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Failor Japan Co., Ltd. October 3, 2023 (Tuesday) Disney Collection handkerchief Alice in Wonderland d esign “Wonderland” will be released at flagship stores and online shops

Failer Japan Co., Ltd.
October 3, 2023 (Tuesday) – Failer – Disney Collection handkerchief Alice in Wonderland design “Wonderland” will be released at flagship stores and online shops
[Image 1:×1200.jpg] Failer Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Naohisa Yagi) will be distributing handkerchiefs from the Feiler Disney Collection “Wonderland” to Feiler’s flagship store on Tuesday, October 3, 2023. We are pleased to announce that it will be on sale at Feiler Ginza Main Store (Tokyo), Feiler Tenjin Underground Shop (Fukuoka), Takashimaya Osaka Store Feiler Shop (Osaka), and Feiler Official Online Shop ( Introducing Feiler “The heart can always dance.” Feiler (Hohenberg, Germany / Founded in 1948) has created handkerchiefs and interior cloths with beautiful colored patterns and gentle textures by applying ingenuity to chenille, a traditional craft fabric from the Bavaria region of Germany. is a lifestyle brand that represents chenille weaving, offering a wide range of products such as pouches and bags that add color to a high-quality lifestyle. The high quality of Feiler products is closely tied to family history and is passed down from generation to generation, and continues to be loved as heartfelt gifts for loved ones. And the feeling you get when choosing a handkerchief from over 200 colorful designs. The feeling of excitement in your heart when you suddenly pick up a pouch that feels soft to the touch in your everyday life. Because you can carry it anywhere, you can always summon the thrilling power that everyone has. Our brand message, “The heart can always dance.” embodies our desire to bring color to the lives of many people through “driving sensibilities.” Product introduction
[Image 2:×1200.jpg] Feiler Disney Collection will release one design every month until December 2023, featuring handkerchiefs with Disney characters and Feiler’s representative flowers. The 11th edition is “WONDERLAND”. Alice in Wonderland will appear in October 2023! Alice is excited as she thinks about the magical world. Let’s go on a mysterious journey with Alice. The handkerchiefs that will be sold on October 3rd (Tuesday) have the same design but two different border colors.The price is ¥2,970 (tax included), and the size is approximately 25 x 25 cm. The purple border color is limited to three stores: Feiler Ginza Main Store (Tokyo), Feiler Tenjin Underground Shop (Fukuoka), and Takashimaya Osaka Store Feiler Shop (Osaka), and the pink color is exclusive to Feiler’s official online shop. As this is a limited edition item, sales will end as soon as stock runs out. There will be no restocks. *Designs from November 2023 onwards will be released sequentially as details are finalized. Release date: October 3, 2023 (Tuesday) The Failer official online shop is scheduled to release at noon on October 3, 2023 (Tuesday). *Reservations are not accepted at the Feiler official online shop. There will also be no lottery. Retailers Feiler Ginza Main Store (Tokyo), Feiler Tenjin Underground Mall Store (Fukuoka), Takashimaya Osaka Store Feiler Shop (Osaka), Feiler Official Online Shop ( *Feiler Shops and Loverary by Feiler other than those listed above Not available for sale at the shop. *Not sold at Disney. In-store sales (advance LINE lottery) At Failer Ginza Main Store (Tokyo), Failer Tenjin underground shopping center store (Fukuoka), and Takashimaya Osaka Store Failer Shop (Osaka), advance lottery will be held on each store’s LINE account. There will be no sales on the release date, October 3rd (Tuesday). Only in exchange for winnings. Lottery participation conditions: Those who can bring their own applied smartphone to one of the three stores and exchange products (cash on delivery and instant payment are not available) Store lottery method: Feiler Ginza Main Store (Tokyo), Feiler Tenjin Underground Mall Please add your friends to the LINE account of each store (Fukuoka) and Takashimaya Osaka Failer Shop (Osaka) and tap the screen distributed during the lottery period to apply. *Only one account per person can be applied. Store lottery period: September 19, 2023 (Tuesday) 10:00 to September 21, 2023 (Thursday) 9:59 Store winning announcement: Around September 29, 2023 (Friday) 12:00 Store lottery redemption period: 2023 October 3rd (Tuesday) 10:00 – October 9th (Monday) 20:00 (Failor Ginza main store 19:30) *If there is no redemption during the period, it will be automatically canceled. Store exchange remaining inventory sales: October 10, 2023 (Tuesday) 10:00 – First-come-first-served. *We will inform you on each store’s Instagram stories whether or not there will be sales, the number of tickets, whether there are numbered tickets, and the end of sales. *We do not accept reservations by phone or by visiting our store. *We do not accept hold orders or cash on delivery. *You cannot choose how the pattern will appear. -Lottery store/LINE account-[Failor Ginza Main Store] (Tokyo) [Failor Tenjin Underground Shop] (Fukuoka) /ti/p/@264cxyau [Takashimaya Osaka Store Failer Shop] (Osaka) *The lottery will not be held at the Failer official online shop. Purchase limit We will limit the number of items sold at both stores and Feiler’s official online shop to one item per person. [Failor official online shop limited] Handkerchief “Floating Lights” released in April 2023 is back in stock
[Image 3:×1200.jpg] From noon on October 3, 2023 (Tuesday), the Feiler official online shop will resell the Feiler official online shop limited handkerchief from “Floating Lights” released in April. “Forest Friends” released in January, “Sweet Rose” released in February, “Love Me” in March, “Floating Lights” in April, “Flying to You” in May, “Emerald Lagoon” in June, limited to the official online shop of Feiler. We have decided to produce additional handkerchiefs and plan to restock them every month from July to December 2023. In order to achieve early restocking, we have limited the products we produce and will not be restocking store-limited handkerchiefs. In addition, we have increased the production quantity from the July 2023 sales, so handkerchiefs released from July to December 2023 will not be restocked. *The restock of the “Forest Friends” handkerchiefs released in January will be released at noon on July 3rd (Monday) and are sold out. The restock of the “Sweet Rose” handkerchiefs released in February will go on sale at noon on Tuesday, August 1st, and are sold out. The restock of the “Flying to You” handkerchiefs released in May will be released today, September 13th (Wednesday), and are on sale now. All items will not be restocked after they are sold out. Lastly, as a measure to prevent high-priced resale, we have limited the number of items purchased and announced re-stocks.The flea market app Mercari has also issued warnings about price spikes and taken deletion actions in the event of a violation of guidelines. We will take measures to remove the content if it violates the guidelines. Feiler Japan and Mercari sign a comprehensive collaboration agreement to create a safe and secure trading environment ◆ Feiler brand site https://www.feiler-◆Feiler Official Online Shop◆Official Instagram/Twitter @feiler_jpFeiler Japan Co., Ltd. Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo Chiyoda Ward) is a Sumitomo Corporation operating company that imports, plans, and sells the German luxury textile brand FEILER. Feiler 108 stores in Japan [including 13 Feiler gift concept shop “Lovely by Feiler” stores and 14 factory outlet stores] (as of September 1, 2023)

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