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Fastest report! Bread Festival 2023 in Saitama Stadium 2〇〇2 Currently being held until September 18th

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Fastest report! [Bread Festival 2023 in Saitama Stadium 2〇〇2] Currently being held until September 18th
“Urawa Reds x Bread Festival 2023 in Saitama Stadium 2○○2″ September 15th (Friday) – 18th (holiday month)
[Image 1:×1500.jpg] “Urawa Reds x Bread Festival 2023 in Saitama Stadium 2” will be held for four days from September 15th (Friday) to September 18th (holiday/Monday) at Saitama Stadium 2002 South Plaza (Midori Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture). 〇〇2” held
Last year’s “Urawa Reds x Bread Festival”, which was a great success, has been further enhanced with 37 stores gathering! A report focusing on the “Bread Festival” venue and recommended breads!
Popular bakeries from all over the country gather at Saitama Stadium 2002 South Plaza! !
It’s a perfect day for a bread festival, where you can gradually feel the autumn breeze!
Bakeries are also stocked with colorful and delicious-looking breads made with autumn ingredients.
The venue was crowded with eager bread lovers even before the opening to buy the bread they were looking for.
When sales started at 11am, there were already long lines at each store!
[Image 2:×480.jpg] *For those who want a hearty meal, we recommend the curry bread from Takaku Seipan (Hiratsuka, Kanagawa)! Serves freshly fried food
[Image 3:×480.jpg]  *First store opening “shocomo” (Koshigaya, Saitama). I feel like I’ll buy several kinds of cute bite-sized canelés.
[Image 4:×480.jpg] *“CUBE THE BAKERY” in Hiroshima. Bread made with ingredients from Setouchi looks gorgeous
[Image 5:×480.jpg] *Scene immediately after opening. Bread lovers quickly lined up at each bakery.
[Image 6:×480.jpg] Introducing the limited edition bread that can only be purchased at this event! What you want to get at this bread festival is the limited edition bread that will only be sold at this venue.
Under the theme of “ASIA”, 16 of the bakeries exhibiting elaborately designed breads!
All of the breads are so attractive that I have a hard time choosing. Introducing selected products from 3 stores that are perfect for “meal”, “snack”, and “snack”!
■Sandwich shop Merci “Authentic Keema Curry Sandwich”
[Image 7: &s3=11710-2795-2fb31D15182EC0C10082EC0C10082EC 94C4-2000×1500.jpg] “Sandwich shop Merci” has created innovative sandwiches that include cheesecake, mille-feuille, and many other delicious foods.
This time, we have a whole sandwich of authentic keema curry and turmeric rice made with the scent of several spices!
When you take a bite, the aroma of spices leaves your nose, and the combination with the refreshing keema curry leaves an indescribable aftertaste.
This “curry sandwich” will satisfy even those who are particular about curry. ■Guruatsu/Toiro “Fascinating Beetberry Marron Cream”
[Image 8: &s3=11710-2795-7EA208652B2C50737D32A019CC5 5c671-2000×1500.jpg] A perfect snack item from Guruatsu/Toiro, whose tofu muffins and soy milk scones are extremely popular, especially among women.
When you take a bite of the batter, which combines bright red beets from Nagano Prefecture and blueberries from Miyagi Prefecture, Inside, there’s plenty of chestnut custard cream and blueberry puree. I would love to share these dreamy muffins with everyone around me, as they are both healthy and delicious!
■Tokyo Bagel Bagel “Fresh spring roll style bagel”
[Image 9:×1500.jpg ]
Lastly, we have the “Fresh Spring Roll Bagel” from “Tokyo Bagel Bagel,” which is popular for its various creative bagels.
Dried shrimp and edamame mixed with sweet chili sauce have a very ethnic taste. This new type of bagel is perfect as a snack with beer or sparkling drinks! One bite and you’ll feel the flavors of Asia! !
All of the limited edition breads are products that can only be purchased at this “Bread Festival”.
Quantities are limited, so get yours before they’re sold out! In addition to bread, there are booths that the whole family can enjoy. Enjoy more than just bread!
At the “Milkland” booth, you can not only enjoy fresh milk and desserts such as soft serve ice cream, but also
There are lots of things that kids can enjoy, such as a milking experience using a life-sized cow model and a “COW ring” that is not curling!
[Image 10:×480.jpg] *Taste the finest soft serve ice cream and shakes made with Hokkaido milk. “Bread Festival 2023 in Saitama Stadium 2002” has just begun. Be sure to go to Saitama Stadium to buy some delicious bread during the three-day weekend! !
↓Please see the official website for details on the bakery and limited edition breads.
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“Urawa Reds x Bread Festival 2023 in Saitama Stadium 2002” event overview
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The latest information, including event information, will be released sequentially on the “Bread Festival” official website and official SNS.
Please look forward to “Urawa Reds x Bread Festival 2023 in Saitama Stadium 2002”.
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