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FCD Advisory Co., Ltd. Acting as the person in charge of human resources, labor, and legal matters! “Sharing CHRO” service launch and release commemorative seminar held

FCD Advisory Co., Ltd.
Acting as the person in charge of human resources, labor, and legal affairs! “Sharing CHRO” service launch and release commemorative seminar held
We will begin offering a new service, “Sharing CHRO,” which utilizes professional human resources who are familiar with human resources, labor, and legal matters. We immediately resolve human resources, labor, and legal issues faced by managers and companies, making it possible to significantly reduce costs compared to hiring a regular CHRO.
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-Click here for service details and
inquiries- you have any of these concerns?
1. The construction of human resources, labor, and legal functions has not kept up with the growth of the company.
2. Knowledge related to human resources, labor, and legal affairs is not accumulated within the company.
3. There is no person in charge of human resources, labor, and legal matters, and there is no human resources capable of training in these fields.
4. There is a lot of overwork and stress in the human resources, labor affairs, and legal departments, and I want to improve mental health care and efficiency.
5. Difficult to incur high costs for introduction fees and personnel costs 6. You don’t have time to coordinate desired personnel or interview with target candidates, and you want to hire personnel as soon as possible.
7. You spent time and money hiring a CHRO, but you are not seeing the results you expected.
These problems can be solved with “Sharing CHRO”! Differences between general CHRO and corporate lawyer
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Thoughts on service releasesI personally manage an organization with 20 to 30 people across the group, and although I have specialized knowledge in human resources, labor, and legal affairs, I cannot understand how much expertise is tied to management strategy. There are many issues that arise when it comes to developing and
implementing human resources strategies, legal strategies, and fostering an organizational culture. Even in an organization of this size, I am keenly aware every day that it is really difficult to run an organization. Because I have personally experienced such hardships, I approach my current work with grit and pride as a consulting attorney for a variety of clients, providing day-to-day support regarding human resources, labor, and legal issues. We have been able to do this. However, the more I heard about the concerns of business owners, the more I realized that there were limits to the conventional legal advisory services. As a legal advisor, you are only used when a problem occurs or when a problem is about to occur, and there is a strong tendency for localized responses to problems identified by the client, and to reduce the client’s potential. I think that there are many cases where the recognition of specific issues is not recognized or is delayed. Even if we provide early advice and suggestions on potential issues, we are forced to leave the on-site management to properly implement them to the client, which often results in frustration. Additionally, despite the fact that human resources, labor, and legal affairs are closely related to each other, there are surprisingly many companies that do not have a department or manager to centrally manage these, or that rely on separate experts for each. I noticed that there are many. From this experience, I have learned that “If I get more involved in the field, I can reduce the burden on managers and managers,” and “Not only do I need to legally resolve human resources and labor issues and legal issues that have surfaced, but I also want to help them understand the underlying issues hidden in the organization. By resolving these issues early on, we can grow into an even stronger organization.” “Companies that are in the process of growth need to focus on fulfilling the roles that only managers can fulfill, and for that purpose, human resources management is essential.”・I came to the conclusion that we need a CHRO, a person in charge who is familiar with all aspects of labor and legal matters and who can be entrusted with overall responsibility. Therefore, in order to accelerate business growth by providing experts in human resources, labor, and legal affairs, we will go further into the field than traditional legal advisory services and become the right-hand man of management. We have released a service called “Ring CHRO”. If you are a company that has issues with cross-disciplinary on-site management of human resources, labor, and legal affairs, please take advantage of “Sharing CHRO”. Advantages of “Sharing CHRO”
1. Legal expertise
We are now in an era where legal regulations for companies are increasing year by year, and legal personnel need advanced legal knowledge. However, many companies find that their existing operations are busy and they are unable to keep up with the speed demanded by business departments, and legal affairs become a hindrance to business growth. We envision the ideal legal system and will accompany you toward its realization.
2. Labor specialization
  When building a labor system, a wide range of labor knowledge and experience is required, including not only labor laws but also personal information protection and compliance. In addition, establishing a labor system that anticipates litigation will help minimize damage in the event of an emergency.
