength, Yahagi is seen as dangerous by the king and is forced to live in the royal capital.
The land given to them in the royal capital was sandwiched between two academies and was a place where many students passed through. Fortunately, Yahagi immediately opened the royal capital store, and many children came…
The fourth act opens, where a new store opens in front of the school and the sweets shop’s heart is on fire!
[Image 10:×711.jpg ]
-Comicalized serialization-
[Image 11:×1920 .jpg ]
“Dagashi Shop Yahagi will open a store in another world”
Original work: Bunzaburo Nagano, Nemaki Neruzo Manga: Butsu Sanjo
-Comic Volume 1 now on sale-
October 18th (Wednesday) release lineup
“Hell Mode – A gamer who likes to play is unparalleled in a different world with an abandoned setting” (8)
Author: Ham Man Illustration: Algae
“It’s only natural for a maid. After being falsely accused, the all-purpose maid decides to go on a journey” (4)
Author: Yasuaki Mikami Illustration: Quinta
“I was exiled from the royal family and leveled up super fast in a forest infested with monsters~The true identity of “Appraisal”, which was ridiculed as the weakest skill, was the “Eye of God” that saw through everything.”
Author: Kumano Genkotsu Illustration: Chico
“The reincarnated Great Saint hides the fact that she is a saint” (9) Author: Toya Illustration: chibi
“I became a spirit in another world. I feel like I’m the strongest, but I want to live a light and carefree life.” (1)
Author: Kappan Illustration: Kikkaiki
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[Image 12: &s3=101562-17122Bffff3477076D276D 9D53-1200X470.jpg]
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