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Felissimo MEDE19F now introduces gorgeously designed items in collaboration with the Mulhouse Dyeing and Weaving Museum in France and the Morris Gallery in the UK.

Felissimo Co., Ltd.
Felissimo MEDE19F now introduces gorgeously designed items in collaboration with the Mulhouse Dyeing and Weaving Museum in France and the Morris Gallery in the UK.
Enjoy the good old beauty in a new form
MEDE19F, a fashion brand developed by Felissimo that inherits a vintage mindset, has announced new products and is selling them online from August 18th. The new products include two items, the “Reversible Filled Blouson – Black” and the “Vintage Pattern Print Dress – Blue”, which feature floral patterns selected from the archives of the Mulhouse Dyeing and Weaving Museum in France, and the delicate touches of the British design Morris Gallery. These gorgeous items include a “printed long dress” that reproduces the color scheme. You can check the item details on the website.
[Image 1:×1600.jpg ]
・Details of new items
・Reversible cotton blouson-black— ・Vintage pattern print dress-Blue— ・Printed long dress–
◆About new items
A blouson that looks like old clothes and gives you a different impression and is twice as enjoyable
An oversized blouson with light padding that is perfect for between seasons. Floral patterns selected from the archives of the Mulhouse Dyeing and Textile Museum are reproduced with the original carpet-like texture. It is reversible with the plain black quilted side, so you can enjoy two designs in one piece.
[Image 2: &s3=12759-3203-bed91C024E5AE4BCB6E07375 D12E4-2192X1600.jpg]
[Image 3:×1600.jpg ]
Reversible design allows you to enjoy 2 patterns with 1 item [NEW] MEDE19F Mulhouse Modern – “Mulhouse Dyeing and Weaving Museum” Archive Collection – Reversible filling blouson – Black –
1 piece ¥9,800 (+10% ¥10,780)
Product details/application– Vintage pattern print to wear with blue dress
This dress is a vintage-style reproduction of a floral pattern from the Mulhouse Dyeing and Textile Museum archives. The spacious design and flared lines that extend to the hem are attractive. Printed with uneven colors and scratches that are unique to vintage
It has been reproduced and you can enjoy a classic and elegant look.
[Image 4:×1600.jpg] [NEW] MEDE19F Mulhouse Modern – “Mulhouse Dyeing and Weaving Museum” Archive Collection – Vintage Pattern Print Dress – Blue –
1 piece ¥8,900 (+10% ¥9,790)
Product details/application– ◆Mulhouse Dyeing and Weaving Museum Archive Collection
The Mulhouse Dyeing and Weaving Museum (founded in 1857) in the Alsace region of France houses dyeing and weaving materials mainly from the 18th and 19th centuries. The collection of dyeing and weaving materials collected from around the world amounts to approximately 6 million items. MEDE19F carefully selects designs from these precious dyeing and weaving materials and produces limited edition prints with arrangements of designs and color schemes. The prints we created will be part of a new collection in the museum’s collection. You can now enjoy a pattern that has been revived over time with a new flavor and style.
[Image 5:×584.jpg] ・Mulhouse Museum of Dyeing and Weaving Homepage– An elegant printed dress that goes beyond trends and is adorable. A long dress with a band collar that reproduces Morris’s delicate touch and coloring. Available in two colors: -CHRYSANTHEMUM pattern- and -BOWER pattern-. With the gathered front hem and slightly gathered sleeves, you can enjoy an outfit that combines adult sweetness and elegance.
[Image 6:×1600.jpg ]
[Image 7:×1600.jpg] Available in 2 colors: -CHRYSANTHEMUM pattern–BOWER pattern- [NEW] MEDE19F -MORRIS Gallery-Printed long dress
1 piece ¥8,900 (+10% ¥9,790)
Product details/application– ◆Morris Gallery
William Morris led the Arts and Crafts movement in England in the 19th century and ushered in the era of modern design. He was also active as a craftsman, painter, poet, publisher, and socialist thinker. He particularly focused on textile designs with motifs of natural trees and flowers. More than 160 years after Morris Shokai was founded, we will deliver a collection that takes advantage of Morris’ original designs that continue to shine even today.
*The products shown were designed by Felissimo Co., Ltd. under license from Sanderson Design Group Co., Ltd. in the UK.
[Image 8:×233.jpg] ◆View a list of new items —
[Image 9:×308.jpg ]
◆MEDE19F [Mede Juukyu] (2017-)
MEDE19F is a fashion brand that promotes fun attire that you can wear for a long time and admire each piece of clothing. We deliver items and coordination that mix vintage ideas into clothing, which are loved and passed down from generation to generation. Even if trends change, “I like what I like.” Through careful craftsmanship, we aim to create wardrobes that tell a story, so that the person who picks up the item will feel the same way.
・Read the brand story —
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◆View new items in the digital catalog — [Catalog present]
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[Image 11:×705.jpg] ◆Orders and inquiries by phone
Toll-free number: 0120-055-820 (toll free)
(Reception hours: Weekdays/9:00-17:00)
*May not be available on some IP phones.
*Calls from customers are recorded in order to confirm and record the content. ~Happiness that brings happiness together “FELISSIMO”~
We are a direct marketing company that sells our own products, such as fashion and miscellaneous goods, to consumers through our own media such as catalogs and the web. For each individual to be a co-creator of happiness, to make others happy, and to be happy with nature, society, and people. With these experiences as our core values, we conduct business activities in the area where the three areas of “business, social, and originality” intersect, embodying “happiness that brings happiness together.”
– Company Profile –
Company name: Felissimo Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 7-1 Shinminato-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0041 Representative: Kazuhiko Yazaki, Representative Director and President Stock code: TSE Standard 3396
Founded: May 1965
Business details: Direct marketing business that sells in-house developed products to consumers nationwide through catalogs and websites.
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