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FLN FLN has begun nationwide sales of the “Marumaru Omakase Plan,” a service that handles all information dissemination for regional businesses.

FLN begins nationwide sales of the “Marumaru Omakase Plan,” a service that handles all information dissemination for regional businesses. ……
Future Link Network Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative Director: Takeharu Ishii) will begin nationwide sales of the information dissemination outsourcing service “Marumaru Omakase Plan,” which has been on pre-sale in some regions since June 2023. It has started. Based on our track record and accumulated know-how during the pre-sale period, we will accelerate local marketing support for local businesses in 884 municipalities nationwide.
[Image:] What is “Entrust the whole plan”?
◆Service overview
Nowadays, when searching for information on Google and SNS is a trend when choosing stores and facilities, continuous information
dissemination is essential for local businesses to attract customers and improve their recognition. On the other hand, there are many local businesses who are unable to fully focus on disseminating information for reasons such as “They are busy with store management and don’t have enough time or manpower to disseminate information,” or “They are not good at IT tools.”
“Marumaru Omakase Plan” is a service in which the editorial director team of “Maipure” operates various information dissemination tools on behalf of such business operators.
This service is provided by the teamwork of the locally-based Maipure staff and FLN, which handles operations and direction throughout the country, and is unique in that it is provided based on face-to-face relationships.
Approximately 70% have experienced “choosing a store based on information on Google Maps”
Approximately 60% of store/facility managers feel that using Google is effective in attracting customers
◆Service benefits
1) Business operators can concentrate on their core business services with peace of mind
2) You can find a partner who can help you with your worries. 3) Can be used regardless of marketing literacy
◆Standard plan package price
Initial cost: 33,000 yen (tax included)
Monthly cost: 53,900 yen (tax included)
・“Maipure” operation (SEO measures)
・Google Business Profile (GBP) analysis and operation (MEO measures) ・Number of information sent: 4 times/month
・Regular meetings: once/month
*The above price also includes the basic usage fee for “Maipure”. For existing users of “Maipure”, there will be no new initial cost. *GBP is a free service provided by Google that allows you to disseminate information about stores and companies. The latest store information can be posted on Google Search and Google Maps, which boast a high user usage rate, so by making good use of GBP, stores can maximize the appeal of their stores and increase the number of customers they attract. becomes possible.
About nationwide sales
We have been conducting pre-sales in some regions on a trial basis since June 2023, and have carried out operational agency services in a total of approximately 45 cases.
Based on these achievements and accumulated know-how, we started sales from September 8th in all 884 municipalities nationwide where “Maipure” is available.
As a result, we expect to be able to provide local marketing support to more regional businesses even more quickly.
Future prospects
In the future, we aim to have the “Maru Maru Omakase Plan” available to up to 20% of all stores using “Maipure”.
In addition, the service content of the “Marumaru Omakase Plan” is not limited to SEO and MEO measures, but by expanding into multiple plans such as SNS operation agency and homepage production, we support the marketing of local businesses more comprehensively. I’m planning on going.
■Company Profile Company name: Future Link Network Co., Ltd. Representative Director: Takeharu Ishii Location: Nishifune Narushima Building, 4-19-3 Nishifune, Funabashi City, Chiba Business details: Regional information distribution business, public solutions business Site: https://www.futurelink
*Google, Google Maps(TM) mapping service, and Google Business Profile are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google LLC.
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