3. Human resources expertise
Because we have a wealth of experience in looking at organizations from a legal and labor perspective, we are able to envision the ideal state of the human resources department and receive advice on building a human resources system.
4. Cost
Hiring a legal advisor is relatively inexpensive, but in many cases there is little on-site support. On the other hand, hiring a CHRO generally costs approximately 15 million yen in annual labor costs and corresponding recruitment costs. Sharing CHRO allows you to acquire ready-to-work human resources without incurring huge costs.
5. Speed
Although not as good as a CHRO who always works with the company, since they collaborate with the company more regularly than a corporate lawyer and understand the situation on the ground, they are able to resolve issues faster in HR and legal issues where initial response is important. can be realized.
6. Management
There are a wide variety of problems that occur on a daily basis in the field, and there are many cases where managers are at a loss. On the other hand, because the managers themselves are not experts in legal affairs and labor affairs, they are unable to respond quickly to questions from the personnel in charge, and are unable to provide training. This often leads to a negative chain of events where employees become exhausted, but a sharing CHRO can solve this problem. Service example
1. Hearing to understand the current situation from management and human resources, labor and legal affairs personnel
(Identification of latent needs in addition to actual needs such as issues and problems)
2. Support for strategic planning in the human resources, labor and legal fields 3. Support for the establishment of the Human Resources Department and Legal Department (including departments with equivalent functions; the same shall apply hereinafter).
4. Operation of the Human Resources Department and Legal Department, such as consolidating legal matters from business departments Support for system construction and operation (including knowledge management) 5. Supporting the implementation of various measures, checking progress, and reporting to management/managers.
6. Training and training of personnel in the Human Resources Department and Legal Department
7. Operation and support of general shareholders’ meetings and board of directors meetings
8. Examination, maintenance, formulation, operation and support of internal regulations
9. Support for establishing and operating governance
10. Support for building growth strategies and implementing measures in M&A, IPO, etc.
11. Collaboration and coordination with external experts such as legal advisors, tax accountants, social and labor consultants, patent attorneys, judicial scriveners, consultants, etc.
Usage plan
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Plans can be changed depending on usage conditions. If you exceed the above operating standard hours, you will be charged a separate time charge corresponding to the overtime. Please note that hourly rates vary depending on the person in charge. -Click here for service details and inquiries- seminar on how to create a personnel and labor legal system that does not rely on agents, taught by a lawyer who is familiar with human resources, labor, and legal affairs.
~Human resources and labor law managers are moving from employment to the era of external human resources~ [Recommended for these people] 1. Human resources, labor, and legal functions cannot keep up with company growth.
2. You want to utilize professional human resources, but you do not want to incur high costs for introduction fees and personnel expenses. 3. I use an agent to recruit professional talent, but I can’t find the right talent for my company.
4. You don’t know what kind of human resources you need to solve your company’s problems
– Click here to apply for the seminar – Application deadline: Wednesday, October 4th [Course content]
●What I want to think about as a manager in the era of human resource mobility ●Achieve cost cuts without using professional recruitment agents ●Advantages of spot hiring instead of using professional human resources ●About sharing CHRO service
[Lecturer introduction] FCD Advisory Co., Ltd. Representative Director and Lawyer Corporation Focus Clyde Representative Attorney Yasuyuki Sato
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Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Osaka University. After graduating top of his class at Kyoto University Law School, he passed the bar exam in the same year. After working at the Yodoyabashi/Yamakami Godo law firm, he opened Focus Clyde Law Office in 2016. In 2018, the firm became a lawyer corporation. Our advisory services, including not only legal advice but also management advice, are supported, and we currently have over 180 clients.
[Event information] [Osaka]
October 11th (Wednesday) 16:30-17:30 5th Floor, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Koraibashi Building, 2-1-1 Fushimi-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka Focus Clyde Osaka Office [Tokyo]
October 23rd (Monday) 13:30-14:30 2nd floor Kimura Building, 1-19-1 Kanda-Awajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Focus Clyde Tokyo Office
[Participation fee] Free
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-Click here to apply for the
seminar- Application deadline: Wednesday, October 4th
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