ENNE Co., Ltd. The last large discount specified moped ENNE T250 was featured in the September 18th issue of Nomura Weekly Ten Megane.

ENNE Co., Ltd.
The last large discount specified moped ENNE T250 was featured in the September 18th issue of Nomura Weekly Ten Megane.
Our specified moped ENNE T250 with a generator was featured in Nomura Securities’ September 18th issue of Nomura Weekly Tenggaku. We are very happy to have had many outstanding companies and products featured in Tengo Glasses.
The celestial glass is available at the URL below, so please take a look. https://shop.ennegt.com/view/news/20230919175852
ENNE T250 is currently on its last discount sale. Although it has been very popular with the support of many people, pre-order sales for the third edition will end in a few days.
■About ENNE T250
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/78121/36/resize/d78121-36-6118834dc5ec74cdeccc-1.jpg&s3=78121-36-b079683743a16cb3205e6ae9020bb8d0-864×1080.jpg] We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the pre-sale from June 3rd, which far exceeded our expectations.
Due to patent issues, some parts of the NNE T250 have not been announced yet, but we have successfully completed the patent application (patent application 2023-119150) on July 21st, so we would like to report details about this machine.
Please note that all the functions introduced on the product page etc. are still available.
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/78121/36/resize/d78121-36-cdde0310209c7efd6861-1.jpg&s3=78121-36-1405a9ad5c16f589b4f49ad8e615dec6-862×1080.jpg] [ENNE T250 product details]
ENNE T250 has a generator as shown in the photo below. When you pedal, the generator spins and generates electricity. The generated electricity is sent directly to the drive motor without going through a battery, which rotates the tires.
By equipping a 350W generator with a 250W drive motor, it is possible to generate useful power at a speed range that is easy for the user to handle. This makes it possible to significantly extend the cruising distance.
In addition, both ends of the steering wheel are equipped with turn signals and maximum speed lights, which light up in 20km/h mode and flash in 6km/h mode.
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/78121/36/resize/d78121-36-0694770551a6a1f37877-1.jpg&s3=78121-36-58be94fefa6f09c58b57457054de5941-1366×768.jpg]
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/78121/36/resize/d78121-36-e54853a832b03fa19044-1.jpg&s3=78121-36-3eb079e96c2e9813bed804c14fb129a5-1133×868.jpg] ・Pedaling: By pedaling, the generated electricity is sent to the motor to drive it. When the pedal rotation speed is low or when driving on a slope, it may not be possible to drive the vehicle using power generation alone, but in such cases, acceleration is achieved by supplying the insufficient power from the battery.
Intuitively, the riding method is similar to that of an electrically assisted bicycle.
In terms of performance, even if the battery is removed, as long as the pedals are being pedaled, the safety components will be activated and the vehicle will be able to drive using the motor. However, for safety reasons, please refrain from driving on public roads with the battery removed or fully charged.
[About the legality of ENNE T250]
I read on the internet that certain mopeds with pedals are illegal. They probably assume that the pedals can only do the same thing as a regular bicycle, and point out the possibility of exceeding 20km/h due to the structure.
All driving of the ENNT T250 is done via a motor, so it can be controlled so that it does not exceed the set speed (20km/h or 6km/h). We have been exchanging opinions with the National Police Agency and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department regarding the ENNE T250, and have explained that the structure is capable of controlling speeds not exceeding 20km/h. Although our product is a specified moped with pedals, it has a structure that complies with laws and regulations, so please rest assured if you have already purchased one or are considering purchasing one.
[Image 5: https://prtimes.jp/i/78121/36/resize/d78121-36-dbfe12e234d289fb8dcc-1.jpg&s3=78121-36-eacd4eb17ae0150da36b450af36ac9ac-864×1080.jpg ]
Speed ​​mode (km/h) 6km/h,20km/h
Weight (KG) 18kg
Maximum speed (KM/H) 20km
Maximum vehicle load (KG) 150 kg
Pure electric range (KM) 40-70
Maximum cruising distance (KM) 100~160
Motor rated output (W) 36V250W
Motor instantaneous maximum power (W) 500W
Generator rated output (W) 350W
Compatible terrain: City/Mountains
Battery Panasonic etc. 14Ah/10.4Ah/7.8Ah
Maximum climbing slope 30°
Hub Magnesium alloy
Waterproof level IP54
Frame material Aluminum alloy
Product warranty 2 years frame, 1 year battery and motor
Front fork aluminum alloy
Body color White/Black/Beige/Blue
Brake type Disc brake
Color variations
[Image 6: https://prtimes.jp/i/78121/36/resize/d78121-36-a6712ba05561996b81b3-1.jpg&s3=78121-36-63effbdb3387bfd0052bbc5df8c21114-900×900.jpg]
[Image 7: https://prtimes.jp/i/78121/36/resize/d78121-36-cd5b03bef86f71cc9a7e-1.jpg&s3=78121-36-7496ae6a126b92bc165c595083a4fa72-900×900.jpg]
[Image 8: https://prtimes.jp/i/78121/36/resize/d78121-36-3288fe7bcc292a859e75-1.jpg&s3=78121-36-dd6554f38dfcafc23d24d6e70047cf4a-900×900.jpg]
[Image 9: https://prtimes.jp/i/78121/36/resize/d78121-36-6137c276d98b745c534d-1.jpg&s3=78121-36-1d74d1200ea461dff248fdda74e05672-900×900.jpg] ■Official line
Please also sign up for our official line where we deliver information on our special deals.
ENNE Line account URL https://lin.ee/PWCixKL
[Image 10: https://prtimes.jp/i/78121/36/resize/d78121-36-848a46ea29e7b93f585d-1.png&s3=78121-36-78e775ebd0c3e37c421c1b1212cc6d25-245×245.png ]
*As for storage batteries, we basically use Panasonic products, but due to raw material availability, we may use other companies’ products with equivalent performance (LG, SAMSUNG, etc.). *Please carry your compulsory automobile liability documents with you when driving. *Efforts are required to wear a helmet
*Only people over 16 years old can drive. No license required. *Please refrain from engaging in any other acts that violate the Road Traffic Act.
For inquiries, please contact us below.
ENNE Co., Ltd.
Kasumigakan Tokyu Building, 3-7-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo info@ennegt.com
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