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EQIQ Inc. Released alpha version of “Psychological Safety Assessment by Attuned”

EQIQ Co., Ltd.
Alpha version of “Psychological Safety Assessment by Attuned” released ……
How many points does your organization have? Newly developed through international research and development. We have released
“Psychological Safety Assessment by Attuned (Alpha version)” that allows you to check your current status of psychological safety! EQIQ Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Wall Casey James) has released the alpha version of “Psychological Safety Assessment by Attuned”. We visualize scores related to “psychological safety,” which has not been fully captured through employee surveys and engagement surveys.
Official website:
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Psychological safety is a concept that refers to the state in which employees in an organization can “speak,” “hear,” and “feel a sense of obligation.” It is deeply tied to organizational
productivity and facilitates innovation. It is thought to be related to the environment, the development of autonomous human resources, a tendency to conceal, and productivity.
Psychological safety was proposed by Professor Edmondson of Harvard Business School in the United States, and its effectiveness was confirmed in Google’s organizational research, which has attracted worldwide attention. The only indicators available were Professor Edmondson’s checklist, and without specialized knowledge, it was difficult to understand the current situation, make comparative evaluations, and set goals for improvement.
Our research and development team has made this into an index that anyone can use, and improved it so that you can get results just by answering 42 questions and get guidelines for improvement. In the alpha version, it is possible to evaluate psychological safety at that point, and it is possible to analyze it on an organizational basis. structure
Our research team compiled academic research on psychological safety from around the world over the past 20 years and conducted
quantitative research showing that behaviors that can support psychological safety can be organized into six categories. Ta. The six categories that can support psychological safety are “1. Sharing knowledge,” “2. Taking adverse actions,” and “3. Making decisions,” and each was evaluated using a total of 42 questions. to hold.
Estimated response time is approximately 10-15 minutes.
Results are reported as an overall rating and a score out of 5 for each of the six categories. The scores for each category provide visibility into the urgency of action and need to address your team’s performance and well-being.
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Expected usage effects
(1) Understand the relationship between the company and employees By using the Psychological Safety Assessment, you can reveal how employees feel about their level of psychological safety within organizational dynamics.
(2) Discover hidden issues in the organization
Psychological safety is essential to being able to adapt to the times and changes and to generate innovation. In order for a company to understand the awareness of each employee and initiate initiatives that will lead to improvements in the organization and system, it is possible to identify issues hidden in the organizational culture that are difficult to see.
(3) Utilization of acquired data
The acquired data can be used for improving organizational management, personnel evaluation, comparisons between organizations/attributes within the company, comparisons with other companies in the same industry, etc. It can also be considered as a disclosure indicator for human capital disclosure.
Alpha version participation fee: 300 yen / user
However, for the time being, we are running a campaign where the full alpha version participation fee will be reduced when purchasing the product version for the first time, making the alpha version essentially free.
research team
We have invited domestic and international researchers, including Dr. Melissa Tarantola (psychology), who is part of the Attuned R&D team, as well as experts in organizational psychology, organizational behavior, human capital management, data science, etc.
Dr. Melissa Tarantola (Psychology)
Currently a member of the Attuned R&D team. After obtaining a PH.D. in medical psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia, he has been working on motivation and addiction research using psychological approaches at multiple venture companies. Member of the American Psychological Association.
Future plans
This app is currently being released as an alpha version, and we will continue to accumulate data and conduct research to provide more accurate reports in preparation for the release of the product version. We plan to update more features in the future, so please stay tuned.
About Attuned
“Attuned” is a human resources development service that includes assessment and analysis tools and training that visualize the level of demand for [intrinsic motivation] and [organizational culture], which are difficult to see compared to a person’s abilities, behavior, and personality. In 2021, we won both the HR Technology Award Excellence Award and the HR Award Excellence Award.
In 2023, we released the alpha version of Psychological Safety Assessment by Attuned. A 30-day free trial is available for
corporations only [No functional limitations]
About EQIQ Co., Ltd.
EQIQ Inc. is a unique company with members from over 20 nationalities. “EQ” in the company name stands for humane emotional intelligence, and “IQ” stands for technology and data in digital business. It represents our mission to blend humanity and data to create a purposeful and frictionless work environment.
In September 2023, we moved our head office from Shibuya Ward to Chiyoda Ward.
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