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FERNANDA JAPAN Co., Ltd. Feel like a cafe with scent! Two “Latte Collections” are released from Fernand a’s cafe series!

[The scent makes you feel like a cafe! ] Two “Latte Collections” are released from Fernanda’s cafe series!
As an initiative to contribute to sustainability, this is a new collection that contains fragrances made from upcycled raw materials. ……
Fragrance maker FERNANDA JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Location: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director: Takayuki Ruai, hereinafter referred to as Fernanda) has launched two collections “Matcha Latte” and “Caramel Latte” that contain upcycled fragrances. It will be on sale at directly managed stores and official EC sites from Friday, September 8th. * Variety shops nationwide will be released sequentially.
[Image 1:×599.png] This year’s first latte collection consists of two collections: “Matcha Latte” and “Caramel Latte.”
◆“Matcha Latte” uses natural flavorings from Uji Matcha!
Only the green tea produced in the four prefectures of Kyoto, Nara, Shiga, and Mie, which have the conditions for growing good tea, and processed in Kyoto Prefecture, is allowed to be called “Uji matcha”. By blending the extracted natural flavor, we were able to reproduce the refreshing green feeling and bittersweet sweetness of matcha! ◆ “Caramel Latte” is a 100% vegan formula and uses naturally derived fragrance ingredients!
This is a 100% vegan formula* fragrance containing naturally derived ingredients. *Avoid using ingredients derived from vertebrates and multicellular invertebrates
◆Upcycling efforts from discarded resources.
“Matcha Latte” uses a resource (Hokkaido milk), which would normally be discarded, as a flavoring ingredient during the food manufacturing process. “Caramel Latte” is made by upcycling and blending pine trees, etc., which would normally be discarded during the manufacturing of kraft paper, as musk fragrance raw materials.
“A deep, mature matcha latte scent.”
[Image 2:×1000.jpg] Fragrant and bittersweet matcha, mellow milk, and refreshing musk are carefully brewed to create a rich and mature scent of “Matcha Latte”.
[Image 3:×2472.png ]

“Sweet and luxurious caramel latte scent”
[Image 4:×1000.jpg] A luxurious “caramel latte” scent that spreads the sweet fragrance of rich brown sugar, rich burnt bitter caramel, and creamy milk.
[Image 5:×2472.png ]
The items in the “Matcha Latte Collection” and “Caramel Latte Collection” include eau de parfums and premium hand creams that you want to wear every day, body scrubs that make you look forward to bath time, and aroma diffusers that allow you to enjoy the scent anytime in your room. A simple package with a sense of unity based on brown, which is limited to the cafe series, can be placed side by side and enjoyed as an interior.
[Image 6:×1000.jpg] [Premium hand cream / caramel latte (left)] ¥ 1,540 / 50g [Eau de parfum / caramel latte (right)] ¥ 4,180 / 25ml * All products are limited to directly managed stores and official EC sites.
[Image 7:×1000.jpg] [Aroma diffuser/Matcha latte (top left)] ¥3,740/80ml
[Body Scrub Grande/Matcha Latte (top right)] ¥3,960/300g
[Premium hand cream/Matcha latte (bottom left)] ¥1,540/50g [Eau de parfum/Matcha latte (bottom middle)] ¥4,180/25ml [Hand & body whipped cream grande/Matcha latte (bottom right)] ¥3,740/300g* All products are limited to directly managed stores and official EC sites.
[Image 8:×1000.jpg] [Rich Eau de Cologne/Caramel Latte (Left)] ¥1,870/30ml [Body Splash/Caramel Latte (Middle)] ¥1,760/95ml
[Rich hand cream / caramel latte (right)] ¥ 990 / 50g * Sold on official EC sites and nationwide variety shops. We are particular about real scents that make you feel like you are in a cafe, and we will deliver a moment of healing where you can take a break.                  ”Do good for us and our planet!” Fernanda pursues the creation of sustainable products as much as possible with the slogan “Let’s do good things for us and the earth!”. [About sustainable efforts for the “Caramel Latte” & “Matcha Latte” collections] 1. Uses 100% vegan prescription fragrance / Naturally derived ingredients (caramel latte)
2.Uji matcha (matcha latte) using flavorings containing naturally derived ingredients
3. Uses upcycled fragrance ingredients / Musk (caramel latte), Hokkaido milk (matcha latte)
4. Uses plant-derived biomass ethanol / Adopted for 4 items. 5. Use containers made from recycled biomass materials / Adopted for 5 items. 6.Use of recyclable glass bottles / Adopted for 3 items. 7. Uses FSC certified paper and bagasse paper / Adopted for 3 items.
What is FERNANDA The sustainable fragrances proposed by Fernanda aim to color your daily life and give you the opportunity to enjoy life in your own way. Under the mission of “Do good for us & our planet!”, we will deliver products that are friendly to the wearer and the environment. Company profile Company name: FERNANDA JAPAN Co., Ltd. Representative: Takayuki Rui Address: 2-19 Onoue-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 231-0015 URL: [FERNANDA Official Site] [FERNANDA Official Instagram] [FERNANDA Official Twitter]
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