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“Film shooting in the Metaverse, projected in a real movie theater! Virtual character 10th anniversary project has started!”

Seek Amusement Co., Ltd.
“Film shooting in the Metaverse, projected in a real movie theater! Virtual character 10th anniversary project has started!”
The VR support character “Okyutan”, created by a VR user 10 years ago, will finally be released as a theatrical movie with many fans, attracting attention!
Seek Amusement Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Hiroyuki Okamoto) has been active since the dawn of VR, and currently has connections with many listed companies. We will be involved in supporting the “Okyutan 10th Anniversary Project” and cooperating with the management of the theatrical VR music festival “Kujira Beat.”
[Image 1:×800.jpg] “Okyutan” was casually created in 2014 by “Maity999”, the original author of “Okyutan 10th Anniversary Project”, after being moved by a kit for developers of personal VR devices. The character started out as a manga and illustration, but before I knew it, he jumped out from drawings and started working on his own as an “Okyutan bot.” And various projects are about to begin in preparation for the 10th anniversary of his birth next April.
“Okyutan 10th Anniversary Special Site”
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Metaverse Dorama Chic Music Cinema “Kujira Beat the Movie” A “theater” that mainly features the virtual music festival “Kurage Beat” hosted by Okyutanbot, which has already been performed more than 20 times, with drama parts and original stories added. “Hanban Kujira Beat” was held. With the large screen and powerful sound of a real movie theater, it is different from the beautiful latest CG movie, and it makes us feel that we were here, in this place, this time, and the virtual world. Scheduled performance date and time: Saturday, December 30, 2023 Scheduled performance location: Large theater in Tokyo
[Image 3:×600.jpg] “Implementation of crowdfunding” A crowd fan with a high
communication element that conveys “Okyutanbot”’s desire for many people to enjoy the work and become interested in the virtual world and the people who live in it. It has become a ding. This campaign is part of the “Okyutan 10th Anniversary Project,” and as companions walking together in the Metaverse world, we sincerely welcome your participation and look forward to working together to make the project a success. “Movie Whale Beat Crowdfunding”
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[Image 4:×600.jpg] ☆There are many other luxurious and wonderful plans☆
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◆Seek Amusement Co., Ltd. will continue to actively support VTubers who are active as individuals.
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(Company Profile) Seek Amusement Co., Ltd. Business content: Planning and production of distribution programs for VTubers/Planning and management of various events in the Metaverse Representative: Hiroyuki Okamoto Head office address: Miyamasuzaka Building, 2-19-15 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 609URL:
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